The new wireless headphones are “beyond IPX8,” are completely waterproof and i cant wait to get them!

Are you a fan of listening to music while swimming? If yes, you could simply be interested in a reliable pair of headphones for running or swimming. Ideally, they would be completely watertight.

That’s right, you spotted a typo. These are it, as California-based expert H2O has just debuted its latest creation: multi-sport. These waterproof bone conduction headphones exceed the IPX8 designation by being submersible to a depth of 12 feet for an infinite length of time.

wireless headphones are completely waterproof

I’m curious as to how you plan on submerging your mobile device. It may come as a surprise, but the Tri Multi-Sport Headphones with Bluetooth and MP3 (yeah, that’s quite a mouthful, but that’s their name) also feature an MP3 player. Try not to worry.

Approximately 2,000 MP3 songs can be stored in the headphones’ 8GB of memory. Furthermore, they boast a nine-hour battery life. Impressive.

These headphones were initially developed for triathletes, but they are perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to music while exercising in the water or on land. And let’s be clear, I may never race a triathlon, but even though I only do part of them, I would love a set.


I fail to see the point in wishing for a product created for professional athletes. Why would you consider upgrading to the new Watch Ultra as an existing Apple Watch owner? Because, friends, we’ve lost too much.

We’ve all accidentally dunked earphones in puddles (one of my coworkers even placed his AirPods in the washing machine), meticulously dried them, cheered when they came back to life, and then bemoaned their fate (i.e., always sounding as if they were still submerged).

H2O’s Tri headphones, for example, include a novel open-ear design with a behind-the-neck headband, allowing you to keep an ear out for traffic while running or maintain eye contact with the yoga instructor. As long as the cost is low enough (shown below), I’m willing to give them a shot.

The most appealing aspect of the Tri headphones, however, is that they feature H2O Audio’s waterproof technology that exceeds the IPX8 rating. This will be especially useful for the 2022 Ironman World Championship and The Underpants Run, both of which will take place in Kona, Hawaii (I didn’t know about either of these events until I started writing this).

To be more precise, an IPX8 rating means that a gadget can withstand being immersed in fresh water at a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes without being damaged. However, these headphones are advertised as waterproof up to a depth of 12 feet (3.6m for you metric nerds) for an indefinite period.

Thanks to a significant improvement in waterproofing, they may now be eligible for inclusion in our best bone conduction headphones buying guide.

The H2O Tri Headphones are not only the cheapest premium multi-sport, waterproof headphones on the market, but they also come in three stylish colors (black, blue, and pink) for a limited time at the discounted launch price of just $99 (about £90, AU$157).

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