21 Best Contralto Songs for Practicing

Contralto vocal range is very rare, and I have found that very few artists can master it when performing. Though the vocal range might seem complex, this does not mean it will be impossible for you to sing your favorite contralto songs as you practice to master the vocal range.

With the proper dedication and the right collection of songs, the dream you have to attain the desired vocal type as a musician is possible. If you are an artist and want to perfect your vocals, then it’s essential to listen to songs of an artist with desired vocal range.

I found the contralto voice to be warm and soothing, and it is my joy to share the music I found inspiring while practicing to master the skill. I hope this song compilation helps you practice your voice type, and at the end of the list, you might surprise yourself with your progress.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Un-break My Heart Toni Braxton Learn More
2 Sweet Love Anita Baker Learn More
3 Better Than A Hallelujah Amy Grant Learn More
4 Beautiful, Beautiful Francesca Battistelli Learn More
5 Give Me One Reason Tracy Chapman Learn More
6 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Madonna Learn More
7 Chandelier (Piano Version) Sia Learn More
8 When I look At You Miley Cyrus Learn More
9 You Raise Me Up Celtic Woman Learn More
10 Ave Maria Beyoncé Learn More
11 Strange Patsy Cline Learn More
12 La La Land Demi Lovato Learn More
13 Dark Horse Katy Perry & Juicy J Learn More
14 Why Annie Lennox Learn More
15 Umbrella Rihanna & Jay-Z Learn More
16 God Bless America Celine Dion Learn More
17 Wide Awake Katy Perry Learn More
18 Battlefield Jordin Sparks Learn More
19 Rehab Amy Winehouse Learn More
20 Let It Go Lara Loft Learn More
21 My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion Learn More


21 Best Contralto Songs for Practicing

Contralto’s voice range pays tribute to the classical and operatic types of singing. The vocal range has been adapted into many genres creating some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Below are songs you can practice contralto with.


1. Un-break My Heart – Toni Braxton

YouTube video

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular contralto songs of all time. You probably decided to practice your vocal range after hearing this song.

Toni Braxton’s voice is exceptional and you can use her voice as the baseline for practicing contralto if you want to master it. The song is viral and has gained over 662 million YouTube views.

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2. Sweet Love – Anita Baker

YouTube video

Classic 80’s songs don’t get any better than this. Anita Baker shows prowess in one of the most popular contralto songs known as sweet love.

This is an excellent song to practice if you are also madly in love with jazz and pop. With the song, you can train your whole vocal range and be ready to accept the challenge.


3. Better Than A Hallelujah – Amy Grant

YouTube video

She started her music journey by singing at her local church. Amy Grant perfected her voice before becoming a famous mainstream artist.

“Better than Hallelujah” is a message of response to the critics who kept calling her out for backsliding from her Christian faith. She responds to them all that God loves all and, despite her shortcomings, still looks upon him as her refuge.


4. Beautiful, Beautiful – Francesca Battistelli

YouTube video

The song is beautiful as the title. This song by Francesca is religiously humbling and can help you attain the vocal tone you seek.

This song is about God’s grace in our lives, despite the challenges that we may be facing. The lyrics to the songs are simple to sing along to, and after a couple of tries, I believe you will be amazed by your progress.


5. Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman

YouTube video

The music of Tracy Chapman is underrated as not many people in modern times know who she is. Her contralto voice is out of this world and is more fun for you to practice with if you know how to play musical instruments. After singing this masterpiece for few times, you will not stop humming it.


6. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Madonna

YouTube video

Don’t cry for me Argentina is one of the most popular contralto songs in the musical film Evita. Madonna plays a character who becomes an actress and later the president’s wife.

In the musical, you will see the various musical scores that show the exceptional voice of Madonna while passing on a message through the storyline, playing a character who despite being in poverty, was able to make it in life


7. Chandelier (Piano Version) – Sia

YouTube video

After the massive success of her original song, Sia created a piano version where she channels her contralto voice. This is a clear indication that you can be able to sing with a variety of vocal tones.

I believe this piano and acoustic rendition she created is more powerful than the original version. This version clearly shows the message she intended to convey about letting go of your sorrows and enjoying life like there’s no tomorrow


8. When I look At You – Miley Cyrus

YouTube video

Miley has journeyed to become one of the most popular global icons. The song is one of the most successful pieces she released when entering the music scene.

This is a romantic song talking about a strong connection that two people can have. The song was written by popular songwriters John Shanks and Hilary Lindsay.

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9. You Raise Me Up – Celtic Woman

YouTube video

One of the most popular and common noticeable things from contralto songs is that many are religious. This beautiful version of the famous spiritual hymn by Celtic Woman conveys a message of strength and power that one can get by having faith.

It is a lovely song that can help you practice your voice and deal with challenging moments that you might have in your life.


10. Ave Maria – Beyoncé

YouTube video

Beyoncé is considered the queen when it comes to music. This song is a testament to her vocal skills. The song was rewritten from the original version by Franz Schubert.

I believe the rewritten version of Beyoncé conveys a message about faith and love. It also shows how someone can get saved by someone’s love, when you least expect it.


11. Strange – Patsy Cline

YouTube video

You must learn about Patsy Cline’s records when seeking contralto songs that fit into the old-school brackets. The iconic music from the singer is deep and powerful, and you will feel the emotion in her voice when listening to the song.

You cannot go wrong training with any of her songs, as they can help you perfect your vocal skills.


12. La La Land – Demi Lovato

YouTube video

Demi Lovato rose to popularity as a Disney child star and has continued to put her career ahead by releasing great music into her adulthood. The song La la land was written by The Jonas Brothers and has played a significant role in making Demi’s career.


13. Dark Horse – Katy Perry & Juicy J

YouTube video

The piece symbolizes the artist’s love to be as addicting as a drug. The lyrics to this song are witchy and dark, similar to the music’s visual effects. Though the theme is dark, the artist’s vocals will amaze you as she reaches notes that seem hard effortlessly to convey her message.


14. Why – Annie Lennox

YouTube video

This is one of the greatest contralto songs for beginners. The vocal range from the song is relatively small, making it easier if you are training for the first time.

Reviewing music from Annie Lenox can be your private lessons for your vocals while you seek to perfect your sound.


15. Umbrella – Rihanna & Jay-Z

YouTube video

Whether or not you are a fan of the artist, you have probably heard this song. I believe the song never gets old, not due to the meaning of the song lyrics alone but because of the fresh sound that Rihanna brought to the music industry.

The contralto song has a catchy hook and chorus that is easy to sing along to. You can easily use the chorus alone as part of your training routine for your vocals.

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16. God Bless America – Celine Dion

YouTube video

The softness of Celine’s voice at the beginning of the song prepares you for the vocals she will drop as the song continues.

This song shows patriotism and has been popular in America, especially during Memorial Day, when there is a significant increase in streams and downloads.


17. Wide Awake – Katy Perry

YouTube video

It has been a decade since the song was released. Over the last ten years, the song has gained nearly a billion views on YouTube.

The type of contralto songs like this by Katy Perry made her rise to stardom. This song reminds me of how fragile I was and the journey of self-love and healing that made me the person I am today.


18. Battlefield – Jordin Sparks

YouTube video

If you are a fan of 2000s songs, the nostalgia you will get from listening and using to practice your contralto vocal range can overwhelm you.

The song is about constantly having fights in your relationship. The problem is that both partners are too stubborn to swallow their pride. It’s a relatable song for many of us.


19. Rehab – Amy Winehouse

YouTube video

Amy Winehouse got into the world map because of this song. The song Rehab was one of the most popular songs written by the artist, gaining over 300 million views on YouTube.

The piece sheds light on the composer’s substance abuse issue. Though she departed so soon because of the detriment she wrote a song about, she left us with some of the best contralto songs ever written.


20. Let It Go – Lara Loft

YouTube video

Let it go is a popular Disney song from the Disney animation “Frozen”. Demi Lovato sang it. Various song covers have been sung in different languages, and none beats the German version by Lara Loft.

Though you might not understand German easily, the song’s tune is similar to the original version and can be a great experience to practice while mastering a new language.


21. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

YouTube video

There is no better song written for a movie that matches this one. The song by Celine Dion was the perfect masterpiece that summarizes the love and the brief love journey that Jack and Rose had while aboard the Titanic.

The artist’s vocal range is out of this world, and it’s no surprise that the song was recorded in one take.


Final Words

I am often asked what my secret is to attain a deep, naturally rich, and powerful vocal tone. The answer is simple, and there is no secret formula at all. Having the dedication to practice daily, whatever vocal range might seem impossible to attain will be within your reach.

Having a collection of contralto songs to sing along to can be the best first step toward achieving your goal. Though contralto voice might seem impossible to attain, finding inspiration from famous artists and their music can help you master the skill.

I promise you’ll be amazing those close to you with an angelic voice in no time if you consider the above contralto records.


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