Interesting Songs About Karma

21 Interesting Songs About Karma

Numerous songs about karma are written from different perspectives of composers. These songs tell the concept of cause and effect and that our actions have consequences. This word originates in ancient India and has become a life mantra to many globally. Many believe that our good deeds will receive better rewards in the future, and … Read more

Popular Songs About Hating Someone

21 Popular Songs About Hating Someone

While hate symbolizes negative emotions, some of the most popular songs about hating someone have helped many through difficult times. Most of these songs’ lyrics express the composer’s hateful vengeance towards someone they felt wronged them. I believe that composing these pieces helped them release their ill feelings as some artists, such as Eminem, reconciled … Read more

Popular Songs About PTSD

21 Popular Songs About PTSD

While it primarily affects soldiers and victims of assault, PTSD can affect anyone that has undergone a traumatic life event. Listening to songs about PTSD can help you heal, as music has proven to impact stress relief significantly. Some of the tracks on this compilation can be upsetting as their lyrics and video can be … Read more