How to Pair UE Boom Speaker – Step-by-Step Guide

Ultimate Ears speakers, more commonly known as UE Boom speakers are among the best in the market. They have the best features and pack a punch when it comes to audio quality, which is why they are popular among audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike.

The speakers rely on Bluetooth connection, which can be hard for some people without the technical know-how. If you are new to the UE Boom speakers or want to learn how to pair UE speakers, you have come to the right place.

This article will discuss the different ways you can use UE speakers. We will also discuss how to fix common problems related to the speakers, such as connectivity problems. Let’s get started!


How to Pair UE Boom Speaker

How to Pair UE Boom Speaker

Below are the different ways you can pair your UE speaker to different devices:


How to Pair UE Boom Speaker to Android Phone

Before you start pairing your UE Boom speaker to your phone, you need to make sure that you first download the UE Boom app. If you already have the app, check to make sure that it is the latest version.

The pairing will fail if the app is not updated, so check for the app status before anything else. The app has several controls that will help with configuring and controlling the speakers.

Also, if you don’t have a Bluetooth device, you can use an audio jack. The speakers work with a 3.5mm audio jack. Plug the audio jack into the speaker and your device and start playing music.

Here are the steps you should follow to pair the UE speakers to an Android phone that has Bluetooth:

  • Power the speaker by turning it on. To do this, press the power button and hold for about 3-5 seconds.
  • Turn Bluetooth on. To do this, press and hold down the Bluetooth button. This puts you in pairing mode, allowing you to connect to your phone.
  • Enable Bluetooth connectivity. Go to settings, choose Bluetooth, then select the speaker to pair. A number or request might pop up to ask if you should pair, say “Pair,” and then it will connect your phone.
  • Connect your speakers to your android phone. If this fails on the first try, turn the Bluetooth feature off for five seconds, then turn it on and try again. If it still fails, you might need to turn off Bluetooth, restart your phone, then connect again.

Now you can enjoy using your speaker. You can control it using the app or through the speaker itself. For the speaker:

  • Use the button on the speaker to control it.
    –   Short-pressing will play/pause the audio
    –   Double press to skip
    –   Use the + and – buttons to increase or reduce the volume


How to Pair UE Boom Speaker to iPhone

Similar to the way you connect the speakers to an Android phone, the first step for pairing UE speakers is downloading the UE Boom app or updating it if you have an old version. Once this is done:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone. You should find this on your iPhone’s home screen or the menu.
  • Select Bluetooth settings. Tap on the Bluetooth icon to open it. Turn on Bluetooth. If the speaker is on, you will see it on My Devices and you can now connect it. If it isn’t on, turn the speaker on.
  • Turn on the speaker. Press the speaker’s power button until it turns on. You want to make sure the speaker is on before trying to connect it to your iPhone.
  • Turn Bluetooth on. Press and hold the Bluetooth button until Bluetooth turns on. At this point, you should see it on the icons under My Devices.
  • Look for paired devices on your iPhone. If the speaker’s Bluetooth is on, it will pop up. If it still doesn’t pop up, turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and off, then check again.
  • Connect your iPhone to the UE Speaker. Select the speaker on your iPhone to connect the two devices.

You can now listen to music through your UE Speaker. If you still have trouble connecting, try restarting your iPhone and repeat the steps. Use the UE app to control the other features for a smooth listening experience.

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How to Pair UE Boom Speaker to Computer

Connecting your UE Boom Speaker to the computer follows almost the same steps as connecting it to your phone.

The computer, however, might have a bit of trouble pairing, but this should not be a problem. Follow these steps to learn how to pair Ultimate Ears speaker:

  • Turn UE Boom speakers on. Press the on button on your speaker until it turns on. You might need to hold it for a few seconds before it turns on.
  • Turn Bluetooth on. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your speakers until Bluetooth turns on.
  • Turn on your computer. Turn your computer on as usual.
  • Find the Bluetooth icon. You can either find it on the quick icons menu on your computer’s dashboard. Another way is by typing Bluetooth on your search bar and selecting Bluetooth. You can also open the Windows icon (if you have the Windows operating system) and find the Bluetooth button there.
  • Pair your devices. Click on Pair from the paired devices menu and select your speaker. If you had not paired the two before, follow the steps that pop up on your computer to connect.
  • Connect your speaker to the computer. You can now connect your UE speakers and use them as usual.

And there you go; you can now use your computer to play music, watch movies, or join calls through your UE Boom speakers.


Why Is My UE Boom Not Pairing? Possible Causes and Fixes

Why Is My UE Boom Not Pairing? Possible Causes and Fixes

You might notice that your speakers are still not pairing even after trying the above instructions. There might be many reasons why this is happening, which include the following:


1. You Have Not Enabled Bluetooth Pairing on Your Device

This is something that many people tend to overlook. You might think that just because Bluetooth is on, it should be able to pair with other devices. This is not always the truth.

To see whether this is the problem or not, you will have to go to your settings and confirm the Bluetooth permissions you have enabled.

Go to Settings and select Bluetooth. See if your speaker shows up when you turn Bluetooth on. Most devices have a history of previously paired devices, so it should pop up among the “Paired devices.”

If it does not, click search and wait until you see it on the list. Click the speaker and select pair. The UE speaker should already be on and connected to Bluetooth for the pair to match. You might have to select the speaker again if it still does not pair.

If the problem continues, restart both the device and speaker and repeat the steps. If you had previously paired, but it refuses to pair now, click Forget on ‘UE speaker,’ then repeat the pairing process.


2. The Speaker is Not in Pairing Mode

Another problem might be that your UE Boom speaker is not in pairing mode. To fix this, turn on your speaker. Press and hold the power button until it turns on.

Once on, press and hold the Bluetooth button to turn Bluetooth on. You will know it is on if it makes a sound or if the LED light indicating Bluetooth starts blinking. This should put the speaker in pairing mode.

Go to your device and pair to Bluetooth by clicking the ‘UE Speaker’ button. You can know if it has connected if the light stops blinking, but it is still on.

If you still have problems pairing the speaker using your device, turn it off and restart it after a few seconds. Once on, repeat the steps and see it pairs.


3. The Device is Not Up to Date

You need to update your device regularly for it to function properly. Your speaker might not be pairing because you have not updated your device in a while.

Make sure you have the most recent software. If your device is up to date, the problem could be that the UE speaker app needs to be updated. Go to the Play Store or the App Store and click “Update.”

If the problem with the update is because of the speaker, use a Micro USB cable and connect the speaker to your computer.

Open the speaker’s features and install the most recent software patch. You should also make that the Bluetooth feature is the most recent for the speaker to function properly.

Once you have updated your device and the speaker, you should have no problem pairing them. Follow the steps above to pair and enjoy using your UE Boom speakers.

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4. You Have Connected Too Many Devices

The reason why your speaker is not pairing might be that you have connected too many devices to it. The UE Boom speaker can only support two devices at once. The device you are trying to connect will not pair if other devices are already connected to the speaker.

To check this, disconnect any nearby devices from Bluetooth then try again. Devices will automatically connect to the speaker if both the speaker and device Bluetooth is on. Turn off Bluetooth for all devices around you, then try again.

Another reason could be that a similarly named device is connected to your speaker. The UE Boom cannot pair two devices that have identical names.

Go to device settings, find the names of the nearby devices, and see if any of them match your device’s name. Change your device’s Bluetooth name through its Bluetooth settings, then reconnect.


5. There is Too Much Distance Between the Devices

Bluetooth devices have a certain range within which they can work. If either your phone or computer is out of this range, you will not be able to pair it to your speakers.

Most Class 1 Bluetooth devices have at least 10 feet of range. Confirm the set range your speaker has; this will depend on the speaker’s class.

Most Bluetooth devices, especially those in Class 2, have at least 30 feet or 10 meters of connection range. If your speaker does not show up in your device’s range, try moving closer to the speaker or bring the speaker closer to the device and try again.

The closer the devices are, the clearer the audio will be. Always make sure your devices are within the Bluetooth range before pairing.


6. The Speaker Needs a Factory Reset

So, what happens if you have tried all the five steps above, but your speaker will not pair? Well, there might be a problem with the speaker’s software. To fix this, you will have to do a factory reset.

Factory resetting your speaker means restoring it to how it was when you first bought it. This means it will forget any paired devices and any other settings you had programmed. So, how do you do that?


How Do I Reset My UE Bluetooth Speaker?

How Do I Reset My UE Bluetooth Speaker?

Factory resetting your UE speaker should be the last step. You do it after you have tried everything else and failed. Doing that is quite simple, but you still need to be careful to make sure you do not damage it. Follow the steps below to factory reset your speakers:

  • Turn your UE Boom speakers on. Wait until you are sure it is on; you might need to press and hold the power button for a few seconds for this to happen.
  • Press the power and the volume down buttons at the same time and hold until the speaker turns off; a sound will let you know when it is off.
  • Doing this will factory reset the speaker, returning it to its factory settings and erasing all connection history.
  • Now turn the speaker on again and go through the pairing process. Your speaker is now as good as new.

Be careful and avoid factory resetting your speakers many times in a row. This could harm the speaker or break it down irreparably.

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Last Words

And now, we have come to the end of learning how to pair Ultimate Ear speakers. There are multiple steps to follow and different ways to pair the speaker depending on the device.

However, they are all simple and easy to follow, and you will have your speaker connected in no time.


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