Songs About Hurricanes

Top 21 Songs About Hurricanes

Songs about hurricanes are some of the most common songs about weather phenomena that I have ever heard. Hurricanes are devastating natural occurrences. They cause countless deaths and the destruction of property and the environment. People usually panic and are in disarray as they scramble for safety. Songs about hurricanes use this phenomenon as a … Read more

Songs About Teenage Love

21 Best Songs About Teenage Love

Teenage love is special and adorable as it often is our first relationship. If you want to reminisce on your teenage romance, I recommend this playlist of the best songs about teenage love. The playlist covers songs from multiple genres and musical styles from artists of different generations. Some of them are emotional ballads that … Read more

21 Best Songs About Being 19

21 Best Songs About Being 19

Music is among the most therapeutic things that can help you reduce stress and anxiety. When you are 19 years old, you’re probably uncertain about many things in your life. Having been 19 years old and having experienced all the ups and downs, I selected some of the best songs about being 19. They all … Read more