21 Great Songs About Being 20

Turning 20 is one of the most confusing times of our lives as it is a transitional period from teenage life to adulthood. At this age, you start to believe you are a grown-up but still don’t feel quite grown-up yet. For some, it is the start of responsibilities, making it more stressful. These feelings are not unique to just you or me, as they plague almost everyone at that stage. This is highlighted by the vast amount of songs about being 20 years old.

Today, we will venture into these songs to help us get perspective about the confusing age of 20. Songs about being 20 come in various ways, as even though the period is universally confusing and exciting, everyone has a different way of expressing it.

I hope you get what you need from the list below as if you are trying to maneuver this age or remember the era. The list has it all.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Not Nineteen Forever The Courteeners Learn More
2 Pushing 20 Sabrina Carpenter Learn More
3 At Least I Look Cool Sasha Alex Sloan Learn More
4 20 Something SZA Learn More
5 Royals Lorde Learn More
6 Twenty-Somethings Judah & The Lion Learn More
7 Forever Young One Direction Learn More
8 Under 21 Save Ferris Learn More
9 Twenty One Khalid Learn More
10 What’s My Age Again? Blink-182 Learn More
11 9 To 5 Dolly Parton Learn More
12 Schoolin’ Life Beyoncé Learn More
13 The Lazy Song Bruno Mars Learn More
14 Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield Learn More
15 Don’t Stop Believin’ The Journey Learn More
16 Young, Wild & Free Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars Learn More
17 DayDream Tori Kelly Learn More
18 Shake It Off Taylor Swift Learn More
19 Youth Troye Sivan Learn More
20 Wings Little Mix Learn More
21 Numb Little Bug Em Beihold Learn More



Songs About Being 20

These are among the best songs about being 20 that are out there; enjoy.


1. Not Nineteen Forever – The Courteeners

YouTube video

This 2008 track by The Courteeners is one of the most popular songs about being 20 in recent times. It is about how we should accept and embrace the end of our teen life as we dive into adulthood and all its complications.

It is an acceptance piece that helps us let go of what was and helps us face the adult reality.

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2. Pushing 20 – Sabrina Carpenter

YouTube video

Sabrina’s piece is about a young girl who is turning 20 and is a great song for any confused 20-year-old trying to understand life. It is a rebellious song as she gets in touch with her adulthood and cares less about what others think of her.

Rebellious songs have gained a bad reputation, but what is wrong with someone not letting other people’s influence get to her? I love this track as it gives us the right attitude to walk into adulthood unfazed.


3. At Least I Look Cool – Sasha Alex Sloan

YouTube video

Most songs about being 20 encourage and support us through that age. But this one is for those days when nothing works, so we embrace the “fake it till you make it” mentality.

It is about acting like everything is ok and you have your life all figured out, although you don’t. Sasha talks about how not everything works out as you want at that age, so sometimes you have to just act like it.


4. 20 Something – SZA

YouTube video

We are standing at the start of our lives as adults at 20, which can be overwhelming. Our lives can go in multiple different ways, and it might lead to a lot of mistakes.

SZA’s song is about that as she remembers her experiences and how they shaped her. Some of those experiences might have been mistakes, but they all came together to make her who she is now.

Great track to ground us when we feel overwhelmed by the mistakes and misfortunes that happen to us.


5. Royals – Lorde

YouTube video

Royals by Lorde is the go-to song for any 20-year-old, as it is a great track that helps us realize the important things in life. When we reach adulthood, we have so many options in front of us that it might cloud our judgment of what is important.

Royals is a great inclusion in this list of songs about being 20 as it is a good level-heading piece that every young adult should listen to. Don’t fall for material possessions!


6. Twenty-Somethings – Judah & The Lion

YouTube video

This is a ballad about the struggles of entering adulthood and all the complications accompanying it. The song dives into how lack of direction, life goals, and money complicates everything.

For Judah and The Lion, being 20 is about finding answers to these problems and finding things to drive us forward. This song is an anthem for go-getters not to let life kick them down but to find ways to conquer it.


7. Forever Young – One Direction

YouTube video

When we start adulthood, we sometimes forget that the 20s are the time to grasp who we are. One Direction sings about that, showing how when at that age, we feel like youth will last forever.

But life moves incredibly fast, and when we get older, we realize how important those days were to shaping who we are now. I love this song as it gives me perspective on what is important in life and the importance of slowing down and enjoying them when we can.


8. Under 21 – Save Ferris

YouTube video

Being 20 is frustrating as you have the responsibility of an adult but not the fruits of it quite yet. Ferris sings about how she can’t enjoy the fruits of being an adult, like going to bars and concerts.

She is distressed from seeing her friends doing all that while she can’t. She tries dressing more grown-up, but that brings issues of its own. This one is an excellent example of a song about being 20, as it captures the struggles perfectly.

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9. Twenty One – Khalid

YouTube video

This piece by Khalid, contrary to its name, is a song about saying goodbye to being 20 years old. The song is about the 21st birthday as it is a right of passage for most young people.

When you are on the brink of exiting 20, you look back at experiences that got you there, from young love to complications of growing up. He sings about finally escaping 20 as he can finally be grown up but still, at the same time, it scares him.


10. What’s My Age Again? – Blink-182

YouTube video

Blink 182 graced us with this masterpiece about acceptance of one’s age. The song is perfect for anyone struggling to fit in, and who better to listen to this than a 20-year-old?

Part of being 20 is finding yourself whether you feel too young for it or trying to act too old. Blink 182 encourages us to get comfortable with being where we are as life is a journey we should take step by step. A great anthem about immaturity and the pressure to always appear perfect.


11. 9 To 5 – Dolly Parton

YouTube video

The legendary Dolly Parton graces our list of songs about being 20 with this classic piece about having your first job at 20. The song is a great one to blast while going to a job you don’t want to go to.

It is a classic track about how the first full-time jobs make us feel trapped, but we still need them as we are now adults with responsibilities. Every time I listen to this hit, I remember the dread I felt driving to my first job.


12. Schoolin’ Life – Beyoncé

YouTube video

There is no list of great songs without the inclusion of Queen B. She gave us this track about the importance of living in the moment and not rushing through life.

When you get to 20, you feel how fast life passes by and the importance of slowing down and enjoying it all. At the same time, life passes us by.

I love listening to this piece as it grounds me and reminds me of the importance of living for the moment.


13. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

YouTube video

The great thing about being 20 is having all the time in the world in front of you, and you can do with it as you want. Bruno Mars sings about that in this tune as he has all the time in the world, and at the moment, he doesn’t want to do anything at all.

It reflects those lazy days when you just want to relax and not lift a finger. I listen to this song when I feel overwhelmed and want to unwind; try it, and you will find the peace you need.


14. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

YouTube video

When you leave your teen life behind and enter 20, it is not only the start of a new decade but a new chapter in your life. You have complete power over what happens in your life, and you can write your life story with every decision you make.

This is what the song is about and how sometimes it might seem scary, but how it can be exciting. You have the chance to learn, prosper and make mistakes that will shape you to be who you are meant to be.


15. Don’t Stop Believin’ – The Journey

YouTube video

Journey makes it to our list of songs about being 20 for their piece, Don’t Stop Believin’. It is an encouraging song for anyone feeling the weight of the world and contemplating giving up.

When life seems too much at this confusing age, you will surprise yourself with how much grit you find in yourself. I find this song comforting as it is what I usually need when I feel down. I hope it gives you the same feeling.

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16. Young, Wild & Free – Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars

YouTube video

These three big stars are responsible for this massive hit about being young and carefree. The song is popular with young people in their 20s as it embodies the great feeling of being young and having fun.

It is a let-loose track that has been timeless since it was released in 2011 and is popular at parties. I love this song as it gets me in the mood to have fun and let loose when I need to.


17. DayDream – Tori Kelly

YouTube video

Tori Kelly’s song is about setting goals when we are still young. This is a great piece for a 20-year-old as it is the perfect stage of our life to set goals and a path for our lives.

For young people with dreams they are trying to chase, this song gives them the drive they need. Even if things don’t go as smoothly at first, don’t give up on your dreams!


18. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

The talented Taylor Swift is a great source of entertainment and awesome music when you need it. She did not disappoint in this one as she talks about how at 20 years old, we need just to shake off people’s negative opinions of us.

At that age, we encounter people who judge us on our appearance, our job, and where we are in life. We’re only growing up, so don’t worry about those negative opinions.


19. Youth – Troye Sivan

YouTube video

If you just became an adult, you have to listen to Youth by Troye Siva. It’s become popular because of its relatable lyrics and catchy beat.

The lyrics of the song are about making the most out of youth despite the fact that there are so many what-ifs, and the song manages to capture the carefree feeling that many people who are 20 years old have.


20. Wings – Little Mix

YouTube video

This tune from 2012 is well known as it is one of Little Mix’s most popular pieces. It is about being fearless and chasing your dreams.

It was popular as it spoke to many adults trying to figure out life. You can use this hit as an inspiration.


21. Numb Little Bug – Em Beihold

YouTube video

Numb Little Bug is a song about feeling lost and unworthy, as many feel at the trying age of 20. The song gained tremendous popularity for its tendency to relate to most young people, and you will find it relatable.

The tune embraces you and makes you realize you are not alone during this confusing time.


Last Words

Being 20 is simultaneously the best and the worst time of a young person’s life. You are thrown into adulthood with little to no tools to cope. But at the same time, when we look back at it, we can’t help but see the beauty in it all.

The lessons we learn about life and ourselves to the mistakes we make shape us to be better. These songs about being 20 capture these feelings and are great to listen to when going through your 20s or reminiscing on when you were that age.


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