Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll’s Whirlwind 2023: A Year of Unbelievable Adventures and Absolute Dreams!

Reflecting on the extraordinary year they had, Bunnie XO and her husband Jelly Roll kicked off 2023 in style on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2024 with Ryan Seacrest. Now, as she looks back, Bunnie XO shares a heartfelt reflection on their journey of success and growth.

Love Chronicles: Jelly Roll’s Better Half Unveils a Touching Tale

In a social media post that resonates with her followers, Bunnie XO expresses her disbelief at the incredible year they experienced. “2023 was one for the books! I can’t even believe the type of year we had. An absolute literal dream.” Her words capture the whirlwind of accomplishments and milestones they achieved together.

Bunnie XO bravely opens up about her personal battles with anxiety and depression, emphasizing how she refused to allow them to hinder her path to success. Adopting a proactive approach, she shares, “I stopped surviving & started living. I refused to allow my anxiety & depression to keep me in the dark.”

Her message of strength serves as a beacon of hope for those who can relate to her struggles. “If you suffer like I do, the darkness is there to show you the light & you aren’t alone. If all you did was survive this year-HELL YEAH BABY, ROCK ON,” she encourages.

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Fearlessly taking risks, even in the face of uncertainty, became a central theme of their journey in 2023. Bunnie XO reflects, “2023 was a year of taking chances, even when I was petrified & wasn’t sure if it would end up in losses.” Such courage and resilience are testaments to their unwavering determination.

From Blonde Ambition to Podcast Royalty: Crafting Success One Episode at a Time

While supporting her husband’s musical aspirations, Bunnie XO worked tirelessly to forge her own path and build her empire. Her chart-topping Dumb Blonde Podcast has become a sensation on all streaming platforms, captivating audiences with its thought-provoking content.

She proudly shares, “The podcast is now doing over 2 million downloads a month. We’re on Spotify’s top rising 15 pods of the year, Apple’s top 20 pods, and have accumulated over 50,000 Patreon subs.”

Her dedication also extends to her own production company, where she produced and directed their reality show, Meet The DeFords. The love and support from fans have cemented her place in the industry. “In a world that has made me prove myself over & over, my hard work finally speaks for itself. 2024 is even more content for y’all to consume,” she promises with enthusiasm.

Amidst the overwhelming success, Bunnie XO humbly acknowledges her achievements but quickly redirects the spotlight to those who have been there along the way. Expressing deep gratitude, she says, “To say I’m grateful & proud is an understatement. I can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH TO ALL OF YOU for believing in me the past 5 years with this pod & every crazy adventure I bring y’all along on.”

Bunnie: Defying Doubters, Transforming Dreams into a Living Legacy

As Bunnie XO reflects on the year that was, her heartfelt words inspire and resonate with her audience. Her journey of self-discovery, resilience, and triumph serves as a reminder that with determination and courage, anything is possible.

Bunnie XO has proven all her haters wrong, defying the odds and turning her dreams into a reality. Despite facing relentless criticism from naysayers and internet trolls, Bunnie remained unwavering in her pursuit of success.

“I never backed down and I never let anyone’s negativity affect me,” proudly declared Bunnie. “I refused to take no for an answer and I relentlessly pursued what I wanted. Your past doesn’t dictate your future, baby! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something. I am living proof that whatever ignites your soul is already within your grasp. I even took a leap of faith by retiring from an industry I had been a part of for over 20 years. And guess what? I accomplished everything I set out to do and then some. It’s almost surreal and it fills my heart with joy to think about how much I spoke into existence.”

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Bunnie XO, known by her real name Bunnie DeFord, concluded her reflective message by expressing gratitude towards Jelly Roll for supporting her throughout her journey.

“Lastly, I have been fortunate enough to accompany Daddy Roll on this incredible journey. Thank you for being someone I admire and strive to emulate,” Bunnie said, praising the success of the “NEED A FAVOR” singer. “You have sown the seeds of your hard work and are truly deserving of the adoration you receive from the world.”

As she teased her fans about what’s to come in the New Year, Bunnie promised that she is stepping into 2024 with unwavering determination.

“I’m entering 2024 like a divine gift sent from above. You thought I was unstoppable in 2023? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. B xo.”

Lights, Camera, Roll: Jelly Roll’s Electrifying Show on Dick Clark’s NYE Extravaganza

On the grand stage of America’s most-watched New Year’s Eve special, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Bunnie XO was present to introduce her husband, Jelly Roll, to the audience alongside renowned host and executive producer Ryan Seacrest.

Dressed in a black jacket paying homage to his daughter Bailee Ann and his devoted fan base, fondly known as the Bad Apples, Jelly Roll commanded the stage with his captivating performance.

“New Year’s Eve in the heart of New York City is a dream come true, baby!” exclaimed Jelly Roll as he took center stage. In awe-inspiring fashion, the chart-topping singer-songwriter delivered a mesmerizing mashup of his latest single, “Halfway To Hell,” and his chart-topping hit, “NEED A FAVOR,” while confetti rained down upon the enthralled audience.

To the delight of viewers across the globe, Jelly Roll also surprised everyone with a special performance of “Wild Ones,” his collaboration with the up-and-coming sensation, Jessie Murph.

YouTube video

Rolling into Dreams: Jelly Roll Revels in the Insanity of a Dream Come True

Jelly Roll expressed his amazement at his recent performance, describing it as a “crazy dream come true.” After the show, Ryan Seacrest joined him onstage, initiating a conversation about Jelly Roll’s eventful year and his status as a GRAMMY nominated artist as he entered 2024. The two also delved into his surreal experience of performing on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Reflecting on the moment, the singer/songwriter, also known as Jason DeFord, couldn’t help but express his excitement, saying, “I’ve been a fan of this show since I was a kid, and to find myself standing beside Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve in the heart of New York City—what a mind-boggling dream come true! And now, entering 2024 as a Grammy nominated artist, baby!”

As the conversation drew to a close, Seacrest shifted the focus to Jelly Roll’s contributions to the community. In response, Jelly Roll expressed his deep gratitude for the blessings he has received. He firmly believed that his success came with a responsibility to be a positive force in the world.

“Man, I truly believe that I’ve been blessed beyond measure,” he shared. “And I’ve come so far because God didn’t bless me this abundantly just for my own sake. I believe that as long as I continue to receive blessings, I will strive to be a blessing to others.” 

Times Square Tango: Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll Paint the Town “Iconic” on NYE

Meanwhile, Bunnie XO, who had made a special appearance alongside Jelly Roll during the iconic New Year’s Eve special, took to social media to document their unforgettable experience.

Sharing a photo of herself and Jelly Roll in New York City’s Times Square, Bunnie captioned it by expressing her awe at the evening: “Tonight was iconic af, just like you papas 🥹 🪄✨ Still soaking it all in 🤍. Happy New Year, babies! Let’s freakin’ go!! ⭐️”

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Later, she shared a heartwarming video of herself, Jelly Roll, and their daughter Bailee Ann, joyfully ringing in 2024 alongside Ryan Seacrest and LL Cool J on the stage in Times Square. As confetti showered down upon them, the moment solidified their memories as a cherished part of their journey.

@xomgitsbunnie 2024 L F G!!!! 🎉🎊 #jellyandbunnie #baileeandbunnie ♬ original sound – Bunnie Xo 🪄

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