20 Best Twin Flame Songs You Will Enjoy Listening with Yours

Music opens the windows to the soul allowing us to express our true emotions. The good thing about music is that there are songs for all types of people and situations. Therefore, everyone can find something related to them.

But, although we often hear songs about love, money, and other common things, it’s not easy to come across twin flame songs.

Twin flames are two people who instantly make soul connections. They’re referred to as being two bodies sharing a soul. They’re like the mirror to each other where one can see their entire self in their twin flame. The connection between these people is magnetic, and they have a higher vibration.

You connect emotionally, physically, spiritually, and soulfully with your twin flame. So as you can see, this is an incredibly unique connection you have, meaning it’s not easy to navigate. But thankfully, some twin flame songs can help you communicate with yours.

These songs come in handy if you’ve already embarked on your twin flame journey. They will clear your mind from doubts and negative energy while allowing you to experience divine disclosure. Let us look at the 20 best twin flame songs you can enjoy with yours.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Flame Twin Norah Jones Learn More
2 If I Ain’t Got You Alicia Keys Learn More
3 I Knew I Loved You Savage Garden Learn More
4 A Thousand Years Christina Perri Learn More
5 First Day of My Life Brighter Eyes Learn More
6 Invisible String Tailor Swift Learn More
7 Mirrors Justin Timberlake Learn More
8 Every Time We Touch Cascade Learn More
9 I Will Always Love You Dolly Parton Learn More
10 Can’t Help Falling in Love Elvis Presley Learn More
11 Conversations in the Dark John Legend Learn More
12 Just the Way You Are Bruno Mars Learn More
13 I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing Aerosmith Learn More
14 Follow You Bring Me the Horizon Learn More
15 I Won’t Give Up Jason Mraz Learn More
16 Wherever You Will Go The Calling Learn More
17 Complete Mess 5 Seconds of Summer Learn More
18 Hopelessly Devoted to You Olivia Newton-John Learn More
19 Hey Soul Sister Train Learn More
20 The Only Exception Paramore Learn More


15 Best Twin Flame Songs


1. Flame Twin – Norah Jones

YouTube video

This beautiful song has to be the first on this list as it is written explicitly about twin flames. The writer talks about the constant running away from and back to each other between two people.

The song is suitable for those who want to send a message about the challenges they are facing on their twin flame journey. Since the two share a unique connection, they always return to each other. Their souls always desire each other, waiting for the day they will be reunited.


2. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

YouTube video

In this song, Alicia Keys describes her quest for the man of her dreams. She says that if she doesn’t have him, she doesn’t want to live since life is worthless without him.

The singer understands how powerful a twin flame connection is, as it can’t be broken. It’s a connection beyond the earth; even if it breaks, they will find each other again when they are ready. Alicia says she doesn’t want anything if it doesn’t include love.


3. I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

YouTube video

The song talks about love at first sight. The vocalist says he already knew he loved the addressee even before meeting. In other words, he considers her to be her twin flame, someone he already pictured loving even before they crossed paths.

The singer describes an insane connection that twin flames have in this hit. Savage, in the song, is celebrating that despite having spent his entire life single, he is finally glad to meet his special someone.

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4. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

YouTube video

Christina Perri is among the most celebrated musicians who know how to pick the right words to convey emotions. The song describes how you feel knowing that your twin flame is waiting for you to cross paths.

It talks about how one feels embarking on their twin flame journey. The singer says they aren’t sure how long they must wait to reunite with their partner. But all the same, they trust that they will someday, even if it’s in the spiritual world.

It’s a great reminder that your wait will be worthwhile.


5. First Day of My Life – Brighter Eyes

YouTube video

Words in this song are carefully chosen to describe the writer’s excitement to have met his wife. The second paragraph says, “I think I was blind before I met you,” meaning he has never experienced anything as magical as that.

He wasn’t living his best life before he met her, and neither was she. It’s a perfect song for twin flames as it describes two souls that recognize the love they share and how they were lost before they crossed paths.


6. Invisible String – Tailor Swift

YouTube video

Invisible String talks about a personal story as Swift describes her journey with her ex-boyfriend. At the start, the vocalist recalls her dream of meeting the love of her life and is thankful for the relationships that didn’t work out, as they allowed her to find fulfillment with her ex-boyfriend.

She uses colors to describe her emotions throughout the song. The song is suitable for twin flames as it talks about the journey to meeting your twin flame and how everything seems so perfect when you meet.


7. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake

YouTube video

Mirrors is among the best songs for affirmations and sending positive energy. It’s suitable if you feel you’re almost reuniting with your twin flame. You can use it when you have a deep sense that you’re going to cross paths with someone you have a deep connection with.

Remember that twin flames are like mirrors to each other. So this incredible song describes them perfectly. There is a part that says, “I’m looking right at the other half of me,” meaning the vocalist sees the addressee as their true partner.

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8. Every Time We Touch – Cascade

YouTube video

The lyrics of this song are deep as the vocalist describes his lover’s arms as his castle and his heart as his sky. In other words, they are everything to each other and share an unbreakable connection.

The sky and home used here are necessities in everyday life, meaning it’s almost impossible to live without each other. It’s among the best songs about twin flames to remind them that they mean the world to one another and belong together.


9. I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton

YouTube video

Many people dismiss this song as it is a breakup song. But when you concentrate on the lyrics, you’ll realize it is more than the traditional goodbye songs. The vocalist realizes that their relationship with the person she loves won’t last, and this is what usually happens with a twin flame relationship.

So she has to leave to find herself again. But despite the breakup, the singer still wishes their partner the best in life.


10. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

YouTube video

The track was released way back, but it is still great for everlasting lovers, especially when their challenges outweigh them. It reminds you that what’s yours will always remain yours.

So, even if you’re separated from your twin flame, you will always reunite with them again. The song is excellent when you worry about not seeing your twin flame again.


11. Conversations in the Dark – John Legend

YouTube video

This is another classic from the man that sings perfectly about twin flames. The writer loves his partner despite their flaws and doesn’t want to change anything about them.

It’s the same way twin flames don’t try to change each other. Instead, they help one another grow and bring the best out of themselves, even during bad days.


12. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

YouTube video

It’s similar to the above song in that you don’t desire to change your twin flame. Since your connection is on a spiritual level, you aren’t bothered by how your half appears outwardly.

The song conveys twin flames’ emotions when they stare at each other. The song helps you let go of the things that have been holding you from being happy with your twin flames.


13. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

YouTube video

The vocalist here says he’s scared of sleeping because he might miss a critical moment with his twin flame. And that he even dreams of her partner and wants to always stay with them.

Aerosmith doesn’t want to change as he extremely loves the moment living with the person he loves. The connection between the two is so unique that they can’t live without it.


14. Follow You – Bring Me the Horizon

YouTube video

The “flame” in twin flames isn’t there by mistake. These relationships are so unreal that they feel like everything burns around you, yet you don’t want to break them.

The vocalist is ready to go to hell, provided they are with the love of their life. It’s a great song to listen to when you feel deeply connected with your twin flame.


15. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

YouTube video

Twin flames require maturity to handle them, and this is what this song depicts. Mraz says he won’t stop working with their half even if they go separate ways.

He knows that he still has a friend in that person, and this is worth more than anything.



5 Best Rock Songs About Twin Flames


16. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling

YouTube video

If you are looking for great rock songs about twin flames, this track should be on top of your list. It talks about the challenges you encounter before you meet the love of your life.

You can do everything to meet your twin flame, even the impossible, and this is what this song is about. You are willing even to seek divine messages to find your better half.


17. Complete Mess – 5 Seconds of Summer

YouTube video

Although twin flames make each other whole, they may feel they are breaking one another apart at some point. That is what the song describes. Although they love each other, their relationship is chaotic.

It is the same thing happening with twin flames; while they make each other complete, their relationship isn’t a roller coaster.

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18. Hopelessly Devoted to You – Olivia Newton-John

YouTube video

It is a beautiful song from Grease that talks about a runner and a chaser in terms of twin flame relationships. The singer acts as the chaser and says she’s willing to wait for the runner to return to her.

This is typically what happens in twin flames relationships. They run away from each other but always find their way back to one another.


19. Hey Soul Sister – Train

YouTube video

The song talks about an unreal connection the singer has shared with someone and can’t seem to think about any other person. He sees the girl he loves in his dreams and can even smell a scent.

It is the same experience for those who’ve met their twin flames. They can’t forget the conversations and the incredible moments they shared.


20. The Only Exception – Paramore

YouTube video

It’s one of the best rock songs about twin flames that talks about experiencing love from a special person. Even if your love life isn’t working, you will understand the true meaning of unconditional love when you reunite with your twin flame.

You’ll realize you don’t need words to communicate and how great you work together.


Last Words

Finding your twin flame isn’t easy; even if you find them, expressing your thoughts will still be challenging. However, songs about twin flames can guide your path. You may receive a divine message to lead you in the right direction and help you deal with the emotions you face.

Additionally, twin flames songs can help you communicate your true desires and feel heard. The talented artists have carefully selected the right words to express your emotions. So, you can find solace using these tracks. Remember there are other songs too. Therefore, do not feel bound to this list.


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