Top 21 Chinese Songs About Love and Romance

Love is an emotion that we all feel, and it crosses all boundaries, such as language, race, and more. That is why there are a lot of Chinese songs about love that we can all relate to.

We need more love in the world as it would make things easier for everyone, which is what these songs remind us of.

Whether you are waiting for love, are in love, or have lost the person you love, we can all agree that love is beautiful.

We all want our happily ever after, and while waiting for it, entertain yourself with these Chinese songs about love. Get ready to feel raw and deep emotions while listening to these songs.


Chinese Songs About Love and Romance

Here are some of the best Chinese songs about love that will have you believing in love:


1. Thanks For Your Love – R-chord

YouTube video

Love comes and sweeps you off your feet, and you have one of the best times of your life. At the same time, love has a lot that you and your partner need to work through, and it can sometimes be hard.

R-chord used this song as a chance to tell his girlfriend thanks for her love. He acknowledges her undying love and support over the years. This touching song will have you bursting with tears.


2. Marry Me Today – David Tao & Jolin Tsai

YouTube video

This song just screams love song from the sweet and mellow beats to the touching lyrics. The singers talk of the beauty of love, from flowers blooming to understanding other love songs and not wanting to leave each other’s sides.

They want to be together all the time, even wanting to get married today because, to them, tomorrow seems so far away.


3. Secret Place – Bell & Inhibitor

YouTube video

The person you love can feel like a safe haven where you can take shelter. They are your home and make you feel safe and protected.

“Secret Place” refers to this person as a place where they go to feel just this. The song will have you in your feels, wishing you were in your secret place.

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4. Special Person – Khalil Fong

YouTube video

It takes a special person to make you not just fall in love with them but stay in love with them as well. In his piece, Fong sings to this special person showing her how much he loves her.

He also acknowledges that things can get hard, saying that there will be heartache and happiness, but you need to be tolerant to understand.

Although it can be hard, finding that special person will make the bad times worth it as long as you get to the good times together. Khalil Fong’s soothing vocals will have you swaying and missing your special person.


5. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Harlem Yu

YouTube video

You will forever remember the first time you met the person you love. These are memories you will have even as you grow older. In this song, the singer is afraid of letting his emotions show and cannot wait until he feels free enough to show his love.

Even though he is scared, he still cannot help falling in love with her. He is not ready to fall in love yet, but he is sure that the time will come when he is, their paths will cross again, and maybe he will be ready to let himself love.


6. Another Heaven – Wang Leehom & Jane Zhang

YouTube video

We often use heaven as the embodiment of all things good. In heaven, things are perfect, and people are happy. If we are lucky, we can get to meet a person who completes us and who makes us feel loved, happy, and safe.

This collaboration between Wang Leehom and Jane Zhang talks of finding someone that makes you feel like you are in another heaven, something many of us look forward to.


7. Unbreakable Love – Eric Chou

YouTube video

Breakups are heartbreaking and can tear you apart. The singer understands this and sings to his ex, begging her to come back.

They drifted apart, but now he wants her back. He calls her the unbreakable love of his life. He wants her to come back because his life just isn’t the same without her in it.

Even though they are miles apart, their unbreakable love is still strong and he wants to know if she feels the same too. This is all written as a love letter, making it even more touching.


8. Beautiful Love – Tanya Chua

YouTube video

Love is beautiful. These simple lyrics make Tanya Chua’s piece one of the best Chinese songs about love. The emotions shown in this song show how love can hold us through the worst of times.

Her love came into her life and turned it around completely, showing her just how beautiful love can really be.


9. You Exist in My Song – Wanting

YouTube video

You never forget your strongest love. Circumstances may have separated you, and you are not together anymore, but the feelings are still there.

You don’t know how they are doing wherever they are, but they always live in your memories. The writer reminisces about the time they met out of nowhere and the excitement of the love.

Now, their love exists in her heart, her dreams, her memories, and in her songs. This is the perfect song to play when you miss that one person and you are not close to them.


10. Growing Fond of You – Karen Mok

YouTube video

Love doesn’t always come as this wave of emotions. The famous love at first sight does not always happen to everyone. You might meet someone and not feel anything for them in the beginning.

However, as time passes, you start noticing that you are growing fonder of them. It eventually blooms into a love so beautiful and so strong that you never expected it. “Growing Fond of You” talks of such a relationship, where the love gradually grows.

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11. A Love Song For You – Jam Hsiao

YouTube video

Don’t we all wish that someone would write a love song for us, detailing how we fell in love and how the love grew? Jam Hsiao gives us this through this song, making us feel loved as we watch his love story.

He talks of how he learned many things through that love, such as precious secrets. He tells the woman he is singing to that he loves her through space and time.


12. Those Bygone Years – Xia Hu

YouTube video

Most people have the person that got away from them. Not all Chinese songs about love have a happy ending where everyone ends up together.

This song was written for a movie based on a real-life story. It shows that sometimes despite all the love you shared and still have for each other, you will not necessarily end up together.

It is a heart-wrenching and heartwarming song that shows that love does not always have to end in a happily ever after for it to be beautiful.


13. Traveling With You – Xiao Zhang

YouTube video

This is a perfect song for couples who love traveling. You want to go everywhere and experience everything with the person you love.

You want to spend your life together, and traveling is one of the ways you do this. It is a great song to accompany your videos of your various travels. It is also a beautiful way to document your love.


14. The Most Romantic Thing – Cyndi Chaw

YouTube video

Spending the rest of your life with the person you love is a precious thing that most people don’t get to experience. Cyndi Chaw says that the most romantic thing she can think of is to grow old with the person she loves.

She wants to make memories, collect laughs and love each other to the very end. True love will stand the test of time and get stronger the more you grow, and that is what we all want.


15. Hand in Hand – Nicky Wu & Cecilia Liu

YouTube video

The song is sung by a real-life husband and wife to show their commitment to each other. They promise to be together and work through everything together, hand in hand.

The music video is one of the cutest things you will see, with them holding hands and doing many things together. The couple shows what having a partner who works with you in everything is like, and it is beautiful.

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16. Love Can Be So Simple – David Tao

YouTube video

This song is one of the best songs to play to your loved one and even at your wedding. It is a way of showing that you are committed to them and that you will cherish that love above all else.

As David said, love can be so simple as long as you all love and respect each other.


17. Perfect Match – JJ Lin

YouTube video

Finding your perfect match is unbeatable. You finally find the person who makes you feel loved and accepted. In this case, JJ Lin compares their love to milk fritters, a love that is not only sweet but also makes the perfect pair.

They are the inseparable milk and fritters that complement each other in everything. Have you found the milk for your fritters yet, or are you still searching? Wherever you are, know your perfect match is somewhere out there.


18. Love Confession – Jay Chou

YouTube video

Jay Chou gave us a musical gem with “Love Confession.” The lyrics tell the story of two people falling n love and the small things that they do together.

The girl does not want expensive flowers or dates, she just wants to be happy. Planning a romantic date makes her happy.

They are both in love with each other, although she is reluctant to admit it. The singer uses the song to confess his love to her, which is so touching.


19. Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian – Andy Lau

YouTube video

This song, which translates to “Love You for 10,000 Years” makes it a great contender for Chinese songs about love. It talks of a love that was there through the good and bad.

She provided him with support through the difficult times, acting as a pillar. This is what gives their love to last forever. It is an unending love that will not end in this lifetime or the next.


20. The Moon Represents My Heart – Teresa Teng

YouTube video

Teresa Teng’s soulful voice brings us another mesmerizing love song. It is a great song for weddings or anniversary parties to show your commitment to each other.

Teresa sings of a love so deep that the only thing she can liken it to is the Moon. She urges him to look to the Moon whenever he misses her or has questions about her love.

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21. Husband and Wife – Joi Chua & Ocean Ou

YouTube video

Last on our list is a song from both the husband’s and the wife’s point of view. They talk of the day-to-day life of a young married couple.

They talk about many activities that they do together. With true love, you enjoy any kind of situation.


Last Words

I hope these Chinese songs about love remind you just how powerful that emotion is. Embrace the love you receive and give out as much love as you can.

Finding true love can be hard, so if you have found your person, hold them tight and never let them go. If you haven’t yet, keep waiting, your love might be just around the corner.

Live freely and love deeply; it is the best way to go through life.


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