21 Popular Songs About Tuesday

Yay! You made it through Monday; listening to songs about Tuesday can be the best way to end the Monday vibes.

While you might not have adequate time for your week as you might be busy, I took the initiative to create a playlist of songs you can listen to on any day of the week but mostly on Tuesdays.

The songs on this playlist have helped me relax and put my worries aside because they are that good. Though not popular like the weekend, Tuesdays aren’t that bad, and musicians across multiple generations and genres agree on this.

Some of the songs on this playlist contain somber tunes, while others are fun anthems that will make your day. So when next Tuesday comes, blast this playlist on your speakers to get entertained.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Taco Tuesday Migos Learn More
2 Black Tuesday Nasio Fontaine Learn More
3 Ruby Tuesday The Rolling Stones Learn More
4 Tuesday Burak Yeter Learn More
5 Tuesday Afternoon Moody Blues Learn More
6 Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday Ondara Learn More
7 Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning Cowboy Junkies Learn More
8 Tuesday Heartbreak Stevie Wonder Learn More
9 Tuesday Night Josh Abbott Band Learn More
10 Cold Shower Tuesdays Bowling For Soup Learn More
11 Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad) T-Bone Walker Learn More
12 Tuesdays Jake Scott Learn More
13 Tuesday’s Broken Sugarland Learn More
14 Tuesday I’ll Be Gone John Anderson & Blake Shelton Learn More
15 Tuesday’s Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd Learn More
16 C U Next Tuesday Ke$ha Learn More
17 Love You Till Tuesday David Bowie Learn More
18 Tuesday’s Gone Hank Williams Jr Learn More
19 Tuesday Morning The Pogues Learn More
20 Gentle Tuesday Primal Scream Learn More
21 Tuesday’s Dead Cat Stevens Learn More


21 Songs About Tuesday

The following songs I have compiled for you to enjoy talk cover a broad range of categories, such as humor and romance. You will definitely fall in love with some of these timeless classics.


1. Taco Tuesday – Migos

YouTube video

Migos are 3 of the most lyrically gifted rappers of the current generation. They have composed multiple hit hip-hop pieces that went on to win multiple awards.

Unlike their regular rap songs, Taco Tuesday has a different theme, discussing having the favorite street Mexican cuisine. The music video shows the artist preparing the dish while the lyrics contain rhyming bars naming the various ingredients used.

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2. Black Tuesday – Nasio Fontaine

YouTube video

You probably heard lyrics like “Do You Remember Black Tuesday? Do You Remember Black Friday?” These legendary lyrics were composed by legendary reggae icon Nasio Fontaine.

This is one of the hit songs that contributed to the artist’s success as it became popular globally. The song was about calling out the evil of oppression, which became a popular revolutionary song.


3. Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

YouTube video

Ruby Tuesday is a perfect and beautiful song on so many levels. Listening to Brian’s recorder here makes me appreciate The Rolling Stones’ mastery of music composition.

I believe the piece became popular and received its success because of the song’s simplicity and how the band made it sound like a nursery school rhyme. The song was written about Keith Richards’ girlfriend who had left him for another popular star.


4. Tuesday – Burak Yeter

YouTube video

Burak Yeter blessed us with this gem that had become a party anthem. The song owes its success to social media platforms such as TikTok, which played a major role in making it viral again years after its release.

This piece stands out from multiple songs about Tuesday because of its instrumental. The song makes me want to go out and party on a Tuesday.


5. Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues

YouTube video

If you want to listen to a gentle song on a Tuesday afternoon or any other day, this piece by The Moody Blues can be the song you are looking for. The vocals from the band’s lead singer Justin are exquisite and always take me to an enchanted place.

The song was released in the late sixties in the band’s “Days Of Future Pased” album. The band is known for using the mellotron, a unique musical instrument developed in Birmingham.


6. Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday – Ondara

YouTube video

Ondara was inspired to record this piece because of the lockdowns happening in 2020 because of the Coronavirus. The tough period led to many difficult circumstances for most people globally, but that didn’t stop the artist from creating this heartwarming piece.

The song reminds us of the beauty of relationships despite difficult circumstances.


7. Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning – Cowboy Junkies

YouTube video

The alternative country music band’s song is about waking up alone in the morning and feeling good about it. The song is a narration of the events the composer experienced on that Tuesday.

The narrative is gentle and poetic, making it seem easy to make a love loss song. The brilliance of the band creating this piece is unmatched.


8. Tuesday Heartbreak – Stevie Wonder

YouTube video

Out of multiple songs about Tuesday, we pretty much can relate to the lyrics of this song from Stevie Wonder. Most of us have been in relationships where our partners fell out of love leading to the end of it. If you are in a similar situation, this piece is for you.

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9. Tuesday Night – Josh Abbott Band

YouTube video

Having the opportunity to sit down and reflect on your youth, friendship, and happy moments you lived through in the past is what most of us long for.

Growing up can take most of the time to have fun, but this country song talks about giving yourself a break to hang with your friend and have beer and tacos on a Tuesday night.


10. Cold Shower Tuesdays – Bowling For Soup

YouTube video

The narrative in the song is about a breakup. The composer wrote this piece showing how the woman he was dating wanted more out of their relationship but broke it off because he wasn’t ready to commit.

The song’s lyrics melodically point out the nostalgic acts they used to undertake while together, such as going to camp and the movies. The song can help you determine your feelings if you are in a what-if situation.


11. Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad) – T-Bone Walker

YouTube video

Call it Stormy Monday is a classic blues number performed by Mr. Walker. The artist’s incredible vocal technique made it effortless when singing jazz songs. This classic from the 1940s was the inspiration for the music icon BB King to get an electric guitar.

The song addresses the popular phrase that people hate Mondays, and the artist adds that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc are equally bad for him because his girlfriend had left him and he missed her.


12. Tuesdays – Jake Scott

YouTube video

Love isn’t about the big moments that are picture perfect, such as wedding days. It is every moment you live and feel it and so much more.

Jake Scott wrote Tuesdays to declare his feelings towards a girl that he loved. Unlike Mondays and the weekend which symbolize extremes, “Tuesdays” in this song are referring to the mundane days that we spend, how love isn’t about extremes, but about the boring normal things.


13. Tuesday’s Broken – Sugarland

YouTube video

This piece by Sugarland was inspired by a school shooting that had happened in the northeast. Tuesday Broken addresses the whole phenomena of school shootings that had plagued the United States.

Year after year it’s becoming more relatable as we are seeing a lot of school shootings happening lately.


14. Tuesday I’ll Be Gone – John Anderson & Blake Shelton

YouTube video

It is great to witness two legends collaborate and make good music. The song always takes me back and reminisces when country music was truly country.

The duet by John Anderson and Blake Shelton shows how harmonic the artists are, and I would like to listen to more of their songs. The song was released in 2020 on John Anderson’s 22nd studio album.


15. Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd

YouTube video

This particular piece hit deep in my soul out of the multiple songs about Tuesday. This piece from 1970 is timeless and still connects to the audience decades after its release.

The song is the second track on the band’s first album and talks about how their lives will change after getting signed with a record label.

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16. C U Next Tuesday – Ke$ha

YouTube video

The instrumental in this song makes it outstanding, and the chill electro melodies are very relaxing. Ke$ha’s voice and lyrics played a massive role in the song’s success.

The song is about the artist falling in love with a man who already has a girlfriend. She hates him for leading her on despite being in a relationship with someone else.


17. Love You Till Tuesday – David Bowie

YouTube video

This song was written and performed in 1967 by David when he started his musical career. Love You Till Tuesday is about unrequited love, where the protagonist is stalking the girl that he likes.


18. Tuesday’s Gone – Hank Williams Jr

YouTube video

Before blessing us with “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound,” Hank Williams Jr composed Tuesday’s Gone. Many people wonder about the secret of singing emotional pieces like Hank.

To me, it’s quite simple as it requires you to have gone through a painful period to project your emotions to an audience. Though the lyrics say that he will carry on despite his loss, his emotions question if he really can.


19. Tuesday Morning – The Pogues

YouTube video

Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite pieces that I rarely listen to, and every time I find myself playing the track, it makes it a bit special to me. The song by The Pogues features vocals from Spider Stacy.


20. Gentle Tuesday – Primal Scream

YouTube video

Primal Scream is among my favorite bands from the 80s because they were determined to create diverse music. The band experimented with different sounds; that’s why all their albums have different styles, sounds, and approaches.

Gentle Tuesday is a song about loneliness and sadness where the artists surround their message with a woman they name Tuesday.


21. Tuesday’s Dead – Cat Stevens

YouTube video

The last song on our list is an acoustic piece that reflects on the world as it is today. The lyrics by the composers pose multiple questions to religious leaders and others on the meaning of life and how you can make a difference in this world. The melody from the guitar is beautiful and perfectly complements the catchy chorus.


Last Words

Songs about Tuesday don’t have to mean the specific day of the week. Most artists who create songs in this category use it as a persona when they sing about an issue or a topic that is relevant to what they are experiencing.

It can be a woman the artist is in love with or a tragic event, all in all, most of these lyrics are relatable to most of us because they speak on multiple life issues. Most of these songs cover multiple genres, and some have become timeless classics that are unforgettable.


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