Cat Ear Headphones – Things You Should Know

Want to get a cool set of headphones? Sure, you can go for regular headphones, but cat ear headphones are the latest trend. Originating in 2014, cat ears have gone from a small idea to being used by celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Pewdiepie.

The purpose of this post is to give you a full rundown of how cat ear headphones work. By the end of this post, you’ll understand the history and reasoning behind this trendy set of headphones.

So let’s get started!



What Are Cat Ear Headphones

For those that are unaware, the term “cat ear headphones” might sound confusing. However, it’s actually simple! Cat ear headphones are like regular headphones, but with a pair of cute cat ears attached to the top.

The important thing to know about cat ear headphones is not just for style. They have a utilitarian purpose of adding adjustable lighting and extra speakers. As a result, you can enjoy sound while still looking cool with these headphones.



Do Cat Headphones Have a Mic?

Some cat headphones do have a mic. The microphone can be used for recording, phone calls, and games, making this a neat feature.



Additional Features

Here are some additional features that cat headphones have:


Bluetooth Technology

Some cat headphones have Bluetooth technology-enabled. The headphones can be paired with Apple devices such as iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Thus, allowing you to run and jump around without the nuisance of hanging wires.


LED Lights

LED lights on both cat ears and also on the ring shape on the earmuffs. You can turn LED lights on and off as needed. Extra presets allow you to play music, change colors, or turn the flash on and off.


Battery Life

Batteries are rechargeable through USB and give music for 4-5 hours when charged. 4-5 hours is enough to listen to music, even while traveling continuously. In the event that your batteries run out of power, quickly place the cat ear headphones on the nearest charger.


Adjustable Cat Ears

One of the best aspects of cat ears is that the ears can be adjusted or removed. If you’re in an area where you don’t want to wear the cat ears, you can easily remove them.

Not all headphones have cat ears, but you can attach a pair of inexpensive ears to them. This alternative option is more affordable, as most cat ear headphones can fit on over-the-ear headphones.


Cat Shaped Speakers

Some cat ear models have speakers that stream music through the headphones. This allows you to listen to the music on the headphones while still hearing the music from the speakers.

You can listen to music closely with the external speakers. This is a good feature, especially if you’re using headphones and still want to listen to music.



How Do You Use Cat Ear Headphones?

You can pair the cat ear headphones up if they are Bluetooth enabled. And we’ll show you how to do so.

  1. Start Bluetooth and make sure you’re 30 meters from the headphones.
  2. Hold the Bluetooth button until you see the pairing indicator show up.
  3. Now, both your device and headset are ready for pairing. Once the device is paired for the first time, your headset should automatically pair with the Bluetooth device.
  4. To stop the pairing mode, hit the BLUETOOTH Button to turn off the Bluetooth Mode. Alternatively, you can wait 5 minutes until the headphone completes pairing mode and turn off Bluetooth.

With cat ear headphones, you have multiple opportunities at your fingertips. Whether you’re trying to connect it to a speaker or listen to music at home, you can do so!


How Can I Charge My Cat Ear Headphones?

Did your cat ear headphones lose power? Here’s how you can recharge it!:

  1. Use a USB charging cord and adapter to charge the headphones. On average, the headset can be fully charged within 3. However, the adapter is not supplied with packaging.
  2.  The charge indicator will light up when charging the headphones. Once the battery is charged, the cat ear headphones turn off.


How Come the Lights Won’t Turn On?

First, you need to check the battery. If the lights don’t turn on, chances are it’s a battery issue. Once the battery is at 0%, connect it. Once the USB cable is connected, it will take a few minutes for the lights to turn on.


What to Do if the Tone Isn’t Clear?

If your cat ear headphones are in Bluetooth mode, keep them 30 meters from the device. Otherwise, you’ll have a weaker connection. After the connection is lost, reconnect the device.

In addition, check the battery and volume of the device. If this occurs, you should adjust the equalizer unit.



Who Invented Cat Ear Headphones?

Wenqing Yan, an anime artist, is the inventor of cat ear headphones. She previously worked at an animation company where she started to create the first designs for the headphones. With the help of her best friend and co-founder, Victoria Hu, she was able to turn her designs into reality.

To get funding, Yan posted her idea of cat ear headphones on Indiegogo with the goal of $250,000. However, their campaign was a success, gaining a total of 3,429,046 in funding. This was way above the expected goal as the idea of cat ear headphones became viral.

However, the partnership between Yan and Hu did not end so well. Raising money for funding was one part of the puzzle, but complications arose in the manufacturing department. This was where the partnership between the two of them went sour.

Long story short, both had gotten into a legal battle. While it did not have a positive ending, Yan continued to push her cat ear headphone product forward.

After hearing about the legal situation, Brookstone came to the rescue. The company offered Yan a partnership, offering to help with the manufacturing of the headphones. For Yan, this was a win-win situation. Brookstone was able to provide high-quality production while the cat ear headphones received attention from popular media outlets.



How Do You Crochet Cat Ears?

Crocheting cat ears is an extensive yet rewarding process. Start by selecting the yarn you want to use. Here are some color options that you can use:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Green
  • White


Next, you’re going to need a 3.5″ crochet hook and scissors. The scissors will help you cut the yarn into the desired length, while the hook will help you weave it together. Make a loop knot and insert it through the hook. Repeat this step until you’ve made over 80 knots.

Once you are done, wrap the crochet cat ears around your head to see if it fits. Depending on the size you want, you can add more or fewer chains to the headpiece. For added stability, align the chain so it does not get twisted. This will help keep the cat ear headphones stable once you’re completed.

Do single crochet to bind the two endings together. Then, do single crochet through all the chains. Continue to work this around until you reach the end. You’ll be repeating this step for about 47 rows. Remember, don’t pull too hard on the knots to make this work.

At this point, you have created a cute headband! But you’ll still need a little more crochet work to make the cat ear appearance. On average, the length of rows will reach 25cm, depending on how wide you want the ears to be.

You can fold the hat via the loose yarn end in the middle. Use the single crochet stitches to seal the top part. Only this time, you’ll want to bind the different sides together. Repeat this step until you reach the end and make a knot to seal the end. Use the scissors to remove any excess yarn.

Then, turn the hat inside out to start creating the ears. Create the cat ears by weaving thread through both sides of your hat. Pull the ends of the opposite side of the hat and secure them with a knot. Now you have successfully created your first cat ear crochet!



Did Ariana Grande Make Headphones?

Throughout her career, Ariana Grande has used faux-fur ears in her performances. From latex bunny masks to cat-ear headbands, she’s created her signature look through old Halloween accessories.

After years of performing with cat ears, she teamed up with Brookstone to release her own brand of headphones.

In addition, Ariana promoted the cat ear headphones by sharing photos of herself with them on social media. Through Ariana Grande’s celebrity status and promotion, cat ear headphones have increased in popularity and usage.




To conclude, using cat ear headphones is a fun way to listen to music. They allow you to listen to high-quality sound while sporting a trendy design.

Thus, try out a pair of cat ear headphones and notice how they make your music experience more enjoyable. Blend the other yarn ends to make it invisible. If you want to buy a pair of Cat Ear Headphones be sure to first check our buying guide on the 8 Best Cat Ear Headphones.


Cat Ear Headphones - Things You Should Know



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