21 Strange Songs About Mirrors

We all look at the mirror and get different emotions from what we see in the reflection. Many artists have been in the same situation as you and I and have written songs about mirrors with their unique perspectives.

The symbolism of mirrors in music has been common for quite some time, and this article will explore some of the most remarkable pieces ever written on the topic.

The mirror in a song can be a metaphor for personal experience or behavior that offers excellent insights into human behavior. It is upon an artist’s inspiration we can get to hear and discover the various metaphors and hidden meanings of mirrors.

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21 Objects in the Rear-View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are Meat Loaf Learn More


21 Songs About Mirrors

The following list I compiled contains some of the best songs by numerous artists spanning different generations about mirrors.


1. Mirror – Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars

YouTube video

To start, our list of songs is Mirrors by Lil Wayne. The song has had enormous success as it was certified platinum by different recording industry associations.

Though the song was released over a decade ago, the message from Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars still is relevant up to this day. The person who can truly listen to you without any judgment is only you, as you have the ability to save yourself.

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2. Mirror To Mirror – America

YouTube video

Here the mirror symbolizes a human’s eyes, therefore “mirror to mirror” means “eye to eye”. The band is telling the story of a unfortunate breakup.

Even though they both tried to keep the relationship, it ended up failing, and now they see each-others’ flaws. America released the song 1994.


3. Mirrors – Natalia Kills

YouTube video

Natalia Kills wrote this very sensual song about mirrors. In the music video she’s shown exploring the concepts of control, sex and vanity.

While Natalia has admitted that lyrically she is “just this sex-loving, vanity control freak”, she insisted that there’s more to the song, specifically that it is related to female empowerment.


4. Mirror Mirror – M2M

YouTube video

This song is easy to master and sing, and also entertaining. Out of the many songs about mirrors, this is very special to me as it gives me the nostalgia of my previous years.

The song by the duo is about reflecting on your decisions because the girl said the wrong things to the right guy, and now she lost him.


5. Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson

YouTube video

Next on our list of songs about mirrors is the worldwide-known track by the King of Pop, Man In The Mirror. Here Michael talks about the poverty that the world is in and how an individual should address it.

Basically, his message can be summed up with the famous Mahatma Gandhi quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”


6. Mirror – IDER

YouTube video

Mirror by the English duo IDER is a song that resonates with many of us who have had a hard time after a breakup.

Specifically, the song is about going through a breakup and finding out that so much of your identity has been attached to your partner that you’re not sure who you are without them.


7. Mirror Mirror – Dollar

YouTube video

Mirror Mirror was released in 1982 by the pop duo Dollar, part of their third studio album “The Dollar Album”. The song is about love and being afraid to confess it, so the protagonist talks to the mirror in order to find courage.


8. Girl In The Mirror – Britney Spears

YouTube video

While most songs about mirrors composed are about self-reflection, Britney Spears wrote this song about strengthening herself. Britney is telling herself that the loneliness she feels will fade and she will soon find the love of her life.

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9. Mirror In The Bathroom – ​The Beat

YouTube video

This Reggae-ish song was released back in 1980. Though it is often misinterpreted to be about cocaine, as cocaine was commonly consumed in front of bathroom mirrors, the song is actually not about that.

Dave Wakeling said that he made the song while he was shaving up in the bathroom in winter, while he was procrastinating about going back to work.


10. In The Mirror – The Interrupters

YouTube video

As a diehard fan of punk, it will thrill you to know that there are a couple of songs on the topic. This song talks about the uneasiness that some people feel during social interactions.

No matter how hard she tries to adapt, the singer always ends up in front of the mirror. This is perhaps because we can only be truly honest with ourselves when we are alone.


11. Mirror – Sigrid

YouTube video

If you need a song to boost your confidence or morale when you feel low, this song is definitely for you. It will not only lift your spirits but can also put you on your feet to dance to the beat and rhythm of the song.

The music video shows the empowerment and spontaneity of Sigrid while getting the clear message of loving oneself.


12. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake

YouTube video

While most artists compose songs that last an average of 4 minutes, Justin Timberlake released Mirrors, which tells a captivating and entertaining story in 8 minutes.

Listening to this piece will make you testify that it’s among the best songs about mirrors ever created. The song tells a message of the beauty of ageless love that we all aspire to have. Justin wrote this song about his grandparents who were married for 63 years.


13. Tears In The Mirror – Buckethead

YouTube video

Tears in the mirror is one of the many songs in Buckethead’s album titled “Captain Eo’s Voyage.” The album has multiple songs, but this piece stood out because of its melancholic melodies.

Though there are no words by the composer to accompany the instrumental, listening to it took me on a voyage of emotions. It can resonate with any listener who is going through a difficult situation.


14. Mirror, Mirror – Diana Ross

YouTube video

“Mirror, mirror on the wall / You said you had the answer to it all” sounds a little like Snow White. It’s very common in these songs for the protagonist to be talking to a themselves in a mirror.

In this song she’s talking about a relationship where she was used. Her man used her for pleasure, didn’t give her love in return, and now she feels psychologically broken.


15. Room Full Of Mirrors – The Pretenders

YouTube video

The 80s was a significant music era, we were blessed with some of the best songs. In 1986, The pretenders released this song about self-reflection and the idea that we often cloud our judgment because we are so self-centered. The song’s more upbeat sound and rhythm will keep the listener entertained.

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16. Broken Mirror – Elderbrook

YouTube video

The English artist, Elderbrook wrote this piece to express the desire to change oneself. This song, he has said, is about “Not knowing what version of you is the right one. Wanting to be all different kinds of people all at the same time and a journey of discovery”.


17. Mirror Man – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

YouTube video

They don’t compose music like this anymore. While most will argue that the style is old-school, it is one of the most fantastic jams that will get you higher than any booze.

The song contains lyrics and phrases that create a sense of uneasiness, coupled with the band’s instrumentals, making this 1970s song a hit.


18. I’ll Be Your Mirror – Velvet Underground & Nico

YouTube video

“I’ll Be Your Mirror” by Velvet Underground has a more positive message compared to the other songs about mirrors. They released the song in 1967, and it can be the perfect love dedication. The song contains instrumentals that you can definitely relax to.


19. Hall Of Mirrors – Siouxsie & The Banshees

YouTube video

This song by Siouxsie and the Banshees is a cover of Kraftwerk’s Hall Of Mirrors, which was released 10 years earlier.

This piece talks about changing oneself. The protagonist made up her own personality and adapted it.


20. Broken Mirror – Trees of Eternity

YouTube video

As an occasional metal listener, I’m deeply ashamed to discover Aleah recently. I am saddened because I won’t have to hear any of her songs as she got me hooked on this piece only to discover she passed away.

The song’s lyrics, especially the chorus, connect us to the singer, especially now that she is deceased. This is the voice of an angel, and I believe she is currently singing with the angels.


21. Objects in the Rear-View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are – Meat Loaf

YouTube video

Last but not least is this popular song by Meat Loaf. The song has one of the longest titles you will ever witness, but that does not stop it from being a good piece.

Though not necessarily about a mirror, this in this song Meat Loaf tells several tragedies of when he was young and how he overcame them, though he still is haunted by their memory.


Last Words

The message from songs about mirrors varies from song to song but has one thing in common; is they make the listener think. I found most of these songs to possess quality messages about self-reflection and acceptance of other people’s differences.

The next time you glimpse or stare at the mirror, remember the list I compiled and listen to it not only to get a message but also to get entertained.


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