The 21 Best Songs About Tigers

I have always been fascinated by tigers. They are powerful, ferocious beasts with one of the best roars you will ever hear. That is why I am excited to share with you 21 of the best songs about tigers that embody what these animals are. Fun fact, did you know that the lions roaring in The Lion King are not lions at all but are tigers?

I hope that little fact has tickled your senses and made you more interested in learning about the songs and the artists that have written about these majestic animals.

The songs are fun and can be a nice addition to your playlist. They can energize you when you’re feeling down.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Eye of the Tiger Survivor Learn More
2 Tiger ABBA Learn More
3 I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail Buck Owens & The Buckaroos Learn More
4 Ride the Tiger Jefferson Starship Learn More
5 Set the Tigers Free Villagers Learn More
6 Tigers and Sharks You Me At Six Learn More
7 Roar Katy Perry Learn More
8 Like a Tiger The Ricochets Learn More
9 Tiger in the Rain Michael Franks Learn More
10 Tiger In The Sun The Cult Learn More
11 Neon Tiger The Killers Learn More
12 Tiger Feet Mud Learn More
13 Tiger Emeli Sandé Learn More
14 Tame My Tiger T. Rex Learn More
15 Tiger By My Side Empire of the Sun Learn More
16 Send Away the Tigers Manic Street Preachers Learn More
17 Tiger in a Spotlight Emerson, Lake & Palmer Learn More
18 Taming the Tiger Joni Mitchell Learn More
19 Tiger in Your Tank Muddy Waters Learn More
20 The Weeping Tiger Cilvaringz & Various Artists Learn More
21 Tiger Bomb The Presidents of the United States of America Learn More


21 Songs About Tigers

Some of the best and most catchy songs about tigers are:


1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

YouTube video

This song just had to be the first on this list. Anyone fan of Survivor, the Rocky movies, or 80s rock, in general, has to know about “Eye of the Tiger .”It has been played in countless movies, series, events; you name it. And it is all with good reason.

Eye of the Tiger brings to mind resilience, fighting, and never giving up. It encourages us to rise to challenges. If you ever feel like giving up or like there is not much fight left in you, let Survivor pick you up and give you the push you need.

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2. Tiger – ABBA

YouTube video

One of the most iconic bands, ABBA blesses us with a song about tigers, representing the dangerous aspects of city life. Tigers are predators, and that is what we learn to be in order to succeed in this world.

You need to be vicious and steadfast; being the tiger will give you this strength. Being ferocious like this means people will not take advantage of you easily.


3. I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail – Buck Owens & The Buckaroos

YouTube video

An oldie but a forever goodie, I find this track covers the essence of the 60s music. It is fast-paced, accompanied by great instrumentals and captivating lyrics.


The singer talks of having a tiger by the tail; meaning, being in a dangerous situation. He talks about his relationship with a woman that turned out to be strong even though she first appeared as meek as a lamb.

The singer acknowledges that he won’t be much by the time she’s done with him, yet another show of how strong tigers can be.


4. Ride the Tiger – Jefferson Starship

YouTube video

From someone who had a tiger by the tail comes a band more interested in riding a tiger. This cool-sounding rock song by the 70s will get your blood pumping for sure.

Some think this song is about shooting heroin in the middle of the night and feeling high after.


5. Set the Tigers Free – Villagers

YouTube video

Tigers are often used in most carnivals to the delight of those watching. In this song, the singer sees himself as a tiger who has been caged but wants to be set free.

In this tune, he’s telling himself that he must move on. Sometimes, we need to step away from what holds us back to discover our true potential, which this song encourages us to do.

It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate where we come from or who we left behind. We need to start afresh and discover new horizons.


6. Tigers and Sharks – You Me At Six

YouTube video

Two of the largest predators, tigers and sharks, are themes of this song. Unlike most songs, this one talks of how people can turn on you, even those you thought were friends.

People we trust can turn their backs on us when we need them, proving they were predators all along. It is a good song to listen to when you feel alone or when your friends have turned on you.


7. Roar – Katy Perry

YouTube video

This is another of the songs about tigers that encourage us not to be scared or compliant. People love taking advantage of others they think are weaker than them.

“Roar” reminds us that we are fighters. We are the champions, and when we stand our own ground, we become champions like tigers. Play this song when you need to get yourself together or to give you that strength to raise your voice and roar!


8. Like a Tiger – The Ricochets

YouTube video

Sometimes all you need is to find someone who helps you break out of your shell. This can be your friend or a partner. They make you feel brave and strong, much like a tiger, and that is the feeling The Ricochets capture.

This is also a feeling you get when you see someone you love. They make you desire them, making it feel like you are a tiger on the prowl. The right people will give you the strength you need to become who you really are.

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9. Tiger in the Rain – Michael Franks

YouTube video

If a lion is the king of the jungle, the tiger is the lord of the jungle, possessing and ruling over the jungle in his own way.

However, this song by Michael Franks shows that sometimes even tigers can be frightened. This song is a metaphor for how sometimes even the strongest people can be scared of thunder and lightning or whatever problems they have.


10. Tiger In The Sun – The Cult

YouTube video

The world can be cruel, trying to force us into something we are not. You can try protesting, but sometimes it won’t work. However, you should not let this cower you. Be like a tiger in the sun, be unique, and be your own true self!


11. Neon Tiger – The Killers

YouTube video

This song about tigers talks of freedom and running away from bad situations. It’s about busting the myth that you can, as a young man, get rich in Las Vegas.

Neon Tiger represents our ambitious soul. Don’t fall for the lie, he says, you don’t get rich in Last Vegas.


12. Tiger Feet – Mud

YouTube video

If you need a song to make you dance, then Tiger Feet is the song for you. It is a song that will get your blood pumping and bring some nostalgia.

Mud was one of the famous bands during the early 70s, and this song shows why. It is a feel-good flirtatious song that you can listen to lighten your mood and get you moving your tiger feet along to the beat.


13. Tiger – Emeli Sandé

YouTube video

Emeli Sandé perfectly captures what it feels like to find someone who makes you feel whole. She shows that all the money in the world doesn’t make up for a rich life as she still feels rich, although the bank says she’s poor.

Everything makes sense when the one she loves is around. You can play this song for the one you love to show how they make you feel like you feel like a princess.


14. Tame My Tiger – T. Rex

YouTube video

This band is definitely one you should add to your playlist. They have some of the best and most authentic songs, and “Tame My Tiger’ is one of them. This one in particular seems to be sexual in nature.


15. Tiger By My Side – Empire of the Sun

YouTube video

Simple sounds and unique beats make for some of the best songs. This song about tigers follows a simple but alluring tune about someone who is too cool to have a tiger by their side.

It is a great tune for karaoke nights to get your parties going. It is also a song about life; its zen sound makes it a great song to listen to while relaxing.

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16. Send Away the Tigers – Manic Street Preachers

YouTube video

An alternative rock band, the Manic Street Preachers bring yet another song that reflects the darker side to life. It shows the burdens and desperation we can go through in life that might bring us down.

Specifically, it’s about depression and consuming drugs to forget about it, which is represented by the tiger. Dealing with depression and drug issues can be challenging, you need to seek help from your loved ones.


17. Tiger in a Spotlight – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

YouTube video

While performing this song about tigers, the band had a real tiger with them, literally putting the tiger in the spotlight.

The song speaks on the futility of some of the things we do. It makes an interesting progressive rock song.


18. Taming the Tiger – Joni Mitchell

YouTube video

Taming the tiger sounds like a very ambitious venture, but Joni Mitchell shows us it is possible. This is another relaxing song to listen to on a slow day, contemplating your life.

It encourages us to face what seems almost impossible, in our own way taming the tiger.


19. Tiger in Your Tank – Muddy Waters

YouTube video

The voice singing “Tiger in Your Tank” is so catchy and melodic that I constantly find myself replaying this song. Here the tiger, this ferocious animal, represents the black gold, petroleum.

If you are ever in need of the old style of blues and jazz, this song is the one for you. The song title was a phrase used in the 60s which meant fueling a car.


20. The Weeping Tiger – Cilvaringz & Various Artists

YouTube video

Hip-hop is not devoid of songs about tigers, and The Weeping Tiger is a great representation of it. Hip-hop fans are divided on this song, with some liking it and others thinking the Wu-Tang Clan would have made a better version; listen to it and form your own opinion.


21. Tiger Bomb – The Presidents of the United States of America

YouTube video

A fitting end to the list of songs about tigers, this masterpiece is one I believe everyone should listen to at least once in their life.

This is a unique take on a love song that is great for anyone who likes a more chilled type of music. Give The Presidents of the United States of America a listen. Best done when thinking about that one love that you cannot get out of your head.


Last Words

Songs about tigers come in different genres, covering different topics and making an interesting listen. Play one of these for a confidence boost, to relax, or just to have fun.

There is so much you can do with these songs about tigers; listen to them and have as much fun as I did while writing them; you just might find your new favorite song.


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