Step into History: 20 Best Songs About Cleopatra

Songwriters will never tire of finding historical events or figures as inspiration for their compositions. In this playlist of songs about Cleopatra, I will guide you as we step into history and learn more about the last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. 

Though her tombs were never discovered like other famous pharaohs, her history is more popular than any that ever sat on the Egyptian throne. From her beauty to scandalous relationships, the queen of Egypt has inspired many songs about her. 

The 21 songs about her are some of the best composed from different genres and generations. I found they are a worthy listen to anyone seeking to learn about the royalty.



1. Cleopatra by The Lumineers

YouTube video

The first song in this playlist is from the Lumineers. The alternative folk band that hails from Denver has a modern take on the story of the ancient Egyptian queen.

The song was released as part of their second studio album, which has the same name as the song’s title. 

The song lyrics are about the story of a young actress who identifies herself as Cleopatra and appears to crave a wild life. We also see that she has a romantic interest who seeks her hand, but she keeps putting him off.



2. Cleopatra by Efendi

YouTube video

Featuring traditional Azerbaijani music instruments such as the Oud, Balaban, and Tar, one would assume that the song’s instrumental is an authentic ancient Egyptian sound.

The composers used the instruments to connect the sound and song’s theme instantly to the listener by giving us a feel and idea of what was played in the past. 

The singer Efendi received widespread praise upon the song’s release for having her song feature a message of inclusivity. The song is also about trusting your instincts and being the queen you were born to be by standing up for yourself. 



3. Ra Ra Cleopatra by Horrible Histories

YouTube video

If you are a fan of comedic songs and history, then this song combines both themes to create a masterpiece. Ra Ra Cleopatra is an entertaining track that educates us on the scandalous life of the last Pharaoh of Egypt. 

It talks of her rise to the throne and her marriage and affairs with Julius Caesar despite being in a relationship with Mark Anthony. The song is a great source of accurate history delivered in a funny and fun style. 



4. Cleopatra by Train and Sofia Reyes

YouTube video

As part of Train’s 11th studio album, the singer released the song Cleopatra featuring Mexican singer Sofia Reyes. The collaboration between the duos showcases how beautifully the voices blend to create a harmonious rhythm. 

The song perfectly combines rock music with Latin pop. This collaboration is the best fusion of the two genres I have ever listened to, making the track one of my favorite songs about Cleopatra. 

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5. Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe by Rap Battles of History

YouTube video

To mark the 20th Installment of Epic Rap Battles of History, this rap battle between two of the most iconic women in history was created.

This was the first rap battle where the characters had more than one verse, showing there was too much content to explore between the two historical figures. 

The rap verses by Queen Cleopatra show more of her intelligence and power to rule, while Monroe was boastful of her beauty and fame. 



6. Cleopatra’s Theme by Cleopatra

YouTube video

The British reds and blues girl group Cleopatra made this next song as part of the debut album Comin’ Atcha! in 1998. The record received massive airplay at the time and managed to chart in the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Charts. 

The teen trio received a wide following from European teens due to their light, funky groove and charming harmonies. The song also has some airplay in the United States as it appeared on several children’s programming blocks. 



7. Cleopatra by Karliene

YouTube video

Cleopatra by Karliene is a haunting track that focuses on the untold story of the last Egyptian queen. The song challenged all my perceptions of the ruler as most of the historical material about her mostly focuses on her femininity and not on her accomplishments.

Through the singer’s powerful vocals and insightful lyrics, you will be able to learn more about Cleopatra’s wisdom and authority. It shows the queen is more than an object of desire who had a series of relations with powerful men during her era.  



8. Cleopatra by IDK

YouTube video

The next track on this playlist of songs about Cleopatra is from Romania. It shows how influential the last Pharaoh was during her reign. The piece from IDK is the perfect blend of trap and hip-hop genres, creating a catchy and energetic song you can dance along to it. 

The song’s theme focuses on success and fame as the rapper shows their importance to him. The chorus, on the other hand, translates to. “Cleopatra, Cleopatra, I was lost in the jungle, but you found you, Cleopatra.” This creates a sense of mystery to us. 

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9. Pyramids by Frank Ocean

YouTube video

Frank Ocean is the gem in the music industry of this generation. The multi-talented artist never shies from mixing different elements from different music genres to make his songs unique. His ability to tell a story throughout a song is rare, and very few artists come close to him. 

In his Song Pyramids, the singer focuses on the queen of Egypt, and her betrayal. The track switches to show a modern tale of the doomed romance of an erotic dancer who works at Club Pyramids. As the song concludes, we are made to realize that love is not for free anymore. 



10. Cleopatra by Angelica Mava

YouTube video

Based on the lyrics interpretation on this song by Angelica, it is about a powerful and confident woman. The song’s subject is in a relationship with a man who worships and adores her. 

The hook also mentions Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, known for beauty and intelligence. The song verses also suggest that she has mystical powers, which she is only willing to share with her partner and help him at all costs. 



11. Cleopatra by Weezer

YouTube video

Weezer’s song is part of Everything Will Be Alright in the End album that was released in 2014. The vocals on the popular song were from Rivers Cuomo, and the song’s theme is about him trying to break free from his codependent partner. 

In the lyrics, the artist likens his lover to the Egyptian Queen. As the song proceeds, Rivers wishes her the best, predicting that she will go on to accomplish great things.  



12. Cleopatra by, La Reina del Twist by Fabiano Cantilo

YouTube video

Of all the songs about Cleopatra I have listened to, Fabiano Cantilo is the artist who is most detailed in describing the ruler’s lifestyle. She highlights her status as an enigmatic symbol whose beauty captivated many in the world. 

The song also mentions the luxury milk baths believed to have kept her skin flawless. The artist goes on to wail as she wonders the location of her tomb. 

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13. Cleopatra by Parra for Cuva

YouTube video

Parra for Cuva’s song, Cleopatra, is also known as How Can I Be Enough For You. The song’s lyrics capture the singer’s love and vulnerability towards her lover.

It also describes her deep connection and devotion that makes her willing to do anything for her love. The song’s rhythm features electric beats which are a bit sad as they capture the song’s theme. 



14. Cleopatra by Rich Xotic

YouTube video

Rich Xotic talks of a confident and assertive woman who knows what she desires and goes forth after it with no fear. The song’s lyrics describe the woman as beautiful and intelligent as the iconic queen Cleopatra. 

The song also features the artist exploring themes of desire towards the woman despite being in a relationship with another man. 



15. Cleopatra by Yung Beef

YouTube video

Fernando Gomez, also known as Yung Beef as his stage name, is an exceptional Spanish rapper and record producer.

He is well known for mixing different genres, such as trap and reggaeton, to create unique sound, and that is what you will expect from this song, Cleopatra. 

The artist’s rap flow and catchy melody of his song perfectly capture the essence of his style. 



16. Marilyn Monroe by Pharell Williams

YouTube video

Very few male artists can create a girl power song that focuses on the importance of self-worth and self-love like Pharell Williams. Through this song and his album GIRL, which was released in 2014, Williams shows he is a different type of artist. 

Though the upbeat and catchy song primarily focuses on Marilyn Monroe. It also mentions other iconic women, such as queen Cleopatra. He champions women to stand out from the crowd. 

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17. Cleopatra by Tara Cotta

YouTube video

Resenstolz was a German pop duo that was musically active from the nineties to the early 2010s. The duo released a number of popular songs that chatted pretty decently across Europe, and they made one of the best songs about Cleopatra. 

Though they were an incredible group, I found this rendition of their song made by Tara Cotta to be the better version. The lyrics narrate the story of Snow White but with a new twist. In the song, the composer put Cleopatra as the story’s main protagonist.



18. Cleopatra by Lartiste

YouTube video

French artist Lartiste does a great job showcasing a blend of Egyptian culture and French. The artist immerses himself into ancient culture in search of love from the last queen of Egypt.

He understands that, in the end, he will be unable to seduce the woman he is after. The song heavily features the themes of unrequited love. 



19. Cleopatra by Thirdson

YouTube video

This Swedish song is about the artist’s love interest. The lyrics vividly show Thirdson’s adoration and fascination with a woman who captured his heart.

The song’s stand-out beats and infectious rhythm will definitely have you dancing along as you listen. 



20. African Queens by The Ritchie Family

YouTube video

The last song in the playlist is from The Ritchie Family, released in 1997. The disco song focuses on the rich history of African Queens such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti to celebrate them.

Travel through time through the song so that you can witness the different unique identities of African royalty. 

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Last Words

From English to Spanish to German, this diverse playlist of songs about Cleopatra shows how much the queen’s influence has captivated the globe.

The majority of the composers were inspired by her beauty, royalty, and relationship, so many songs cover different themes about her.


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