How do You Turn OFF JLab Go Air Wireless Earbuds [Easiest Method]

It’s kind of irritating when your earbuds don’t appear to want to work and you can’t figure out why, isn’t it? A lot of folks who bought the Jlab Go Air Wireless Earbuds are wondering at this time why their device doesn’t appear to be working.

This article is intended to address the issue of how to turn off the Jlab Go Air to help you avoid any future issues. Those who are interested in finding out why this device might be suffering issues should pay close attention to this article to figure out why their Jlab Air Go won’t turn off, and how it can be fixed.

The issue is one that many people have dealt with and there is a great deal of advice to be listened to in this matter. There are some hints and bits of advice that might sound exceedingly simple, but the fact is that a lot of users have been through this problem and are willing to lend their advice and expertise to the matter.

There are a few simple, quick fixes that can be used to make sure your device will work the way you want and can help you avoid going back to the manufacturer.



How to turn off Jlab Go Air

Below are a few methods that will go into how to turn off your Jlab Go Air, along with the explanations of each method.


1. Place them in the case.

Ideally, you should be able to put your earbuds in the case and simply let them charge for a while since this is one of the most obvious and certain things to work.

But if your case isn’t clean or isn’t charged then it won’t work since the earbuds won’t turn off in such a case. It’s wise to habitually charge your case and keep it clean.

It’s also a good idea to keep your case and your earbuds where they can be easily found, and in a place that isn’t cluttered or otherwise occupied by other items that might be seen as a hazard.


2. Disconnect the earbuds.

It’s very possible that you might have your earbuds connected to a faulty device and that there’s nothing wrong with them. In this instance, the device in question might not be allowing the earbuds to turn off due to a glitch or something that went awry.

Many people experience this when downloading apps that they don’t fully understand or don’t know enough about. It can happen that your earbuds will not turn off because they are somehow locked into this fault app and will not respond to the usual commands.

This can be a little frustrating to those that don’t know enough about the app or the earbuds, but this is why you pay close attention to the instructions that you’re given when buying the earbuds.

To disconnect your earbuds, go into the Settings menu of your device, and then turn off the Bluetooth function. This should disconnect your earbuds and allow them to turn off after a few minutes.

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3. Reset the earbuds.

A lot of people don’t like to reset their devices because they worry that something will get screwed up or otherwise damaged. But the fact is that the devices are actually built to be reset when something goes wrong. It’s not the most optimal choice, but it does help to get rid of any irritating problems that can arise.

If your Jlab Air Go won’t turn off though, you might need to think about resetting the earbuds to get them working correctly again. The first thing you’ll want to do is take them off the Bluetooth function to keep them from staying on.

After that, place both buds in the charging case. Quick tap one earbud, then the other, 7 times while keeping them in the case. The earbuds will flash blue 3 times.

After that, take both earbuds out of the case. One of the earbuds will flash a solid white, while the other will end up flashing white and blue. After this, your earbuds should be reset and ready to connect to your desired device again.

If this doesn’t work the first time you might need to try it at least 2 or 3 times. If the problem persists, then contact the manufacturer.



Why Your Jlab Air Go won’t Turn Off, and a Few Tips to Fix It

Below are a few reasons why your Jlab Air Go won’t turn off, along with the fixes that might help.


1. Charge your case.

Typically your earbuds will turn off once you put them back in the case. But if the case isn’t charged then they won’t turn off. By keeping your case charged you can fix this problem easily.

The Fix:

This is one of the easiest fixes when learning how to turn off the Jlab Air Go since all it requires is that you remember to charge the case so that your earbuds will function properly. It does happen that people forget, however.


2. Maintain the temperature of the earbuds.

Technology can be a little finicky when it comes to interacting with the world around us and temperature is a factor that can affect how things work.

The fact that some folks don’t understand this and need to be reminded that technology is affected by the environment in which it’s found is kind of frustrating.

But your earbuds and the case are affected by extreme temperatures and will stop working properly if exposed to them for too long or too often.

The Fix:

Keep your earbuds and case stored in a dry, cool place to avoid any undue exposure to moisture and/or excessive heat. This will keep things working the way they should.


3. Update your firmware.

One thing that a lot of people don’t appear to check that often, either due to lack of knowledge or something else, is their firmware.

Your earbuds, like a lot of other technology, will need to be updated now and then to make certain that they’re operating at the most optimal level possible.

If your firmware hasn’t been updated then it’s likely that your earbuds won’t work properly.

The Fix:

Head into your Settings and check to see if there are any updates that you need to install. If so, then install them, and your earbuds should be up to date and working the way they should.


4. It could be a faulty battery.

This is one result that can come from exposing the earbuds and/or the case to the elements and not taking care to keep them out of the heat or the cold. Moisture can be another problem since it can seep into the earbuds and cause serious damage to the battery.

If this does happen, typically, the earbuds won’t turn off and will cease to function as they should.

The Fix:

You can send away for replacement batteries, but in this case, it’s best to simply think about buying another set of earbuds.


5. Keep your case clean.

A lot of devices won’t want to work well if they aren’t kept clean and free of obstructions. Keeping your case and your earbuds in a clean environment that’s as free of anything that can get inside the case and muck things up is a good idea.

Any food or other detritus that finds its way into the case can do a great deal of harm.

The Fix:

Depending on where you keep your case, make certain that nothing else is held in that pocket or compartment, or that the compartment is cleaned before you place your case inside. Cleanliness is a good idea when dealing with technology.




Learning how to turn off your Jlab Go Air earbuds is a good idea when you first buy them since it will help you to avoid moments like this.

But the upside is that between the company that sells your buds and those that have used them, there are plenty of reviewers that are willing to help you out in times of need.

The best advice at this time is to keep your device clean, away from extreme temperatures, and keep it charged on a regular basis. Everything else you’ve read is for when things really start going wrong.


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