21 Empowering Songs About Not Fitting In

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in? No matter the crowd, you feel that you don’t belong. The truth is, you’re not alone, as these songs about not fitting in will tell you relatable stories to empower you.

Turning to music during such hard times when you are lonely can be a powerful source of solace. The struggle of not fitting in is more common than you would imagine, affecting both the young and older generations.

It can result from the feeling of alienation while at school or from colleagues at work. Sometimes, you might be surrounded by friends and family but feel like nobody understands you.

Below are some of the best songs discussing the theme of not fitting in.


21 Songs About Not Fitting In

Whether you are an adult or a teenager trying to understand the world and trying to forge your path, these songs will empower you and make you feel understood and seen.


1. Anywhere Away From Here – Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk

YouTube video

To start off the compilation, it is a duet from some of the most powerful voices in the music industry. The lyrics describe the honest feeling of needing to disappear because of the feeling of not belonging.

The track is the second single from Rag’n’Bone Man’s second studio album, “Life by Misadventure,” released in 2021.

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2. Everybody Hates Me – The Chainsmokers

YouTube video

Everybody Hates Me focuses on the ironic state where a beloved celebrity feels they don’t belong despite their massive popularity.

It goes on to describe how Taggart really feels, and at the end of the day, despite having fans and constantly socializing with them, he feels alone.

The song’s hyped-up EDM beats and upbeat tempo give it a cool appeal.


3. A Place For Us – Fitz and the Tantrums

YouTube video

A Place For Us is about the fundamental desire to fit in and connect with others. The track is empowering as it shows that music can be this place where misfits and those who feel they don’t belong can finally fit in.

The lyrics of the indie pop and neo-soul tracks are dedicated to all trying to find themselves and their place in this world.


4. Black Man In A White World – Michael Kiwanuka

YouTube video

In an interview about the song, Michael Kiwanuka’s lead single on his Love and Hate album released in 2016, he stated that the song is not about racism but about trying to figure out his identity in a place where he is part of the minority.

The lyrics encompass his feeling of isolation which the composer came to embrace. It’s also the story of an immigrant trying to fit in abroad.


5. Creep – Radiohead

YouTube video

Radiohead’s song “Creep” is one of the most popular songs about not fitting in. The lyrics describe the composer’s feelings when he tries to reach out to his love interest.

It highlights the world-shuttering feeling of being unwanted and ignored by those who we love. The timeless classic has one of the best artistic harmonies that flickers between indie rock verses and a melodic chorus.


6. On My Own – Tessa Violet

YouTube video

Tessa Violets, in this song, embraces how she does not fit in as she prefers her own company over the idea of keeping up with others. The anthem is the perfect track who has given up on the idea of trying to belong with their peers.

The lyrics hide the sad truth of feeling hopeless in a somehow distant society. Her chorus shows her confidence in enjoying self-inflicted loneliness, a feeling only a few have.


7. Never Fit In – Noble Poet

YouTube video

The lyrics of this rap song are a look back in time on a childhood full of abuse and neglect that made the artist feel useless to both his peers and family.

The intense lyrics accompany an equally intense music video with traumatic triggers due to the depiction of abuse. Despite all the horror, the artist, Noble Poet, gives a voice to the victims who don’t fit in by being their voice of empowerment.


8. Don’t Belong – Cold

YouTube video

The metal track blends in some electronic elements within its lush distortions, enabling the song to craft a dynamic backdrop for the story of not belonging.

It also has a unique sentiment of shame and insignificance that is repeated throughout the lyrics.

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9. I Don’t Care – Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

YouTube video

Upon the song’s release, it attracted a lot of attention as it’s made from two of the most followed pop stars of this generation, making it one of the most popular songs about not fitting in. It has so far managed to gain over 560 million views.

The lyrics introduce us to introverts who are struggling with social anxiety and seem not to fit into any social events. Rather than focusing on relief of anxiety, they accept that they do not belong and the only thing they need is each other.


10. Bring It On Down – Oasis

YouTube video

The song’s lyrics are about an uninvited guest who nobody likes, but everyone knows, and he keeps turning to parties. The song is from Oasis’s Definitely Maybe album, touching on the theme of not belonging.

The song mostly tries to show the feelings of someone who is lost, angry, and a social outcast. The drumming on the track is quite unreal, with its guitar shredding being out of the world.


11. Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

YouTube video

Dancing With Myself is a punk hit from the 1980s that marks yet another song about not fitting in. Its lyrics focus on discovering and finding the unmatchable strength in our own personal uniqueness.

While feeling disconnected from those around us, the song gives off the courage to let go and take center stage on the dance floor.


12. Brave – Sara Bareilles

YouTube video

Sara Bareilles introduces another empowering song about being happy with yourself even if you do not fit in. The composer directly addresses society’s outcasts and encourages them to be brave.

The song progresses with her telling us to be brave, be who we want and have the courage to stand up, especially in what we believe in.


13. Stand Out Fit In – ONE OH ROCK

YouTube video

Japan is faced with a crisis known as Hikikomori, where the youth suffer from severe social withdrawal due to their feeling of not belonging. For this reason, there are countless songs about not fitting in written to document this phenomenon.

This song narrates a story of a child who struggles to fit in and society’s hypocrisy that demands him to do so.


14. Liability – Lorde

YouTube video

Lorde’s song is inspired by sitting alone in her living room, working out how to be her own best friend. She laments how she doesn’t fit in and eventually ends up getting used by the people close to her.

The lyrics remind us that cultivating and nourishing relationships with ourselves is important.


15. Broken – Lovelytheband

YouTube video

The indie song tells us that it is okay to be different and not fit in. The song also shows us that there is nothing wrong with it; you might see someone similar to you and connect with them.

The lyrics focus on the themes of romantic relationships and people who struggle to connect.

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16. Smash – The Offspring

YouTube video

The song’s lyrics are about not conforming to popular ideas. It is about thinking for yourself and being true to yourself. This theme is seen when the singer realizes he is sick of trying to fit in, as it does not bring any joy to him.


17. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

YouTube video

With over 300 million views on YouTube, Born This Way is one of Lady Gaga’s most popular songs from her album with the same title. Out of all the songs about fitting in in this playlist, it has one of the longest intros, with 3 minutes dedicated to her monologue.

The song is about realizing that you don’t fit in, but instead of that putting you down, it empowers you to embrace yourself as you are. The memorable lyrics remind us to always love ourselves and not care about society’s standards.


18. Bud Like You – AJR

YouTube video

Bud Like You focuses on the irony of being at parties and not enjoying yourself because you don’t fit in. The song tells the story of two friends who are awkward at a party and find it boring as it is not their kind of thing.

The intense electric bass that drops during the chorus gives the song the typical AJR aesthetic.


19. I Don’t Belong In This Club – Why Don’t We & Macklemore

YouTube video

This antiparty anthem has themes of not fitting in on it. The song follows a group of young men who spend quite a long time in line to get into the coolest club in the town.

After getting in, they come to the realization that they don’t fit in and don’t enjoy partying there.


20. Lost Boy – Ruth B

YouTube video

Lost Boy celebrates the outsider spirit that is highlighted in Peter Pan. It describes someone who feels they are not fitting in with their family, and they wish to escape reality and join Peter Pan.


21. Beautiful People – Ed Sheeran & Khalid

YouTube video

The last song in this is a very empowering piece for anyone who feels like they don’t fit in with the crowd.  This song encourages the listeners to be true to themselves and not pretend to like they fit in.


Last Words

Not fitting in is a tough experience, as a sense of belonging is one of our basic needs. Since, at some point, we go through periods of feeling lonely despite being surrounded by many people, it’s best to use music to heal.

I found listening to songs about not fitting in the best way to empower myself and be able to live the life I envision. Perhaps this list will do the same for you.


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