How To Turn Off Your Powerbeats Pro Quickly and Easily

Powerbeats Pro has revolutionized how we use wireless technology. Though it is ahead of its time compared to other wireless earbuds, a big question to most users is how to turn off Powerbeats pro, as there are multiple reported cases of the battery running out while not in use.

Powerbeats are a great choice for audiophiles seeking a device with superior sound quality and who want maximum control of their listening experience.

With the wireless earphones, you can enjoy a customizable listening experience as it contains Apple’s proprietary H1 chip that comes with numerous features.

The Powerbeats are designed to offer greater flexibility and comfort through their unique design. The ear hook provides a secure fit even when doing extreme activities such as sports or exercise.

However, several important steps should be taken when it comes to turning them off. I will take you through various ways you can turn off your Powerbeats to conserve their battery life.


How to Turn Off Powerbeats Pro step by step

How to Turn Off Powerbeats Pro step by step

Usually, all wireless earbuds should turn off when you remove them from the ears and stay idle for quite some time. But there are situations where this does not automatically work. This is a step-by-step guide on how to turn them off.

Placing them in the casing is the easiest thing to do when trying to turn off Powerbeats Pro earbuds. The charging case that houses the wireless earphone has two hollow compartments for both of the Powerbeats.

  • The first step is removing your Powerbeats from your ears. The automatic ear detection technology will pause whatever you are listening to but will not fully shut them off.
  • The next step is opening their casing and placing them, similar to how you would put them into your ear. This will ensure that each bud is in its correct position, and the magnet in the casing will make sure that it is fit and secure there.
  • The last step is by closing the case. When still open, the wireless earphones will still be connected to your connected device and will not automatically turn off. Closing the case will not only turn them off but will ensure their overall safety.



How to Turn OFF Powerbeats Pro Without Case

How to Turn OFF Powerbeats Pro Without Case

Unlike other wireless earbuds, Powerbeats Pro has a significantly larger case. In most situations, this case does not comfortably fit inside the pocket, and one would opt to leave it at home when fully charged.

However, you might wonder how to turn it off without its charging case as, unlike its previous versions, it lacks a power button.

Like most earbuds brands, the Powerbeats Pro has a companion application known as the Beats App. This application lets the user manage and improve the listening experience.

You can use the Beats app if you don’t want to carry your Powerbeats Pro charging case every time you go out. Simply tap Power off from the menu, and it’ll shut them off at once.



How to Turn ON Powerbeats Pro Without Case

How to Turn ON Powerbeats Pro Without Case

Since The Powerbeats Pro does not have a power button, you can only power them on without a case by using the Beats App.

If you do not have either the Beats App connected to the wireless earbuds or their charging case, avoid switching them off as it’s impossible to turn them on.

When not using, they will be on Sleep mode, which uses less battery and automatically turn back on when placed in the ears.

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How Long Does The Battery Last on Powerbeats Pro?

How Long Does The Battery Last on Powerbeats Pro?

The battery life on Powerbeats is one of the best compared to any wireless earbuds. While testing them, I found that they can offer up to 0 hours of audio playback on a single full charge. This is an impressive time when compared to other brands of a similar price range.

While using the Powerbeats on Apple products such as the iPhone or Apple watch, I got over 10 hours of playback while consistently listening to 75dB audio. A single full charge of the wireless earphones can also support up to 6 hours of call time.

The Powerbeats come with a charging case, giving you a combined playback time of over 24 hours. The case LED on the front will turn red when it is below 40%, and it would be best if you connect to a power source.

Once the wireless earphones are completely out of battery, placing them on the charging case will give them up to one and a half hours of playback time for every 5 minutes of charge.



Do Powerbeats Pro Ever Turn Off?

Do Powerbeats Pro Ever Turn Off?

Automatic ear detection technology has been a game changer in the wireless earphone industry. Most earbuds designs are incorporated with this feature in order to pause and shut down the devices when not in use for a long time.

While it is common for most wireless earphone brands, does the same apply to Powerbeats?

Once the Powerbeats are removed from the ears, the automatic ear detection will pause the media you are playing. Once you put them back on, the sensors will resume playing media from the connected device.

The Powerbeats are not designed to power off automatically when removed from the ears, as the sensors will determine they are idle and go into sleep mode.

When they are in sleep mode, there will be battery preservations as they will only drain at a lower rate than in active use. It would be better if you put them back in their case if you do not use them for quite some time.



Why Won’t my Powerbeats Turn Off? Possible Reasons and Fixes

Why Won't my Powerbeats Turn Off? Possible Reasons and Fixes

While other users might wonder how to turn off Powerbeats Pro, you might have an issue with the wireless earphones not shutting down after applying the steps mentioned above.

While this can be a problem, there is no need to panic as there are two main reasons that can cause this issue.



Like any other smart device, the Powerbeats Pro has software running. Unfornutaly the software can be corrupted or have glitches once in a while. This is because no software is perfect, as it might contain bugs. To fix the software problem on your earbuds, you must do the following:

The first solution is resetting the Powerbeats. To reset, you simply have to place the earbuds in the case and leave them open; hold on to the system button on the case for about 15 seconds, and you will notice red and white flashes on the LED indicator. Release the buttons as the earbuds will have been fully reset.

The second solution for a software problem on Powerbeats is updating their software. If you are using them using an iPhone or Apple product, then this will not be a problem for you as the earbuds will automatically update to the current version when you restart.

If you are using any other operating system, you will have to visit Beats Updater Website and download the updater software for the connected device. You will then run the downloaded software and follow the instructions.



The other common reason why your Powerbeats are not turning off is that there are issues regarding the physical properties of the device. There might be a component that has broken or failed internally.

You will have to visit an authorized Apple service store to fix this problem. They will diagnose the exact problem, and depending on your Apple care plan, you might have to pay a small fee.

In instances where the technician says that the problem cannot be solved, you will have to replace your wireless earbuds with a new pair.

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Last Words

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If you were looking for a way to turn off your Powerbeats Pro, then the steps mentioned above are the best solutions for any situation you are in.

The easiest one is just placing it back into its charging case as its new design lacks a power button.

If you are facing any technical power or powering challenge while using them, it would be better to call Apple customer support to get detailed fixes to your specific Powerbeats pro problems.


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