Decade in Music City: Chris Lane Spills on His Next Big Moves in Nashville!

Chris Lane recently celebrated a momentous 10 years in Nashville, a milestone he shared in a candid YouTube video. The country music stalwart, known for his debut single “Broken Windshield View” in 2014, has carved a successful path with three albums and numerous chart-toppers, including three No. 1 hits on country radio.

His journey took an exciting turn in 2023 when he signed with Red Street Records, embarking on a fresh chapter in his illustrious career.

The Upcoming Adventures of Chris Lane: What Lies Ahead?

In the spotlight for a decade, Lane shared insights into his evolving journey in a recent video. Reflecting on his tenure, particularly his six to seven years under Big Loud Records, Lane recounted his growth from radio hits to headlining major tours.

2023 marked a significant transition as he partnered with Jay DeMarcus’s Red Street Records, coupled with his own Voyager Records. The collaboration bore fruit with the EP “From Where I’m Sippin'” released in October.

“It’s been 10 incredible years, six to seven of those with the record deal and songs on the radio, number ones, a part of massive tours all over this country,” Lane reflected of his journey in Music City, adding that the past year has given him the opportunity to “take all the success that I’ve already had in this town” and start Voyager Records and partner with Red Street.

This new venture represents a leap towards more creative freedom and ownership, a “dream partnership” that Lane cherishes.

“I think every artist in this town wants more ownership and freedom over the songs that they write, over the songs that they record, and I’m so thankful that Red Street’s allowed me to have that freedom and given me the partnership to do so. It’s been a dream come true.”

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From EP to Stardom: Chris Lane’s Journey After Signing the Big Deal

Lane’s current focus is on crafting new music. This phase marks a shift in his creative process, prioritizing songwriting and taking a step back from touring. He expressed excitement over the new tracks he’s been working on, promising to retain the essence of the sound his fans adore while bringing fresh elements to the table. 

“So now I’ve reached this point in my career where I could take a step back from the road and not tour so much, focus on songwriting,” he continued. “I’m so proud of the songs that I’ve been writing and cannot wait to share these songs with the world.”

Notable upcoming songs include “Mistake” and “Betcha,” both from his recent EP, which he believes resonate with his established style.

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Family Tunes: How Lauren, Dutton, and Baker Shape Chris Lane’s Music

The artist’s personal life, particularly his wife Lauren and their sons Dutton and Baker, profoundly influences his music. Lane acknowledges the liberty he now has in choosing themes for his songs, a freedom that allows him to delve into the realms of his personal life for inspiration.

He eagerly anticipates sharing more of his work, hoping his songs will connect with listeners and evoke emotions akin to the impact of Kenny Chesney’s music on him.

“I’m so thankful I have the freedom to write about whatever I want to write about and record the songs that I want to record,” he said. “And I know I’ve said this a million times, I’m so proud of every single song on this EP, and I have so many more to come after this.”

Chris Lane’s Melodic Future: New Tunes Coming Soon!

As Chris Lane continues to evolve and produce new music, fans can stay updated on his journey through his Instagram and official website. With new music on the horizon, Lane’s story is one of constant growth, creativity, and connection, promising more heartfelt tunes for his audience to cherish.

“I’m praying that these songs that I’ve written, that when people hear ’em, they relate to ’em,” he said. “I hope it takes ’em to a specific place or somebody. [I] mean, just like Kenny Chesney songs do for me, I hope my songs do for other people [and] I think that’s what we all want as artists and songwriters.”



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