How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones – Step by Step Guide

JVC has some of the best audio equipment in the market. Their products have some of the best sound reproduction and noise-canceling features.

They are also some of the most affordable, which is why most people turn to them for their speaker or headphone needs.

But what happens if you bought your JVC Bluetooth headphones and don’t know how to pair them? What do you do? This article will look into how to pair JVC Bluetooth headphones with different devices.

This will help even those without technical know-how find a way to enjoy using their wireless headphones. We will also look at some of the problems that might arise with the headphones and how you can fix them.


How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones

Let us see how to pair JVC Bluetooth headphones to your Android phone, iPhone, or computer:


How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones to Android Phone

How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones to Android Phone1

The following steps will teach you how to pair JVC Bluetooth headphones with your Android phone. It is a simple process, you just have to follow it carefully. To pair your headphones, you should:

  • Download the JVC Headphones Manager App. This is an easily accessible mobile application that works with Android devices. You can find this on Google Play, just search for JVC Headphones Manager.
    You can use the app to see your headphone’s battery percentage and choose between the different sound modes. It also has a “Find Earphones” feature that helps you locate your earphones when you forget where they are.
  • Turn the headphones on and ready for pairing.
    – If your headphones were inside their case, take them out of the case and wait for them to turn on (this happens automatically).
    The headphones will blink red and blue when they are on and the left (L) and right (R) headphones are connected.
    – If the headphones were not inside the charging case, you can get them ready for pairing by pressing the “On” button on the L and R headphones at the same time. Hold the button down for around 2 seconds. You will know they are ready to pair when they start flashing red and blue. You might also hear a voice message that says “Pairing.”
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device. Go to Settings on your Android phone and find Bluetooth. Turn it on and look for nearby devices.
  • Connect the two devices. Select your JVC headphones from the Bluetooth devices and click Pair.

You will know your devices are paired if the lights are flashing slowly in blue. You are now ready to listen to your music or movies.

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How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones to iPhone

How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones to iPhone1

To connect your JVC headphones to your iPhone, you will need to:

  • Prepare your headphones for pairing. Doing this will ensure you can make sure you pair your headphones to your iPhone. To do this:
    –  Remove the headphones from the charging case. The headphones should turn on automatically. You will know when the headphones are connected because they start blinking red and blue fast or hear “Pairing” on the voice assistant.
    –  If your headphones were outside their charging case, you will need to press the On/Off button on the right and left earbuds at the same time. Hold it down for 2 seconds until they start flashing red and blue or hear the headphones say “Pairing.”
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone.
    –  Select Settings on your device’s home screen or menu.
    –  Go to Bluetooth and turn it on.
    –  Scan for nearby devices. You need to make sure your headphones are in discovery mode for them to show up on your scan. You might need to do this a few times.
  • Connect your devices. Tap on your headphone’s name on your iPhone once it is done scanning. This should connect the headphones to your iPhone. You will know this is done when the headphones blink slowly in blue.
  • Download the JVC Headphones Manager app. The app will make it easy for you to control your headphones. It gives you access to features such as sound mode, checking battery percentage, and more.

You can use the app to control your headphones and listen to music without a problem.


How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones to Computer

How to Pair JVC Bluetooth Headphones to Computer1

Pairing your headphones to your computer is simple, whether you are using a PC or Mac device. To pair them:

For the PC:

  • Get your headphones ready for pairing. The headphones will turn on automatically once you remove them from their charging case. If they were not in the case, you will need to manually turn them on by pressing and holding the buttons on the earbuds until they start blinking red and blue.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your PC. You can find this on your PC if you:
    –  Go to Settings.
    –  Select Bluetooth and other devices
    –  You can also search for Bluetooth on your PC’s search bar and click on the shortcut.
    –  Turn on Bluetooth and wait for it to load the nearby devices.
    –  Select your headphones from the list and tap on them to connect.

Your computer might need you to follow a few prompts that will pop up to enable a better connection. Follow these prompts until your devices are connected and you are good to go.

For a Mac computer:

  • Turn the headphones on to pairing mode. Remove the headphones from their case and wait until they automatically turn on. If they were not in their case, press the button on both headphones and wait until they start blinking red and blue or a voice assistant says “Paired”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac. To do this:
    –  Open Control Center. You can find this on your menu bar at the top of your Mac’s screen.
    –  Click on the Bluetooth icon.
    –  Choose your headphones from the available devices and click to connect.
    –  You can now listen to your music without a problem.
    –  Another way to pair Bluetooth on your Mac device is through the menu bar. Click on the Bluetooth icon on your menu bar. Select your headphones from the drop-down list and proceed to connect.

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Why Are My JVC Bluetooth Headphones Not Pairing? Possible Causes and Fixes

Why Are My JVC Bluetooth Headphones Not Pairing? Possible Causes and Fixes1

Some of the reasons your headphones can have a problem connecting to your devices include:


1. Too Much Distance

Bluetooth devices can only pair when they are within the device’s range. You can know if the devices are not within range if the headphones do not show up on the Bluetooth menu.

Learning the range your devices allow will make connection easier. There are two types of Bluetooth devices. The first is Class 1 devices, which have a range of about 10 feet. The other type is Class 2 devices with a 30-foot range.

You need to confirm the class of your Bluetooth device. Then you should make sure both devices are within the required range.


2. The Headphones Are Not in Pairing Mode

Although the headphones should connect automatically once you pull them out of their charging case, this might not always work. They might also not be in pairing mode if the headphones were already out of their case before you started using them.

You can tell if the headphones are not ready to pair if the LED lights are off. To enable pairing mode, press the power button on both sides of the headphones and hold it until they start flashing blue and white.

This is a sign that they are ready to start pairing. You might also hear a voice assistant announcing that their customer is connecting

Put the headphones back into their case if you still cannot put them in pairing mode. Leave them in for about one minute then take them out again. Wait until they start flashing to know if they are ready.


3. Trouble with System Functioning

Your headphones might not be able to pair with your device because of a problem with their system functioning. There might be too many signals blocking the headphones from connecting.

Try switching the headphones off, wait a few seconds, and turn them on again. Hold the power button until the LED indicator lights start flashing red and blue and redo the pairing process.

System interruption can interfere with the connectivity process and restarting the headphones should be enough to fix it.


4. Your Device’s Bluetooth is Not Ready to Pair

You might have forgotten to confirm that your device is ready to pair. Simply turning Bluetooth on is not enough to start the pairing process. Go to your settings and check if Bluetooth is on.

If it is, check if you can see your headphones on the list of nearby devices. Select the headphones if you can see them and start pairing.

Refresh the search feature or turn Bluetooth off then turn it on again if the headphones still don’t show up. Keep doing this until the headphones pop up and continue with the pairing process.

If the headphones still don’t show up, you might need to restart either or both your device and the headphones. Give them about a minute, turn them on again, and start over.


5. Multiple Devices Are Nearby

Your headphones might have a problem connecting to a device you want to use while other Bluetooth devices are turned on nearby. This will be especially hard if you have paired your headphones with these devices before.

To solve this, turn off any Bluetooth devices that are not in use. This will narrow down the number of devices available, making it easier for your headphones to connect to the correct device.

You should also check to see if there is another device with the same name as your phone or computer. You need to make sure that each device has a unique name to prevent confusing the headphones.

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6. Factory Reset

You might still have trouble pairing your headphones even after following all these steps. If this is the case, it might be time to factory reset the headphones. Doing this will make them “forget” any previous commands.

To do this, press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds. Give it a few seconds then turn the headphones back on. You will now have to restart the pairing process.


Last Words

Those are the easy instructions you can follow that will help you learn how to pair JVC Bluetooth headphones. Follow these instructions step-by-step and you should have your headphones working, allowing you to relax and enjoy your audio.


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