Top 21 Most Popular Vietnamese Songs to Listen To

I am a huge fan of listening to music and can spend hours listening to songs I like; although these songs span different genres and languages, they are still special and worth listening to. Today I want to share the most popular Vietnamese songs I have found.

Don’t be scared off by the fact that you might not understand what they mean; good music crosses any language restrictions, and these songs will prove that to you.

Most of us could do with expanding our music playlists, opening us up to different types of music that we otherwise wouldn’t have paid attention to. That is what this list is here for; to open new emotions and experiences.

The songs I will cover today are a mix of the more traditional songs and the more modern songs. All these songs hold a certain charm that will get you hooked.

But don’t just take my word for it; read on and discover the charm of these popular Vietnamese songs.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Sai Gon Hom Nay Mua Hoang Duyen & JSOL Learn More
2 Waiting for You MONO Learn More
3 Tron Tim Den & MTV Band Learn More
4 Ben Tren Tang Lau Tang Duy Tan Learn More
5 Ho Yeu Ai Mat Roi Doan Hieu98 Learn More
6 Mot Ngan Hoi Dau Van Mai Huong Learn More
7 Anh Nho Ra Vu & Trang Learn More
8 Khi Em Lon Orange & Hoang Dung Learn More
9 Nang Tho Hoang Dung Learn More
10 Den Loi Nho & Phuong Anh Dao Learn More
11 Cang Lon Cang Co Don Jaykii Learn More
12 Lac Troi Son Tung M-TP Learn More
13 Ghen Khac Hung, Min & Erik Learn More
14 Phia Sau Mot Co Gai Soobin Hoang Son Learn More
15 Dem Huyen Dieu Ngoc Anh Learn More
16 So Ta Mat Nhau Chau Khai Phong Learn More
17 Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai ERIK Learn More
18 Xam Traditional Beggar’s Song Learn More
19 Em Gai Mua Huong Tram Learn More
20 Dung Yeu Nua, Em Met Roi MIN Learn More
21 Vi Anh Dau Co Biet Madihu & Vu Learn More


Top 21 Popular Vietnamese Songs

Below is my list of the music I am sure will delight your eardrums and might even make it to your playlist:


1. Sai Gon Hom Nay Mua – Hoang Duyen & JSOL

YouTube video

Love and loss are things most of us know well, and it is what our first song on the list of popular Vietnamese songs talks about. The singer reminisces about the time when they were together.

It is a heartwarming and heartbreaking tune that will resonate with you if you have been in such a situation. This ballad shows how love can be painful and all the promises you make to each other can quickly end.

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2. Waiting for You – MONO

YouTube video

Released over 4 months ago, “Waiting for You” is still on Billboard Hot 100 Vietnamese songs today. It is a more relatable song for those in love with someone, but the person they love is already in a relationship with someone else.

It can be painful to feel unrequited love, but MONO brings hope to this dire situation by saying that they will wait until the one their love is free. It is also a bold proclamation of love, saying that he wants the whole world to know that his love is only for her.


3. Tron Tim – Den & MTV Band

YouTube video

Translating to Hide and Seek, this tune follows the story of two people, one in love with the other, who doesn’t even see him. The visuals of this song are also heartbreaking as you can see the man standing as a tree, observing the lady as she goes about her life.

He even sees as she moves on with someone else, although there is nothing he can do. It paints a picture of children playing a game of hide and seek, only the singer is not being sought and has to stand by the sidelines as she falls in love.

The song is a refreshing take on regular love songs and is worth listening to.


4. Ben Tren Tang Lau – Tang Duy Tan

YouTube video

This moving song reminds us that everything has an end, all the pain, heartache, and disappointments. This soulful rendition makes it one of the most popular Vietnamese songs, surpassing 44 million views on YouTube alone.

The singer says love is like a whirlwind and questions if he has to cry because of it, but the line “I can’t let my heart hurt forever” shows that in time, all will pass.


5. Ho Yeu Ai Mat Roi – Doan Hieu98

YouTube video

One line in “Ho Yeu Ai Mat Roi” really stuck with me; Doan calls it the regrets of the distant twenties while talking about his past relationship.

His voice brings the feelings to the surface, remembering a love that is no longer possible. He talks of leaving the person he loves because they fell for someone else.

The twenties were a rollercoaster time for most of us, falling in and out of love, and this song brings those memories back.


6. Mot Ngan Hoi Dau – Van Mai Huong

YouTube video

This is not your typical love or unrequited love song. The singer is in pain when singing this as she realizes the man she loves is in love with another man.

The visuals show the turmoil that comes with this love as both men try to deny the love they have for each other while showing the emotions the singer feels by being the unwanted third party. A sad song if I have ever listened to one.


7. Anh Nho Ra – Vu & Trang

YouTube video

Vu brings to life the painful emotions we go through when relationships end. Sometimes all parties involved agree on the separation. Other times, no one wants to separate, but they have to.

Whatever pushes this, it is always painful. In these cases, it is enough to know that we loved each other while we still had the time, and we should cherish these memories.


8. Khi Em Lon – Orange & Hoang Dung

YouTube video

“Khi Em Lon” focuses on the harsh realities of growing up. When you are young, life is all laid out before you, full of possibilities.

However, as you grow, you realize how hard life really is; you love the wrong person, you make the wrong decisions, and life just seems to spiral out of control. Orange and Hoang Dung encourage us that we will eventually make it through, no matter how life gets.

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9. Nang Tho – Hoang Dung

YouTube video

The beginning of falling in love feels like the most magical time. The person you love is your all; you cannot picture life without them. With time, however, you fall out of love or grow apart.

Soon those memories are just the distant past, but isn’t it better to know that someone loved us during this time and that we loved them back?

That is what “Nang Tho” is about, letting go of a love that isn’t the same anymore. It is one of the most popular Vietnamese songs, with over 100 million views, and I understand why.


10. Den – Loi Nho & Phuong Anh Dao

YouTube video

There are different classes in life—wealth, education, and where we grew up play a large role. “Den” shows the difference between the rapper’s world and the singer’s.

It shows how one is used to the high life and chasing thrills while the other is more satisfied with the little things. The oldies vibe in the music video gives the song more depth.


11. Cang Lon Cang Co Don – Jaykii

YouTube video

Getting older brings with it some difficulties, such as being alone. We all want to grow old with the one we love, but sometimes we hurt them so much that we leave them.

This song looks at this side of love, showing that sometimes hurting people leaves us alone as we age, bringing alone sadness, sorrow, and long nights.


12. Lac Troi – Son Tung M-TP

YouTube video

This popular Vietnamese song broke the charts when it was released in 2016-2017, and for good reason. The upbeat feel and the stunning visuals make it very relaxing while bringing a good vibe that will get you moving. You will find yourself nodding to the beat and getting lost in the video.


13. Ghen – Khac Hung, Min & Erik

YouTube video

One of the things that makes me love this song is the storytelling aspect coupled with the visuals.

The singer is wracked with jealousy, imagining the person they love with someone else, and the visuals show both sides. It shows the dark side of jealousy and how people can lose themselves just because they are in love.


14. Phia Sau Mot Co Gai – Soobin Hoang Son

YouTube video

This has been a common theme throughout this list, seeing someone you love falling in love with someone else. In this case, the singer wishes he had met the girl sooner, but now all he can do is sit and listen while she talks about the man she loves with him.

He questions whether he should step back and watch her from afar or remain close to her despite not being able to hold her.


15. Dem Huyen Dieu – Ngoc Anh

YouTube video

Magical Night, known as “Dem Huyen Dieu,” is an older song that still makes the list of popular Vietnamese songs. It has a more Western approach, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty.

The singer’s vocals are also something to contend with, taking us back to the 70s/80s era. The beat is nostalgic and is great for playing at parties.

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16. So Ta Mat Nhau – Chau Khai Phong

YouTube video

Love is a beautiful thing, but it can sometimes bring out the worst sides of a person. Obsession is sometimes mistaken for love, but it never ends well.

This song shows how bad obsession can be and the heartbreaking consequences that arise from it, as it can lead us to hurt those we love.


17. Em Khong Sai, Chung Ta Sai – ERIK

YouTube video

Love is not always enough. ERIK shows this side as he shows how fame led him to hurt the woman he loves. He prefers his career over her, often leaving her alone, which ends up hurting her.

He doesn’t spend time with her anymore, which eventually leads to the relationship ending. The dark side of fame is brought to life with this moving song, making it one of the most popular Vietnamese songs, with over 133 million views.


18. Xam – Traditional Beggar’s Song

YouTube video

This is a more traditional song made even more popular by the late Ha Thi Cau. The songs were originally used by beggars.

Their tune was meant to attract people to the beggars. The song composition is simple, which has its own beauty to it. It is a lost kind of music nowadays, but something worth noting.


19. Em Gai Mua – Huong Tram

YouTube video

Ah, love. There will never be enough words to cover all that love is and how it makes us feel, but Em Gai Mua comes close.

It shows the kind of love that takes years to grow, that takes control of our lives, and how we feel lost when we are not with the person we love. Definitely worth listening to.


20. Dung Yeu Nua, Em Met Roi – MIN

YouTube video

We sometimes go to the ends of the earth for the people we love, giving everything we are to them. Min brings out this feeling, showing how the person we love might be taking everything from us, which sets us up for heartbreak.

She suggests ending it before she gets too hurt, something some people should learn.


21. Vi Anh Dau Co Biet – Madihu & Vu

YouTube video

The last song on our most popular Vietnamese songs list is another chart-topper on the Vietnamese Billboard charts. This song shows the singer as he undertakes different roles for the one he loves. It shows how sometimes just one person gives in a relationship.


Last Words

There are different songs for us to explore, and these popular Vietnamese songs should be on your list. They are a bit different from what most of us are used to, but that is a good thing. Give them a listen and allow yourself to discover a whole new musical world.


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