Top 21 Inspiring Songs About Climbing

Songs about climbing are a great inspiration to everyone, especially when going through life’s obstacles. We have to face so much on our journey on earth, which can discourage us. However, you should never give up, even when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, we will look at some songs about climbing that will help get you through hard times. They will make you realize you are not alone and that you need to keep going to make it to your goals. Let’s get started!



21 Songs About Climbing:

Let these songs about climbing inspire you to keep pushing even when the going gets tough:


1. The Climb by Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus gave us one of the best motivational songs that have gotten me through some of my toughest times. “The Climb” acknowledges that there will be hard times; reaching our goals might take some time, but we will eventually make it.

Life is a climb, but we will make it to the end. We must be strong and keep pushing despite what life throws at us. This is one of the most inspirational songs to date.



2. Climbing Higher Mountains by Aretha Franklin

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Aretha Franklin’s song pushes us to keep climbing the mountains we face, no matter how high they get. Life can be rocky, but we do not and should not give up. Things might be hard now, but you are harder than that, and you can pull through.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not, never stop climbing and accept help wherever you get it, even from yourself. And when things seem especially hard, let Aretha’s voice act as your guide home.



3. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

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This touching song about love and beating adversities is one of the best songs about climbing to dedicate to a loved one. The singers say no mountain is high enough to keep them from the one they love.

Relationships can sometimes feel like a high mountain, with both good and bad times. Knowing that someone will climb these mountains, no matter how high, just to make us feel better is encouraging.



4. Climbing the Walls by Backstreet Boys

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We all love a good love story and having someone who is ready to do it all for us. Backstreet Boys gave us this beautiful song that shows that they will never give up on being together with the ones they love.

They are ready to climb any walls on their way to reach them. This is the kind of dedication we should all put into our relationships. Backstreet Boys will keep you company until you find someone who will not let you go.

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5. Everybody’s Got a Mountain to Climb by Allman Brothers Band

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We all get so caught up in our own problems that we tend to forget that others also face difficulties in their lives. The Allman Brothers Band reminds us to keep on trying and to think of our brothers. We should not be easy to judge, nor should we give up easily.

We all have troubles and should help each other however we can. We need someone who’s got our back, and we should also be the friend that helps someone reach home. Working together will make our mountains seem less daunting and make the journey easier.



6. I’d Climb the Highest Mountain by The Ink Spots

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Love truly is the emotion that rules them all and makes the impossible seem possible. This song by The Ink Spots talks of someone who would climb the highest mountain if they knew they would find the person they love at the end of it.

The singer is also ready to swim the deepest river to meet their lover. Let this song inspire you to climb the mountains on your way to reach the one you love; just make sure they will do the same for you.



7. I’ll Keep Climbing by Dolly Parton

YouTube video

There are few things harder than making it to heaven. Anyone who aims to reach heaven knows they will face many temptations that might stop them from reaching heaven.

Dolly Parton encourages you to keep climbing. Beating these mountain-like obstacles and staying the course will see you to heaven. Don’t give up; keep climbing.



8. Climbing Up the Mountain by Don Gibson

YouTube video

Don Gibson’s song joins our songs about climbing, encouraging us to keep climbing the mountain to the sky. This is one of the songs about climbing that focuses on reaching the other side, where there will be no more dying.

The determination to climb this mountain to reach a place where there will be no more suffering. You can look to this song to help you keep on the race and focus on the ultimate goal.



9. I Climb Every Mountain by Bonnie Tyler

YouTube video

We can conquer it all with love, or so Bonnie Tyler will have us believe. She vows to climb every mountain to lay in her lover’s arms. Bonnie’s husky voice will sweep you away in a romantic love that will inspire you to put in all you can for love.

It is a beautiful song that will have you feeling grateful for the person you love.

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10. Climbing by Naomi Cowan

YouTube video

This encouraging yet entertaining song by Naomi Cowan shows the importance of determination. She encourages us to keep climbing until we reach the top. She tells us not to stop climbing; we can achieve anything we want if we put in the effort.

Climbing can be tiring, but the rewards we get when we finally make it should keep us going. The times will be challenging, but we have to keep climbing.



11. The Climb Back by J. Cole

YouTube video

The message in this song is hard, especially for the minority groups. The hard-hitting truths make us face the injustices that are around us, making people in such groups wonder, are better days coming?

J. Cole talks of the people dying on one side while on the other side, there are people with diamonds glistening, showing the unfairness in the world. It is encouraging to know that J. Cole made it out of such a situation, showing us that we can also make it if we continue to climb.



12. Climbing Mountains by Adam Calhoun and Struggle Jennings Featuring Caitlynne Curtis

YouTube video

This song asks you tough questions; will you climb high mountains and fight for those who don’t have the strength to fight for themselves? It shows that it is normal to feel overwhelmed by hard times when the journey seems so difficult.

We should not walk away or let people silence us. We have the strength to keep fighting, so we stay the course. We have come too far to give up now!



13. Mountain Climbing by Joe Bonamassa

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Life is like an uphill battle, with us fighting our way up the mountain to our destination. Joe Bonamassa’s song talks about a poor man trying to make his way through life. It is hard, making him feel like he is caught between stone and steel, but he keeps going.

He doesn’t let hard times break him; he continues climbing his mountain. This is one of the songs about climbing that will help you through the hard times.



14. Climb to Safety by Widespread Panic

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“Climb to Safety” is a song that talks about a person who is looking for a safe place. They have lost faith in the people they know and feel all alone. They want to find somewhere to rest.

The song also encourages us to find people who will help us make this climb to safety. We need to grab each other’s collars to rise out of the hard times to a safer place. This song will motivate you to keep climbing to safety, where you will never be alone and where you will always be dry.



15. The Climb by No Doubt

YouTube video

Getting the motivation to keep on climbing can sometimes be overwhelming because of hard it is. It feels like the harder you try, the more difficult things become. The only way to make it to the top is to put one step in front of the other and keep climbing.

It is better to keep climbing than to risk falling, where you might never get up again. “The Climb,” tells us that there is no turning back, so we might as well keep climbing, regardless of how difficult it is.

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16. Mountains by Emeli Sande

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One thing better than climbing a mountain alone is climbing those mountains with someone by your side. Having someone to face obstacles with will encourage you to keep going. “Mountains” talks of working harder because there is someone she loves, which inspires her to keep climbing.

The song shows people who are ready to do everything for the ones they love, even climbing mountains just to be together.



17. Climb That Hill by Tom Petty

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Tom Petty talks about getting ready to climb a hill again after having his feelings hurt before. This shows that we can sometimes fall or get discouraged in whatever we are facing, which can be heartbreaking.

Instead of just giving up, we need to climb that hill again. Whatever your obstacles are, be it love, money, or hurt pride, you should never let this stop your journey. Get up and climb that hill over and over until you finally make it to the top.



18. Climb Above the Rooftops by Robin Trower

YouTube video

Do you feel like you are surrounded by doubt and confusion, and there seems to be no way out? The pressures of life might be getting to you. However, instead of giving up, listen to songs about climbing that let you take a moment to climb above the rooftops and enjoy the scenery and fresh air up there.

This song reminds us to take a break when necessary and do the things we love. That might be as small as climbing to the rooftop or doing your favorite hobby. Take a break, then get back on the grind.



19. Up by Sena Kana Featuring Wiz Khalifa and Sheppard

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Breaking boundaries and tearing down borders should be the theme of our lives as long as it is within the law. Going where no one has dared to go before is a way of discovering yourself.

It also ensures you are always climbing up and up, and no one can bring you down. This song encourages us to think outside the box and color outside the lines. It is one of the only ways to keep growing.



20. Climb Every Mountain by Guy Sebastian

YouTube video

The song that brought Guy Sebastian to our collective radar, “Climb Every Mountain,” is the song I play when I need encouragement. It urges us to climb every mountain that is in our way and search everywhere until we find our dreams.

The other side holds all our dreams, and we will need to get over this mountain to get there.

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21. Keep Climbing by Delta Goodrem

YouTube video

And now we come to the end of our songs about climbing. “Keep Climbing” is the perfect way to bring this to an end. The song encourages us to keep climbing despite what we face.

We hope for a bridge that leads us to a safe place, and the only way to get there is to keep climbing. You might get tired and hurt along the way but don’t let this stop you. Just keep climbing!



Last Words

Life will get hard and can make you feel like giving up. Do not let your troubles discourage you from achieving whatever you want, whether love or prosperity. Your dreams are valid; you just have to keep climbing.

These songs about climbing will help inspire you when things get too hard; I hope you enjoy them.


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