Sad Kpop Songs

Top 21 Sad Kpop Songs

The sadness in our lives can result from various reasons, and, most times, we end up listening to the same genre of music. Sad Kpop songs have been my escape when I feel overwhelmed, and the conceptualized lyrics and illuminating nature of this type of music are great to soothe my feelings. Whatever your heartache … Read more

Famous Songs in C Minor

21 Famous Songs in C Minor

If you are a music enthusiast, I believe you always love to analyze the music you listen to. When searching for music with depth, I discovered that songs in C minor have dynamic sounds and emotions behind them. If I were to simply put what I experience with C minor chords, I would say they … Read more

songs about paranoia

Top 21 Songs About Paranoia

There are times when we feel happy and sometimes angry. We have also felt paranoid at one point or another. Musicians feel the same way, too, sometimes, and express this through song. Artists generally talk about different kinds of paranoia in their music. Some will talk about the fear of the government constantly watching their … Read more

most epic songs about dragons

21 Most Epic Songs About Dragons

When it comes to mythological creatures, dragons have been present in many folklore songs for centuries. Many cultures portray dragons as ferocious creatures with magical abilities like breathing fire. While some cultures might show dragons in their songs as evil creatures who can destroy anything in their path, others view them as their protector. Regardless … Read more

songs about selfishness

21 Popular Songs About Selfishness

What if we said selfishness is an art? One that keeps your life balanced, satisfied, and free from unnecessary drama? Listening to songs about selfishness could help encourage you to embrace this side of life. Notably, many benefits follow this move, including a stress-free, care-free life. Songs are meant to make you more altruistic. They … Read more

songs about fools

21 Songs About Stupid People

Songs are meant to convey specific messages to their listeners. Some are pretty straightforward, while others need a bit of figuring out what they mean. A good number of them address stupid people. These songs are quite popular since many listeners can relate to their lyrics. They also carry some humor despite their highlights of … Read more