5 Best Ways To Find Your Lost Earbud

Imagine this: you’re going out and need your earbuds to listen to music but you notice it is not there. This is enough to make anyone panic, but fear not; I am here to help you with tips on how to find a lost earbud.

These tips will help ease your panic and ensure you will not completely lose your earbuds again. Earbuds are so tiny that without proper storage, they can easily disappear.

I am not judging; we have all been there. I once panicked for over an hour because I couldn’t find mine and went into a searching frenzy until I did. I am here to make sure you don’t go through this scary scenario that I did.

There are multiple ways to find them depending on the brand you use, and we will cover all of them. So, strap in and let us learn how to find a lost earbud.


5 Best Ways to Find Your Lost Earbud

Below are 5 of the best methods you can use to find a lost earbud:


1. Using the Find My App

Using the Find My App

This is one of the easiest methods to locate them, and it is the first tip on how to find a lost earbud. You can use the Find My app on iPhones to track phones and tablets and, when used correctly, your earbuds.

You can find this option by going to:

  • Settings
  • Selecting your name from the top of the screen
  • Choosing Find My
  • Switch to Find my iPhone and turn it on

Doing this will connect your AirPods and your Apple Watch. This is more of a preventative measure, so you need to have connected your devices to the app before losing them.

From here, you can activate the AirPods. Connect to your Bluetooth, and if they are within range, you can see where they are on your map.

You can tap Play Sound to find their exact location. You can use this for both earbuds, and you have the option to switch to just one if you still have not located it.

Your earbuds will also need to be charged for this to work. You can also check their last known location on the map if they are dead and start your search from there.

This only works if the earbuds are out of the casing; the chances are lower if you lost them while still in their case.

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2. Using a Bluetooth Scanner App

Using a Bluetooth Scanner App

This is a nifty method that works with both Android and iOS devices. The method only works if your devices are paired, and they had some battery life before you lost them.

The Bluetooth Scanner app is a useful and versatile tool that can help you when you lose your earbud. It can help you locate your lost item almost to the exact location if it is on.

You must ensure your Bluetooth is active so your phone can pick up the signal. This works with any device that is within your range.

For Android devices, you can confirm if Bluetooth is connected by going to your Settings. If the icon is blue, it is on, but if it is gray, it is off. You can easily turn it back on by tapping on the icon. This step is similar for iPhones and should not be a problem.

Once Bluetooth is on, find your earbuds and pair them. If they are within the same area, they will connect. Download the Bluetooth Scanner app and use it to start scanning.

It will work similarly to the Find My option and show you the location of your earbuds. Keep navigating in the location you were last in if you can’t find it, and it will reconnect when you get within its range.


3. Using iCloud

One of the best parts of having ICloud is the ability to connect all your devices to it. Using iCloud is the next tip on our list of how to find a lost earbud and is a great option if you don’t have your iOS device with you.

To find this, you will have to use your Apple ID to sign in to the iCloud server. You can do this on your laptop or someone else’s phone but make sure your information is private and delete the history once you are done.

From there, choose Find iPhone on the menu. Select All Devices to find all the devices connected to your iPhone account. You may need to sign in again to access it. Choose your AirPods from the dropdown menu.

You can see your AirPods location on the map after that if they are on. Navigate using the map until you get to where they are. If they are off, the map will show you their last known location, and you can start your search there.

Using this option is great if you have already signed in using your Apple ID on all your devices. This is why it is important to set up your devices and link them to iCloud before you start using them.


4. Using Bluetooth

This method is similar to using the Bluetooth Scanner apps, although it might be less efficient. It is a Hail Mary method you can use if you lost your earbuds in a small space, for example, inside the house.

The method’s efficiency can also change depending on your devices’ range; a wider range gives you better chances. It also works for any smart device as long as it is within its case. To use this, your phone and earbuds should be connected, so check for that.

If there is a problem with the connection, try restarting your phone or whatever device you are using to kickstart Bluetooth. Once it is back on, reconnect Bluetooth and pair it with your earbuds.

Your device should show up under Paired Devices, and you can tap on it to connect them. The earbuds will connect if Bluetooth is on for both devices.

You can then play music to navigate to the area the sound comes from. Louder music or sounds are better as they are easier to locate.

If the devices don’t connect or pair, they might be out of range, so try the old method of looking where you last saw them and use the above method to find them once connected.


5. Using Third-Party Apps

If all else fails, you can always download third-party apps from Google Play to help you find a lost earbud. There are many apps designed for just that, with some curated for Android devices and others more suited for iOS devices.

One of the best apps you can use for Android devices is Wunderfind. It is a free app that is simple to use. It has a distance score feature that can help you find your earbuds on Android or Bluetooth devices.

Like most of these apps, it largely relies on Bluetooth, so you need to ensure that your devices are linked. Wunderfind’s distance score feature shows the distance between your devices and your phone.

Having a lower number means your earbuds are further from you, while a higher number means they are close by. You can use this distance estimation to move around until you find where your earbuds are.

Sadly, all these options work if your earbuds are out of their case. The chances of finding them if you lost them while still in their case are minimal, and you might need to buy new ones.

Those using AirPods Max have a better chance of finding them if lost when in their case. You can use your iPhone to locate them if you lost them in the last 18 hours.

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The following tips on how to find a lost earbud are the handiest when it comes to locating your devices. They also show the importance of connecting all your devices when you still have them to make it easier for yourself should they get lost.

I hope you use them and find your earbuds otherwise you will have to buy a new pair.


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