Klipsch Cinema 700 Soundbar Review: Read Before You Buy It

Any system or device you want to build in your home to get that home cinema feel is going to require a couple of things. One is money, obviously, but the second is the ability to understand how to place your device.

Listening to or reading a Klipsch Cinema 700 review might help you to make up your mind whether you want this device or not. You’re going to spend a few bucks, that’s for certain. But as many people will tell you, it’s money well spent since this type of device is something that can increase the enjoyment you’ll get when watching something like an epic movie or the big game.

What can’t be stressed enough is the fact that you’ll need to measure the space you’ll be placing your device to make sure that it fits. After that, it’s all about making certain that you position everything the way you want to maximize your overall experience.

Trust me on this one, if you put your soundbar and speakers in the right place, you’ll like end up feeling as though you’re in the movie, which is the best way to experience some features. The more immersive the experience, the more satisfying it is.



Klipsch Cinema 700 Soundbar Review

Klipsch Cinema 700 Soundbar Review



The design of the soundbar is aesthetically pleasing to a lot of people but it does require some space to place it, such as a cabinet or shelf.

Placing this device out of the way is recommended since while it’s a solid piece, it’s not bound to last long if it’s placed in an area where there’s heavy traffic that will cause it to get bumped into or otherwise damaged.

That might not be a concern with a lot of people, but knowing the limitations of the room that you’re planning on putting this device in is smart. Keep in mind, that reading a Klipsch Cinema 700 review can give you the stats and the pertinent details of the device. But it’s not going to do everything for you. Measuring your room out and finding something to set this device on is one of the items you’ll need to add to your checklist.

Otherwise, it’s a regular soundbar, measuring around 48” across with a 10” subwoofer that’s attached. It does have Dolby Atmos for that 360 degrees sound effect that a lot of people tend to like.

If it’s set up correctly then it becomes a great way to spend movie night. Some folks might not want the device sticking out as much, so again, it’s wise to stick it on a shelf or a cabinet and tuck it back where it’s out of harm’s way.

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The price is going to set a person back a little bit since it’s not the cheapest device on the market, and for good reason.

Sometimes the quality of a home cinema costs a little more, but that tends to mean, sometimes, that manufacturers have taken the time and effort to produce a superior product.

While it’s true that this isn’t even close to the most expensive unit, it’s still worth the money since it will blow your hair back if you let it.



Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, this device is capable of producing a deep, bone-rattling bass that is reminiscent of the cinema, which is what a lot of people want.

One thing to remember when looking at various sites for a Klipsch Cinema 700 review (the distinction is important) is to remember that every person’s experience with this product is bound to be a little different.

You’ll need to take a few of them with a grain of salt since shipping can take a pretty hefty toll on a device like this. So if someone says the bass is terrible they might have a defective product and will need to send it back.

With that being said, there are a few issues that might need to be understood. Again, it could be more to do with faulty equipment than anything, just keep that in mind.

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Personal Recommendations

One thing I have noticed about my own device is that the remote doesn’t work perfectly at all times. The Bluetooth capability is a bit dodgy now and then, and if I didn’t know a single thing about this device I’d gladly say that it was something I don’t understand.

But being moderately tech-savvy I can say that trying to keep the remote working perfectly is a pain in the backside, and the update for the firmware on this device is kind of a nightmare at times. On the upside, the cinematic bass is one of the best parts of the device and can keep me happy, so the money put into this device is still worth it.

Pitching for this device is a simple affair since from a personal standpoint I’d recommend it without too much trouble given that its sound is amazing. But if you’re not ready for the connectivity issues that can and do come along from time to time then you might want to reconsider and think about another system, especially when buying online.

But if you’re at least a little capable of working with tech of this type then you might not have as many troubles. This particular device is something that might be best bought in stores for the person that’s not ready to pop it open and figure out what’s going on inside the device.

With that being said, let’s get into the issues that can happen when trying to connect this device so that you can make the best decision for your buck and not worry too much that you’re being taken for a ride. Call it a public service assist if you need to, but it’s best to know what you’re getting into.

This soundbar does need to be hooked into your wireless network. You’ll need to look for the app “Klipsch Connect” for Android or IOS. You’ll need to register the product on the app as well. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the registration on my own system to finish up on the Klipsch webpage.

There is a method to make it work, but it takes a bit of doing to make it all come together and work the way it should. Despite the money that you’ll be putting into this device, it’s still worth the hassle since the biggest reason to buy the device is for the sound assist it gives to your system, which is considerable.

If fiddling around with connectivity issues isn’t your thing then this might not be the device for you. I know, that sounds like the total opposite of what a review should sound like, but giving an honest Klipsch Cinema 700 review is important since I’ve been using a Klipsch soundbar for years and I still believe in them.

For the money, Klipsch has never done me wrong, and it’s a brand that’s been good to a lot of people since if one can get past the connectivity issues then they’re golden. It’s worth it to experience the type of sound that enhances the feel of your home theater, especially when there are plenty of movies that can benefit from this serious infusion of bass. It’s worth buying.




When all is said and done this device is probably something that one is better off being bought in a store rather than online. But the point of this Klipsch Cinema 700 review isn’t just to tell you about the system and what it can do.

It was to give you, the consumer, the information that a lot of reviews and product descriptions won’t do. You need to know how to plan for your device, and then how to work it to make it worth the money. But I’ll point out again, go to the store, or talk to someone that has a Klipsch, you’ll thank yourself for it.


Klipsch Cinema 700 Soundbar Review Read Before You Buy It Pin


Klipsch Cinema 700 Soundbar






Sound Quality





  • Very good sound quality
  • Super simple to use
  • 8K Video Pass-Through


  • Remote doesn’t work perfectly well
  • Difficult to set up

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