Morgan Wallen Takes a Stand: Urges Fans to Ignore Old Music Being Exploited, Clarifies ‘This Is NOT My New Music’

Morgan Wallen has taken a stand against the exploitation of his early career recordings, following revelations from his former manager about plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut EP, Stand Alone. In a social media announcement on Thursday evening (Jan. 25), the renowned 30-year-old country artist warned fans about the misleading release of his old music through “an important update.”

Wallen’s Past Managers Caught in Controversy Over Unsanctioned Use of His Classic Hits

In his detailed post, Wallen explained that in 2014, after leaving The Voice, he ventured to Florida to explore original music and songwriting for the very first time. As a result, he ended up signing a recording and management deal, both of which he now regrets, having made those decisions without legal representation.

“I’m taking a break from my duck hunting trip to share some news with you tonight. Back in 2014, I headed to Florida to try my hand at creating my own music and exploring songwriting. This journey led me to a recording deal with a local investor and an artist management deal that I deeply regret. Unfortunately, I signed both deals without any legal representation,” expressed Wallen.

During his time in Florida in 2014, Wallen wrote and recorded over a dozen songs. However, he carefully selected only five of those tracks to be released on his debut EP, Stand Alone. This EP was released in August 2015 under Panacea Records. The collection featured songs such as “Spin You Around,” “Sleep When We’re Dead,” “Stand Alone,” “Man Of The South,” and “Yin Yang Girl.”

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“We created a total of 13 songs. While some were decent, most were subpar, given that I was still learning the craft of songwriting and finding my way. Also, I was not the sole collaborator, so many of these songs did not align with my vision or meet my standards. Eventually, we deemed five songs worthy enough to be included in the Stand Alone EP, which includes a fan-favorite, ‘Spin You Around,'” Wallen elaborated.

Morgan Wallen’s Ex-Team Stirs Up Drama by Dropping Music He Didn’t Approve

Morgan Wallen’s former team plans to release a 10th-anniversary edition of his debut EP, Stand Alone, against his wishes. This decision has left the East Tennessee native frustrated and unhappy. Wallen believes that the music included in this reissue does not meet the standards of the tunes he now releases and supports.

In his own words, Wallen expresses his disappointment, stating, “Tonight, those colleagues I parted ways with almost 10 years ago plan to release a ’10th anniversary’ edition of Stand Alone against my wishes, including eight unreleased songs, with the help of my former managers.”

He further elaborates, saying, “I have been exploring all possible avenues for months to gain control over the rights to this old music. I want to maintain the consistency and quality of my catalog, ensuring that it aligns with the songs I choose to release and believe in.”

Morgan Wallen’s frustration with the situation is evident as he describes it as “gross, greedy, and an example of how the dark side of the music business can drain the passion from artists.”

Fans Beware: Wallen’s Latest Release Isn’t What You Think!

Morgan Wallen, the chart-topping singer/songwriter, recently faced concerns from fans mistaking his new release for his actual new music. However, Wallen wants to set the record straight and clarified that this is not his latest work. In a heartfelt message, he expressed his fear that fans might mistakenly believe these songs are part of his new album.

“I want you to know this is NOT my new music, & I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else. I cringe when I listen to these songs & I’m very concerned my fans may mistakenly believe this is a new release by me,” Wallen stated.

But there’s good news! Wallen announced that he will be returning to the studio next month to begin working on his highly anticipated new album. With a surge of creative inspiration, he is eagerly looking forward to making more music that he can be truly proud of.

“I begin recording my next project at the end of February. I’m feeling inspired creatively & super excited to make more music I’m proud of,” he concluded.

Wallen Fights Back with a Heartfelt Donation and Surprise Drop of ‘Spin You Around (1/24)

In response to the situation, Wallen has made some decisions. Firstly, he will release a re-recorded version of his track “Spin You Around (1/24)” which he recently recorded in Nashville. The single drops tonight and was produced by Joey Moi and Bryan Sutton.

Additionally, Wallen took the initiative to create the artwork for the re-recorded tune while enjoying some downtime in the woods during a duck hunting trip.

Furthermore, Wallen is demonstrating his commitment to supporting the arts by donating $100,000 from the Morgan Wallen Foundation to the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals For The Arts (VLPA) program. Through this act of generosity, Wallen hopes to encourage young aspiring musicians to never compromise their creative freedoms for opportunities in the music industry.

“I hope young aspiring musicians read this story & know they should never have to give up their creative freedoms for an opportunity in this business,” he shared.

To ensure the correct message is conveyed, Wallen kindly asks his fans to help spread the word that the music being released tonight is not his new music. He wants everyone to understand that while new music is on the horizon, they should trust that they will hear it directly from him.

“Trust me, when new music is ready, you’ll hear it directly from me.”

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