Top 21 Catchy Songs About Beavers

Considered one of the most intelligent animals and the second largest rodents on earth, beavers are magnificent creatures, so there are multiple songs about them. The animal is loved because it is very social and peaceful.

The song in this playlist shows how the animal relates to each composer. You will find that most of the tracks are children’s songs that are entertaining and educational.


21 Songs About Beavers

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the playlist of Canada’s national animal.


1. Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Primus

YouTube video

Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver is a quirky and comical song by the American rock band Primus. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a woman’s fascination with her pet beaver, using clever wordplay and innuendos.

The catchiness and playful instrumentation make the piece a standout track. It showcases the song’s unique blend of alternative rock, funk, and comedic style.

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2. Two Beavers Are Better Than One – How I Met Your Mother

YouTube video

The song from How I Met Your Mother is an adorable and catchy tune that celebrates the power of friendship.

The lyrics are light-hearted and playful, making it a favorite among kids and fans of the show. The harmonies between the singers are delightful, conveying the heartwarming message of having a friend by your side.


3. Beaver Call Song – GoNoodle

YouTube video

The lyrics to The Beaver Call are catchy and fun. The people singing manage to keep the song engaging and entertaining by dancing along.

Overall, the lyrics are simple and easy to remember, making it a great song for children to sing along to.


4. Beaver Patrol – Pop Will Eat Itself

YouTube video

Beaver Patrol is a catchy and lively song that will get listeners grooving. Its upbeat tempo and fun lyrics make it a great addition to any party or road trip playlist.

The song’s playful nature may not appeal to everyone’s taste, but its infectious energy is hard to resist. Its instrumental and guitar riff made me love it.


5. Beaver Fever – Wheeler Walker Jr.

YouTube video

The next piece on this playlist of songs about beavers is from Wheeler Walker Jr. Though the country melody is simple and catchy, some may not like the lyrics as it’s inappropriate.

The lyrics describe the protagonist’s encounters with various women and how their intimate encounters temporarily alleviate his made-up symptoms.

The lyrics are filled with sexual innuendos, making it a risqué and humorous song for those who like bold and explicit humor.


6. Beaver Cleaver Fever – Angel & The Reruns

YouTube video

Beaver Cleaver Fever by the Angel & The Reruns is a catchy and energetic punk rock anthem that pays homage to the iconic ’50s TV show “Leave It to Beaver”.

The song captures the nostalgia and love for that era’s innocence while adding a modern punk twist.


7. We Are The Beaver – The Arrogant Worms

YouTube video

We Are the Beaver by The Arrogant Worms is a hilarious homage to Canada’s beloved national animal. This playful anthem celebrates the beaver’s unique qualities, eliciting uproarious laughter and cheering from the audience.

The trio’s comedic talent shines through with their clever and witty lyrics, leaving everyone in stitches.


8. The Busy Beaver Song – Fun Kids Music

YouTube video

Busy Beavers is a catchy and lively children’s song. The repetitive lyrics and upbeat melody make it easy for kids to sing along and remember the words.

The lyrics also encourage a sense of community and inclusiveness by asking if the listener is a busy beaver too.

The song is a fun and engaging way to teach kids about the busy nature of beavers while promoting a positive message.

With 1.5 million views on YouTube, this short piece is one of the most popular songs about beavers that kids enjoy.

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9. The Beaver Song – Ace Burpee

YouTube video

This catchy and playful song introduces several beavers with unique names and personalities. The lyrics are light-hearted and humorous, making it an enjoyable listen.

The song highlights the beavers’ activities, such as building dams and chewing on wood.


10. Eager Beaver – The BossHoss

YouTube video

Eager Beaver should be in your travel playlist. The song is an energetic and fun song that celebrates the life of a city truck driver. The lyrics are catchy and showcase the hard work and determination of the protagonist, just like a beaver.

This light-hearted anthem will leave you tapping your feet and singing along.


11. Eager Beaver – LaVern Baker

YouTube video

Eager Beaver by LaVern Baker is a catchy and playful tune that captures the narrator’s frustration with an overeager companion.

The upbeat melody and lively vocals create an enjoyable listening experience. With its light-hearted nature, the song is a fun addition to any playlist.


12. Eager Beaver Baby – Johnny Burnette

YouTube video

Eager Beaver Baby is a fun and energetic rock and roll song by Johnny Burnette. The lyrics tell the amusing story of a woman constantly by the singer’s side, no matter where he goes.

If you’re a fan of old-school rock, Eager Beaver Baby would be a great addition to any rock and roll playlist.


13. The Busy Beaver Bop – Wonderpop

YouTube video

I had the chance to groove to Wonderpop’s Busy Beaver Bop a couple of times, and I must admit, it is one of the best songs to play for your kids. The melody has an infectious energy, and the lyrics are great, allowing children to follow along.


14. Mrs. Weaver the Beaver’s Song – Hey Duggee

YouTube video

The Singing Badge episode of Hey Duggee featuring Mrs. Weaver the Beaver’s song is a delight for children. Mrs. Weaver’s singing is incredibly catchy, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

The song teaches the value of perseverance and highlights the importance of being proud of our abilities.


15. The Beaver Song – SaPa in Schools

YouTube video

SaPa in Schools is an incredible initiative that seamlessly integrates music into the mainstream academic curriculum. Their goal is to make music accessible to all children, regardless of background or circumstance.

The Beaver Song is a delightful example of their innovative approach to teaching music. Its catchy melody and repetitive lyrics make it easy for children to learn and enjoy.

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16. The Beaver Song – PINKFONG Songs for Children

YouTube video

This song by PINKFONG is a rendition of the Beaver Call Song by GoNoodle but with a slight change to the lyrics. The changes to the lyrics made this cover educational so toddlers can enjoy the piece while learning how to count from one to ten.


17. Beaver Cage – Butcher Babies

YouTube video

Butcher Babies’ new single, Beaver Cage, is a heavy metal anthem that showcases the band’s signature aggressive sound. The track has powerful vocals and intense instrumentals, creating an energetic and head-banging experience.

The lyrics touch on themes of rebellion and defiance with a dose of dark humor. It is one of the best songs about beavers in the heavy metal genre.


18. Beaver Sing Song – Beaversarelegend

YouTube video

This song’s soulful vocals and endearing lyrics instantly captivate the audience, leaving them enchanted. The beaver’s on-stage performance is mesmerizing, as it effortlessly grooves and sways to the jazzy beats.


19. Finger Family Beaver Puppets – Busy Beavers

YouTube video

The Finger Family Beaver Puppets video by Busy Beavers is a cute and entertaining twist song. The cartoon beaver’s heads on fingers add a fun and playful element to the video.

The song is catchy and easy to sing along to, making it enjoyable for children of all ages. The animations are colorful and engaging.


20. The Shores of Beaver Bay – Timberborn Community

YouTube video

The Shores of Beaver Bay by Timberborn Community is a slow and soothing poem that paints a vivid picture of life in Beaver Bay. The poem takes readers through the peaceful stream, where beavers work diligently to build a mighty dam.

This poem creates a calming and contemplative atmosphere, celebrating the perseverance and harmony of life in Beaver Bay.


21. Canada in My Pocket – Michael Mitchell

YouTube video

Canada in My Pocket by Michael Mitchell is a delightful and educational song that celebrates the symbols of Canada.

The catchy tune and lively lyrics make it enjoyable for children and adults alike. The song teaches about the significance of the maple leaf, the beaver, the schooner, and the caribou in Canadian culture.

Mitchell’s talent as a musician shines through in this composition, and his passion for his country is evident.


Last Words

Though most of the songs about beavers are for children’s entertainment and learning, there are a few tracks that require the adult mind to understand the author’s intentions.


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