Shinedown in Awe: Crowned as the Greatest Rock Band Ever in Mediabase Chart History!

Shinedown has proudly secured another remarkable accolade, solidifying their status as the greatest band in the history of the Active Rock Chart, according to Mediabase.

Boasting the highest number of No. 1 hits, Top 5 placements, and Top 10 rankings on the Mediabase Active Rock category, Shinedown has soared to new heights with an unprecedented 21 chart-topping tracks, including their latest triumph with “A Symptom of Being Human.”

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Mediabase Charts Crown: Shinedown – Rock Royalty Supreme!

To celebrate this monumental achievement, Mediabase presented Shinedown with a well-deserved award, presenting each band member with beautifully crafted plaques adorned with the titles of some of their biggest hits like “Bully” and “Get Up.”

The black-framed artwork also showcases a captivating photo of the quartet, featuring Brent Smith on vocals, Zach Myers on guitar, Eric Bass on bass and production, and Barry Kerch on drums.

Expressing his excitement, Philippe Generali, President and CEO of Mediabase, shared his congratulations with Shinedown, recognizing their remarkable feat in a statement.

He stated, “It’s with excitement that we share the news of Shinedown’s phenomenal achievement, marking a historic milestone by attaining the highest number of #1’s, Top 5’s, and Top 10’s on the all-time Mediabase active rock chart.

Shinedown; Photo Courtesy of Sanjay Parikh via Mediabase

“Our congratulations to Shinedown for this remarkable feat. Their success serves as a testament to their exceptional talent and the unwavering support of their fanbase.”

Brent Smith, the lead vocalist of Shinedown, expressed the band’s overwhelming gratitude for this incredible record-breaking title.

In his heartfelt words, he thanked everyone at Mediabase, Active Rock Radio, and the program directors across America, emphasizing that Shinedown only has one boss, and that happens to be their devoted audience. He extended his love to the Shinedown Nation, exclaiming, “We love you, Shinedown Nation! Long live terrestrial radio.”

Shinedown Hits the High Note: ‘A Symptom Of Being Human’ Tops Active Rock Chart

Shinedown’s latest triumph on the Active Rock chart is none other than their mesmerizing single, “A Symptom of Being Human.” This impactful track has garnered immense success, transcending genres and finding crossover recognition at Hot AC (Top 15) and Alternative (Top 12 and rising), while also making its mark on the Top 40 nationwide. Co-written by Brent Smith and Eric Bass, this contemplative song serves as a reminder that amidst any hardship, no one is alone in their struggles.

Describing the essence of “A Symptom of Being Human,” Brent Smith shared its meaning during an interview with PEOPLE last summer. He explained, “It’s a song about taking a breath and understanding we all are going to face obstacles in life, but you have to embrace the trials and tribulations.”

He further revealed the powerful impact this song has had on listeners, stating, “We’ve had people say that ‘A Symptom of Being Human’ is like a security blanket. If they feel panicky or nervous or anxious, they’ll literally put the song on, and it calms them down. That’s the beauty of music.”

In order to amplify the reach and significance of this song, Shinedown has released various remix versions, including pop, acoustic, and piano renditions. Brent Smith emphasized the band’s dedication to ensuring that people understand the importance and meaning behind the song, aiming for as many individuals as possible to hear it.

Shinedown’s Musical Journey: Bridging Genres, Uniting Audiences

During the pandemic, Brent Smith and Eric Bass penned “A Symptom of Being Human,” a time that taught Smith the importance of empathy for others.

Reflecting on this experience, he acknowledged the need for understanding, saying, “You don’t know what somebody’s going through.” This revelation fueled the band’s desire to create music that transcends genres, with the hope of resonating with as many people as possible.

Rejecting the notion of boxing music into categories, Brent Smith expressed his belief that music should

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