Emotional Serenade: Cole Swindell’s ‘Heads Up Heaven’ Pays Tribute to His Mom’s Memory

In a poignant tribute to his late mother, Betty Carol Rainey, Cole Swindell showcased his heartfelt connection with her through music. This moving tribute unfolded during his Twelve Tour stop in Rome, Georgia on November 4. With a soul-stirring performance of an unreleased song, “Heads Up Heaven,” Swindell painted a musical portrait of his mother’s journey to the afterlife.

Crafted in collaboration with songwriters Chase McGill and Bobby Pinson, “Heads Up Heaven” serves as a touching message to the celestial realm, offering a glimpse of what awaits when Swindell’s mom arrives. The song concludes with the touching line, “She’s always wanted to meet you face to face. Heads up heaven, there’s a good one headed your way.”

A Heartfelt Melody: ‘Heads Up Heaven’ – Swindell’s Emotional Tribute to His Late Mother

This isn’t the first time Swindell shared this emotional ballad with his audience. He initially debuted the song at the iconic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville during his Back Down To The Bar Tour in November 2022.

Before his performance, he reflected on the deep emotions tied to the song, acknowledging the universal experience of loss. “I played this literally a year ago at the Ryman for the first time,” he shared, “I don’t know how I got through it then, either.”


#twelvetour @coleswindell Touching moment at the show, listening to Heads Up Heaven being performed on the last night of the tour. It was an honor to hear it live ❤️🥺

♬ original sound – Glo

Remembering Betty Carol Rainey: Swindell’s Mother’s Journey in 2021

Swindell lost his mother in 2021, a heart-wrenching moment he shared with his fans via social media on September 13, 2021. Alongside a photo taken from the window of a plane on his way back to Georgia, he wrote, “Lost my sweet Mom today. I know she’s up there. Gonna miss her so much. Love y’all.”

During that challenging period, Swindell was touring with Thomas Rhett on the Center Point Road tour. Despite the immense grief, he returned to the stage merely a week later. In a touching tribute during a Massachusetts show, he performed his song “You Should Be Here,” a poignant reminder of his late father.

Live Acts of Love: Swindell’s Touching Tributes to His Late Mom

Addressing the audience, Swindell explained his decision to continue performing instead of taking a break as suggested by Rhett. “I’m not the only one who’s ever lost someone I love,” he said, his voice filled with emotion.

“I think we all have someone we wish was here tonight, and I will always have a special connection with all of you in this whole area because I will never forget the day sitting in the parking lot at Gillette Stadium writing this song right here.”

Swindell’s mother played a vital role in his life, always providing unwavering support and grounding him in moments of stress. In a 2019 interview with PopCulture.com, he fondly remembered her as the one who kept him humble and reminded him of his remarkable journey in the music industry.

“She’s the one that keeps me humble,” he said, “It takes someone like her to put it all in perspective.”

Through his music and heartfelt tributes, Cole Swindell continues to cherish the memory of his beloved mother, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans while honoring the enduring bond they shared.

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