How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds – Step by Step Guide

Skullcandy has been a famous name for more than a decade, producing some of the best audio equipment available.

One of their best pieces of equipment is the Skullcandy wireless earbuds. There are different models available, ranging from Indy to Method Active and many more.

The earbuds rely on Bluetooth, and sometimes connecting them to your device can often be challenging. Well, not anymore.

Today, we will be looking at how to pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds which will provide you with all the necessary information.


How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

We will also look at some of the reasons you might have Bluetooth pairing problems and how you can fix them. So, let’s get started!


How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to Android Phone

How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to Android Phone

The following steps will help you learn how to pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds with your Android phone. It is a simple process that will have you listening to your music, movies, or calls in no time.

  • Put earbuds on pairing mode. Get your earbuds ready to pair. This process can vary depending on the earbud model you have.
    For some models, all you have to do is remove them from their cases and tap on the pairing button. Check to see if your earbuds have a button on the side for pairing.
    If it does not, try taking out the buds from their case and see if they turn on.
    Check the instructions that the earbuds came with to confirm how to turn on the pairing mode on your earbuds.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone. This is a very straightforward process. To connect to Bluetooth:
    –  Go to Settings. You can find this on your notification bar or the phone’s menu.
    –  Select Bluetooth on the settings and turn it on. Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is ready to pair.
  • Pair the earbuds with your phone. Select your earbud’s name from the Bluetooth list once turned on.
    If you cannot find them, select “Scan for devices” and let the phone find nearby devices. Select the earbuds once they pop up.
  • Select your audio and start listening. The earbuds will be ready once the two are paired. You can now use them to listen to your audio.

If you still have trouble pairing the devices, turn Bluetooth Off, then On again on your phone. You can also put the earbuds back in their case and start the pairing process over again.

Once the two are paired, you are ready to start using your Skullcandy wireless earbuds.

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How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to iPhone

How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to iPhone

Pairing your Skullcandy wireless earbuds to your iPhone is a fast process that you can easily do. You will need to:

  • Put your earbuds on pairing mode. Turn your earbuds on pairing mode by taking them out of your case. The process changes depending on the version of earbuds you have.
    Some of the ways to put turn pairing mode on can be by pressing a button on the earbuds. If your earbuds don’t have a pairing button, you might need to put the earbuds in their charging case and take them out again.
    You will know if the earbuds are ready to pair if the LED light starts blinking.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. Open Settings on your iPhone and choose Bluetooth. Turn it On and search for your earbuds. You can find your earbuds’ name easier if you turn off other Bluetooth devices that are not in use.
  • Pair the devices. Click the device you want to connect to and check to see that your iPhone is connected to the earbuds.
    You will know if the devices are connected if the LED lights on your earbuds stop blinking.

Repeat the process if it does not work the first time. You will need to turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone and switch the pairing mode Off on your earbuds. This will act as a reset, then follow the steps all over again.


How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to Computer

How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds to Computer

It might take a little longer to learn how to pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds to your computer but itsn’t that hard of a process. The following steps will help you pair your earbuds to your Mac or PC:

Pairing Skullcandy Earbuds to PC

The first step to connect your earbuds to your PC is to:

  • Put your earbuds on pairing mode. Read your instruction manual to find out how to turn the pairing mode on your earbuds. This might be through taking the buds out of their case, pressing the pairing button on the earbuds, or putting them back and out of their case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your PC. There are two ways to open Bluetooth on your PC. You can do this by:
    –  Click the Start button on your PC
    –  Choose Settings.
    –  Select Devices
    –  Then pick Bluetooth and other devices
    –  Once you select Bluetooth, turn it on and find your earbuds.

Another way to do this is by typing “Bluetooth” on your computer’s search bar. This will act as a shortcut that will take you to your Bluetooth menu right away.

  • Pair your devices. Choose your earbuds from the Bluetooth dropdown menu and connect your PC to the earbuds.
    Follow any pairing instructions you see on your screen. Redo the whole process if the earbuds don’t connect when you first try.

Pairing Skullcandy Earbuds with a Mac

You can easily pair your earbuds with your Mac computer. All you have to do is:

  • Put your earbuds on pairing mode. Find the correct way to turn on pairing mode with your model. You can find these instructions in the manual that came with your earbuds.
  • Select Bluetooth on your Mac. To do this:
    –  Open Apple Menu
    –  Select System Preferences
    –  Open Bluetooth
  • Pair your devices. Select your earbud name from the devices list on the Bluetooth menu.
    Follow any instructions or prompts you see on the screen and accept the pairing procedure.

You are now ready to use your earbuds to listen to audio on your computer.


Why Are My Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds Not Pairing? Possible Causes and Fixes

Why Are My Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds Not Pairing? Possible Causes and Fixes

Your Earbuds Are Not in Pairing Mode

One of the main reasons you are unable to pair your earbuds is that they are not in pairing mode. You might have gone through all the processes but you still cannot hear anything. But don’t worry, there is an easy way to fix this.

You will need to turn your earbuds off and put them back in their case. Once you have done this, you can put your earbuds in pairing mode again by pulling them out of their case and turning them back on.

There are different Skullcandy earbud models so you will need to follow the processes on your earbuds. Try turning the buds on using the button if they have any. Other models don’t have a button so taking the buds out of their case should turn them on.

If your earbuds’ LED lights are on and blinking, they are in pairing mode. Start over if you don’t succeed at first.


Your Device’s Bluetooth Pairing Function is Not Enabled

You could have the Bluetooth function in your device but it might not be enabled. You have to enable your device in order to connect it to your earbuds. Check your Bluetooth permissions on your device to see if it is enabled to pair.

Select Bluetooth on your device’s settings and look at the devices listed on the Bluetooth and see if your earbuds show up. If they do not, scan for any nearby devices. Check among your “paired devices” to see if it shows up.

If it doesn’t, you might want to restart both devices if it still doesn’t show up and go through the pairing process again.

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The Devices Are Out of Range

Bluetooth connectivity has a limit on the range. If your devices are too far apart, the Bluetooth feature will not work. You can search to see the range on your devices and make sure you stay within that range.

There are different Bluetooth ranges depending on the device. One range you will often encounter is the power class 2. These have up to 10 meters or 30 feet of range distance.

Other devices usually have only 3 meters or up to 10 feet range. You need to make sure you stay within this range for the devices to connect. The farther the distance between your devices, the worse the connection will be.

To avoid a choppy pairing process or poor audio, make sure your devices are in close proximity. Do not exceed at least half of the suggested distance for them to pair correctly.


There Are Too Many Bluetooth Devices Turned On

Your earbuds might be confused about the correct device to pair with if there are too many Bluetooth devices on. It might pair with the nearest one or the one with the strongest signal, which might not be your phone.

You need to make sure that your device is not only the strongest one but the only one turned on. Turn off all the Bluetooth devices around you that are not in use.

If they are in use, make them “Forget” your earbuds to allow for a seamless connection. Make sure the device you want to connect your earbuds with is the one with the strongest signal, the nearest one, and the only one paired with them.


There is a Similar Named Device

You might not have changed your Bluetooth device’s name or you may have changed it to a name that is similar to another Bluetooth device. This will create some confusion during the pairing process.

Go through all the available Bluetooth devices to see if there is such an error. Change your device’s name or that of the other device before trying to pair again.

You can also turn the other device off to avoid confusion. It would be better to change the name on one of the devices completely to avoid this confusion the next time you pair.


Time for a Factory Reset

You have followed all the above steps more than once but your earbuds still won\t pair. So, what do you do? Your only option left is to factory reset your earbuds.

This will erase any information they had, making them the same as new earbuds. How to do it?

Turn your earbuds off. Once off, press and hold the button for up to 10 seconds to reset them. This process will reset the power cycle, turning the buds on and then off again. Do this to both earbuds and wait until they are finished with the cycle.

Place them back in the case and wait until the lights turn red, then you can pull them out and restart the pairing process.



So there you go, you now know how to pair Skullcandy wireless earbuds. You can pair your earbuds without a problem if you follow the steps above.

The fixes above will also help you learn how to fix any pairing problem you might have with your earbuds. Once you have followed all the steps, you are ready to start using your earbuds to have the best listening experience.


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