How to Pair JBL Wireless Earbuds – Step by Step Guide

Are you struggling with how to pair JBL earbuds on your device?  This is a common problem, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the crisp and clear audio of the JBL brand.

JBL is one of the leading brands in the audio equipment industry. They are widely lauded by professionals and casual users alike.

Another thing that sets JBL at the top of the audio equipment is its intuitive design. They have a user-friendly interface and an easy pairing process.

Most of the time, JBL wireless earbuds pair smoothly with any Bluetooth device. It’s easily discoverable and can be connected to your TV, laptop, computer, phone, and other devices on the fly.

However, there are instances when pairing will not go as smoothly as expected. Some users may encounter difficulties like failing to find their JBL earbuds on the Bluetooth section or the buds dropping the connection.

Below, we discussed these issues together with other tips that will let you maximize your JBL earbuds. Here, we talked about pairing your earbuds to your iPhone and Android phone as well as how to troubleshoot potential problems.

Read on and see if these steps will work properly on your end.


How to pair JBL wireless earbuds

How to pair JBL

There are universal steps to connect your JBL wireless earbuds to your device. See if these steps will work before you proceed with other specific guides we have below:

Charge your earbuds first. If this is your first time pairing your JBL wireless earbuds, you must ensure that it’s fully charged. This will help prevent any possibility of the earbuds not pairing or not being detected by your Bluetooth device.

Turn it on. Make sure that your earbuds are on before you attempt pairing them on your device of choice. Press and hold the power button and check if it has a blue blinking light. This light indicates that your JBL earbuds are in pairing mode.

Restart if needed. How to put JBL earbuds in pairing mode? If you can’t see a blinking indicator light, try shutting down and then restarting your earbuds. This may help reset your device in case it’s not showing the indicator lights.

Turn your Bluetooth on. Next, you should turn on your device’s Bluetooth. After that, you should see your JBL earbuds on the list of available devices. In some cases, the earbuds will automatically connect to your device of choice.

Choose your JBL earbuds. Once you see your earbuds on the list, tap it and wait until it pairs. After pairing, you can now use your JBL earbuds. It will also remain paired on the device unless you use another audio device or forget the JBL earbuds from the list.

If you can’t find your JBL earbuds from the Bluetooth tray, try restarting both devices. This may help clear up any glitch that prevents the earbuds from being discovered.

Also, make sure that there are no other audio devices around that could interfere with your JBL earbuds while pairing.

Overall, these steps work most of the time. But if you’re looking for a more specific set of instructions, we have added steps below based on the type of device you’re using.

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How to pair JBL earbuds to iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you can pair your JBL earbuds quickly as with any other device. Here are some of the steps you can take:


Step 1. Open Bluetooth settings

First, open your iPhone’s Bluetooth inside ‘Settings’. Turn this on and make sure that you scan for devices. If you have other earbuds connected, make sure that it’s turned off, so it won’t mess with your JBL pairing.


Step 2. Scan for available devices

Next, scan for available devices and wait until your JBL earbuds show up. Make sure that your earbuds are on and have a blinking blue light, which means it’s in pairing mode.

In case your iPhone can’t find your earbuds, you can restart your phone and earbuds altogether. This can help reset the connections and potentially allow smooth pairing afterward.


Step 3. Enter the password

In some cases, your iPhone may ask for a password before it can connect your JBL earbuds. Try inputting ‘0000’ and see if it works. If your iPhone declines access, we recommend checking your JBL user manual to see if there’s a specific password that you need to use.

In some cases, JBL earbuds have unique codes that serve as its password. However, if there are none, we suggest calling JBL customer service. They can help resolve the issue or give you the proper password to pair your earbuds with your iPhone.


Step 4. Enjoy listening!

After that, your JBL earbuds should pair properly with your iPhone. Try listening to the earbuds and see if you’ll encounter problems like dropping connections or choppy sounds. If any of these two occurs, just pair the earbuds again or update your iPhone’s firmware.

Most of the time, these steps work across iPhone versions, but if you have a very old model, compatibility might be an issue. Knowing how to pair JBL wireless earbuds to iPhone doesn’t have to be a big challenge.


How to pair JBL earbuds to Android

JBL earbuds to Android

For Android users, pairing JBL earbuds only takes a few steps. If you’ve used other audio devices before, the steps are the same with the JBL unit.

Here’s how you should do it:


Step 1. Activate the earbuds

First, take the right JBL earbud out of the case and press and hold the button to turn it off. After that, turn the earbuds on to engage Bluetooth mode. Some JBL earbuds will have a dedicated Bluetooth button, so you no longer have to restart it to achieve pairing mode.


Step 2. Open your Bluetooth settings

After that, go to your Android device’s Bluetooth settings. Turn it on by tapping the toggle button. As with iPhone pairing, we recommend turning off other audio devices that could interfere with the JBL earbuds’ connection.


Step 3. Search for your JBL earbuds

Next, scan for available devices and wait until your JBL earbuds show up. If it’s not showing up on your ‘Available Devices’ list, restart your Android device or the earbuds to reset the connection.

Once your earbuds show up on the list, tap it, and wait for them to pair. For Android devices, the pairing doesn’t require a password, though it doesn’t hurt to check your user manual in case a password query pops up on the screen.


Step 4. Happy listening!

After pairing, you can start using your JBL earbuds on your Android device. This will remain paired unless you ‘forget’ it or do not use the earbuds for long periods.

All JBL earbuds will connect to both Android and iOS devices. The process is also similar for both smartphones and tablets with these operating systems.

In case you encounter errors during pairing, the section below can help resolve them. But if any of these steps don’t work, the best solution is to call the JBL customer care hotline for proper guidance on how to troubleshoot your earbuds.


JBL earbuds won’t pair!

JBL earbuds won’t pair

Are your JBL earbuds not pairing to any device? Here are a few possible scenarios and solutions that could work:


Your JBL earbuds are low in power.

The most common reason why JBL earbuds won’t pair is the low battery level. Most units will have a red blinking light to signify that the earbuds are already low in power.

The easy fix here is to charge your JBL earbuds first. Make sure that it’s full before trying to pair again. If this step didn’t work, the next point might be the problem.


Your JBL earbuds are not in Bluetooth mode.

If your JBL earbuds aren’t in pairing mode, they will not be discovered by your device. To activate the Bluetooth mode, press the ‘Bluetooth’ button on the earbuds.

If your JBL earbuds don’t have this button, simply restart it to activate the pairing mode. Your earbuds will be in pairing mode once the blue indicator light is blinking.


Your JBL is still connected to a different device.

You should also check whether your JBL earbuds are currently being used or connected to another device.

If this is the case, you need to ‘unpair’ or ‘forget’ your JBL earbuds on that device, so you can pair them with a different one. It will also help to restart the earbuds after unpairing to reset their connection.


Your device is connected to another audio device.

Sometimes, the problem is not on your earbuds, but the device you’re trying to pair it with. Make sure that there are no speakers, headphones, or earbuds currently active on your phone, laptop, or TV. This way, your JBL earbuds can actually pair and connect seamlessly.


Your phone has an outdated operating system.

Lastly, you should check if your device’s operating system is compatible with the minimum requirements of the JBL earbuds. This is a common problem in iOS devices since Apple is pretty tricky when it comes to updates and compatibility issues.

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How to pair JBL earbuds to a laptop

JBL earbuds to a laptop

Pairing your JBL earbuds to your laptop has a similar process to that of mobile phones. Below, we discussed the individual steps on how to do this on Windows and Mac OS.


Pairing JBL earbuds on a Windows laptop

Step 1. Turn on your earbuds. Press the power button for five seconds until you see the blue indicator light blinking. You can also restart your earbuds if you can’t see the indicator light working.

Step 2. Activate Bluetooth settings. On your Windows laptop, go to ‘Devices’ then click ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices’ Once the window opens, enable the Bluetooth feature and then click the “+” symbol at the top. After that, select ‘Bluetooth’.

Step 3. Scan for your earbuds. Once your laptop Bluetooth is on, the next step is to scan for your JBL earbuds. This should show up on the list the same way when pairing it with a smartphone.

Once your earbuds pop on the list, click it then wait for it to pair properly. This should pair your JBL earbuds on your Windows laptop, which you can use from now on.


Pairing JBL earbuds on Macbook

Step 1. Open your Bluetooth settings. On your Macbook, click the Apple icon at the top left corner. After that, select ‘System Preferences’ and then go to ‘Bluetooth’.

Step 2. Activate Bluetooth. Next, you will see a new tab where you need to enable the Bluetooth feature of your Macbook. Look for the ‘Show Bluetooth in the menu bar’ then click it.

Step 3. Turn on your earbuds. Get your earbuds from the case then activate the Bluetooth mode. Wait for it to appear on your Macbook’s Bluetooth menu then select it.


Last Words

Knowing how to pair JBL earbuds across devices is easy with the right steps. Wireless earbuds have been a trend in the past years and it’s gotten more and more intuitive to use. But if you’re encountering issues with your earbuds, we hope that the steps we discussed above could help.

Overall, the steps above also work for basically any audio device you want to connect to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or computer. But if these steps don’t work, it’s best to contact JBL’s customer hotline for a more specific guide.


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