Mifo 07 Wireless Earbuds Review – Worth the Price?

Finding the right headphones can be quite difficult if you browse through the huge array of options available out there. Brands like Mifo have taken a step towards getting you what you need at an affordable price, without compromising quality.

The MIFO O7 earphones are water and dust-resistant. Ideal for the gym or running.

You may even submerge them in water, but do not attempt to swim with them. It’s also possible to change the level straight from the earbuds, which isn’t usually available with other headphones.

This MIFO 07 review will provide you with the required data to make an informed decision when purchasing these earphones. And before you know it, these MIFO 07 wireless earbuds will be your go-to for listening to music.



MIFO 07 Review

MIFO 07 Review

Let’s take a little deeper into the essential details in this MIFO 07 review.



The MIFO 07 wireless earphones are extremely light and stylish. It comes with a handbook, a flat tangle-free micro USB-C charging cord, and seven pairs of silicone ear tips to accommodate different ear shapes.

The casing is composed of aluminum, and the battery is 1295 Watt-hours. It has a total playtime of roughly 40 hours.

According to the manufacturer, the earphones may be used continuously for 7 to 9 hours. The build quality is far superior to that of many other cases. The weight, on the other hand, comes at a cost. The case is a little heavy to tote around, and you’ll notice it in your pocket.

The earphones, on the other hand, will fit precisely in any ear shape. This is made attainable by the 7 pairs of silicone ear tips. It is simple to remove and adjust to your pleasure and comfort.

Even whether you’re going about your daily routine or exercising, such as running or stretching, these MIFO 07 wireless earbuds will stay put.



Build Quality and Comfort

Build Quality and Comfort mifo 07

Everything was quite nicely put together, and while some people may not classify them as a luxury construction, they did appear to be rather sturdy and able to withstand some pounding. Confidence should be placed in earbuds that are waterproof. This suggests they are appropriate for working exercise.

In comparison to other brands, the case is rather modest. Inside, a twin balanced armature drives the sound. The MIFO 07 wireless earbuds are the comfiest on the market. As already stated in the design. Every contour and weight has a function when it comes to comfort, not only for the eyes to look.

It is heavy enough to keep in place as you move about all day. It is not so light that it will come off if you make a misstep. This pair of earphones is well worth the high price. When compared to other prominent brands, it is a tiny and dependable pair of earphones.

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Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility Mifo 07

On select apps, many Bluetooth earphones feature a small delay between audio and visual. This may have been a deal breaker for some customers, but the MIFO O7 performed admirably in a variety of tests. You may use one or both earphones, and the device will automatically switch from one to dual ear.

If you’re only using one earbud and take the other out of the charging case, it will automatically pair without interfering with music or calls. You may even switch from utilizing both earphones to a single earbud in either ear without missing a beat.

You will have no trouble connecting it as long as it is within the range. It is compatible with all Android and Apple smartphones.

If you ever have an issue with spotty sound, check the battery percentage. This is a common problem among certain users. Always check the battery life twice. It will operate smoothly as long as the battery is at least 20% charged.

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Sound Quality

Sound Quality mifo 07

When compared to other major brands, the audio grade is above average. It has the clarity of a balanced armature, and the highs have a good extension, but it lacks low-end punch and isn’t competitive enough for certain users.

The MIFO 07 wireless earbuds also have CVC noise cancellation, which helps you isolate in loud surroundings and improves voice call quality. With the fit of these earbuds, they perform an amazing job of canceling out outside noises.

When utilizing these earphones, you can have a clear conversation. This is not the case with other earbuds, making this the greatest pick for both activities. That is music and phone calls.

Overall, the sound is good, clear, balanced, and smooth, with a good range. You can listen to bass sweeps using these earbuds, which is a popular function in professional headphones.



Frequently Asked Questions About Mifo 07 Wireless Earbuds


Is MIFO 07 better than 05?

The 05 offers a better image quality. Each earbud in the MIFO O7 has a carbon nanotube, and dynamic speaker drivers, for highly precise and large sound at all frequencies.

When taking calls, the 05 includes numerous microphones and voice refining software. It incorporates haptic touch controls and Qualcomm’s newest Bluetooth 5 chipset. If you answer more calls, the 07 is preferable.

If you enjoy listening to higher-quality music, the 05 is for you. Both are excellent; it all depends on how you utilize them. Hoping this MIFO 07 review will help you decide.


Does MIFO 07 have noise Cancelling?

The MIFO 07 wireless earbuds have enough noise cancellation to let you separate in busy surroundings while also improving voice call quality. It does not eliminate noise.

You might still notice a minor alien sound while listening to music. This is great for someone who enjoys running and is loud enough to notice if a car is approaching. This one is for you if you still prefer to be aware of your surroundings while listening to music.


Which country makes MIFO earbuds?

The MIFO 07 wireless earphones are manufactured in China. The MIFO was founded by Boson. They are committed to establishing themselves as the world’s premier athletic headphone brand.

MIFO has gone through many difficult times, yet they continue to follow their own course and are not swayed by the interests of the outside world. This MIFO 07 review will answer your usual queries and offer you the necessary information.

They are dedicated to supplying high-quality items to all people across the world. Giving everyone a fantastic experience.


Can MIFO pair with multiple devices?

The MIFO 07 wireless earphones may be paired with various devices. The MIFO O7 wireless earbuds are pre-programmed to link with one another.

To enable pairing mode, just remove the left and right earphones from the charging box at the same time. Each earbud will alternately flash red and blue. When automated pairing is complete, just the right earbud’s indicator light will alternately flash red and blue.



Overall, the MIFO wireless earbuds are a good buy. It is built of high-quality materials, from the case to the included accessories. It will remain in place even while you go about your everyday movements.

The case is built of aluminum, and the battery has a capacity of 1295 Watt-hours. This puts it at the top of the list for earbud quality performance.

The seven sets of silicone ear-tips are an excellent addition to finding something that fits your ears. You may now use it with complete confidence. This MIFO 07 review contains all of the vital information you need to make an informed conclusion about purchasing this gadget.


Mifo 07 Wireless Earbuds Review – Worth the Price Pin


Mifo 07 Wireless Earbuds


Sound Quality


Features / Manufacturing


Value for Money





  • Powerful Bluetooth chipset
  • Reasonable price
  • Unique and high-quality design
  • Ideal for the gym or running


  • Cannot be worn whilst swimming

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