21 Best Songs About Lions

Commonly known as the “The King of the Jungle,” the lion symbolizes majesty, courage, strength, and other admirable traits. The lioness is also a significant symbol that’s common in different areas.

It’s a symbol of mothering and protection, as depicted in its characteristics in the jungle. It’s no secret that these traits have been why several songs about lions exist.

Several songs incorporate the lion in their titles, lyrics, and themes across different genres. These songs try to showcase their traits to the audience, while others mention the word lion as part of their lyrics.

In this post, we discuss the top 21 songs about lions. We will learn crucial aspects that connect the word “lion” to the information they intend to relay. Continue reading to learn more.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Can’t Tame The Lion Journey Learn More
2 Lion In Winter The Bee Gees Learn More
3 The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens Learn More
4 Heart Of A Lion KiD CuDi Learn More
5 Until The Lion Learns To Speak K’naan Learn More
6 Little Lion Man Mumford & Sons Learn More
7 Listen To The Lion Van Morrison Learn More
8 Devil In The Lion’s Den Sam Collins Learn More
9 Iron Lion Zion Bob Marley Learn More
10 Lioness Song Ohia Learn More
11 Lion Of Judah Beverly Crawford Learn More
12 Man, A Lion Bushman Learn More
13 Joe The Lion David Bowie Learn More
14 Last Lion Of Albion Neko Case Learn More
15 King Of Kings Jimmy Cliff Learn More
16 Roar Katy Perry Learn More
17 Waking Lions Pop Evil Learn More
18 Lions Skillet Learn More
19 Lions Skip Marley Learn More
20 Lions, Tigers, And Bears Jazmine Sullivan Learn More
21 King And Lionheart Of Monsters and Men Learn More


21 Best Songs About Lions

The following songs use the lion as part of their title and continue to depict its characteristics and behavior by likening it to human experiences.


1. Can’t Tame The Lion – Journey

YouTube video

This song was composed by Journey, one of the best-selling rock bands in rock and roll history. It was written by Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, and Steve Perry. It’s part of the album “Trial by Fire” and peaked at 33 on the Singles Billboard Chart.

Can’t Tame the Lion was recorded after the band reunited after a ten-year hiatus. It reflects the band’s experiences through their musical Journey. The song talks about their love for the jungle and how you cannot tame their passion for music.

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2. Lion In Winter – The Bee Gees

YouTube video

Lions in winter are part of Barry and Robin Gibb’s ninth album Trafalgar. The song was well received, although it recorded a dismal chart performance.

The song describes a heartbreaking story of a person (lion) that has gone through a lot of frustration. It tells how the person tries to return to their former glory but does not succeed. The words “What’s good a lion lord, without a crown” show how frustrated he is with his predicaments.


3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – The Tokens

YouTube video

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by the tokens is one of the most recognized songs today. It was used as a soundtrack in the animation “The Lion King.” However, the song was originally written by Solomon Linda.

This song about lions was originally titled “Mbube” and was written in Zulu. It describes how the Zulu would one day defeat the British. The chant “Wimoweh” is coined from the Zulu word” Uyimbube,” meaning “You’re a lion.”


4. Heart Of A Lion – KiD CuDi

YouTube video

“Heart of a Lion” is the 5th song on Kid Cudi’s album “Man on the Moon: End of the Day.” It was written by Michael McHenry, Jean Baptiste, and Kid Cudi and produced by Free School. Kid Cudi considers this song his theme music due to its upbeat tempo and lyrics.

The song describes the rapper’s early struggles during childhood and motivates him to think of himself as a lion. In the track, he states that he is not a loser and that the Devil will not kill his dream. It is one of the songs about lions that is meant to encourage and motivate its listeners.


5. Until The Lion Learns To Speak – K’naan

YouTube video

This song was written and recorded by Keinan Abdi Warsame, popularly known as K’naan. He’s well-known for his most popular song, “Waving flag.” The song “Until The Lion Learns To Speak” is part of his album “The Dusty Foot Philosopher.”

The song is based on an African proverb, “Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” The song describes people’s struggles that they may never talk about. K’naan encourages people to rise and find their voice at the song’s end.


6. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

YouTube video

Mumford & Sons’ “Little Lion Man” was written by Marshall, B Lovett, T Dwane, and Mumford. It ranked 45 in the Billboard top 100 and was nominated for Grammy awards.

This song describes its writer’s personal story of growth. Although his earlier life was successful, he feels belittled by his current situation hence the likening to little lion man. It also talks about the choices that led him to his current position but encouraged him to look beyond his mistakes.


7. Listen To The Lion – Van Morrison

YouTube video

“Listen to the Lion” is a track written and performed by Van Morrison. It featured on its sixth album, “Saint Dominic’s Preview.” The Folk-rock track is over eleven minutes long and was released two years before Morrison’s musical career hiatus.

Van Morrison invites his listeners to search far and wide for the lion inside of them. In the song about lions, Van Morrison cries, pleads, shouts, and finally roars, signifying that he’s found the lion inside.

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8. Devil In The Lion’s Den – Sam Collins

YouTube video

“Crying” Sam Collins was an American blues singer who played the slide guitar. His song “Devil In The Lion’s Den” was released in 1927 from the Mississippi bound blues recording vol.1. He recorded his song while playing his famous git fiddle, a bottleneck guitar.

Contrary to other songs in this list, The song “devil in the lions’ den” describes a sad tale of a person with no close family. Sam Collins likens himself to the Devil and is okay being dangerous, like a lonely lion in its den.


9. Iron Lion Zion – Bob Marley

YouTube video

“Iron Lion Zion” is one of Bob Marley’s well-known songs about lions in his “Songs of Freedom box set.” It was released on 7th September 1992 but recorded in April 1973. It performed well commercially, peaking at number 5 on the U.K. singles chart, 2 in New Zealand, and 11 on the U.S Billboard modern rock tracks.

The lyrics of the song describe the Rastafarian beliefs. The lion in the song represents Emperor Haile Selassie, while Zion refers to the promised land. The song describes a person going through various struggles but coming out victorious in the end.


10. Lioness – Song Ohia

YouTube video

Lioness by Song Ohia is the fifth track in The “Lioness”, an album by Songs Ohia. It was written by Jason Molina and released in January 2000. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed projects. The record fuses Alt-Country, Folk, and Slowcore elements into a well-done project that showcases melancholy to its extreme.

A look at its lyrics showcases a deep, heartbreaking feeling likened to the traits of a hurt lioness. He showcases the lioness looking at its man across the Nile and how it contemplates swimming to the other end since its lover cannot reach fast enough.

Talking about licking its blood off its paws shows that the lioness is largely hurt by the breakup and wants to reach out to her ex to find closure.


11. Lion Of Judah – Beverly Crawford

YouTube video

“Lion of Judah” is a song recorded by Beverly Crawford but written by Eddie James from the JDI praise and worship vol.1 album. Beverly Crawford is known for being in the group New life Singers on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel show.

The song praises Jesus Christ, depicted as the Lion of Judah in Christianity. It references how holy and mighty the lion of Judah is.


12. Man, A Lion – Bushman

YouTube video

“Man, a lion” is Bushman’s 4th song off his “Nyah man Chant” album. The song is produced by Greensleeves Records and V.P records. The song is characterized by the distinct roar of a lion in the background with iconic “p” and “b” plosives.

The song discusses how one has to be strong and fit to give people what they deserve. Bushman describes that for a lion to be a true Rasta man and enter Zion, it must be dependable and courageous.


13. Joe The Lion – David Bowie

YouTube video

“Joe the Lion” is a track performed by David Bowie off his album “Heroes.” The song was released in 1977 and featured well-known guitarist Robert Fripp. Despite the track being released in 1977, Bowie first performed it in 1983.

The song is a tribute to Chris burden (Joe the lion), a conceptual artist known for nailing himself to a Volkswagen in 1974. The song references this through Bowie telling someone they’ll get them who they are if they nail him to his car.


14. Last Lion Of Albion – Neko Case

YouTube video

“Last Lion of Albion” is the second song off Neko Case’s solo project “Hell on” Neko is an American singer and member of the band “The New Pornographers.” The alternative indie pop track was released in 2018.

Neko Case’s track “Last Lion of Albion” explores Albion’s (Britain) history and how it’s fond of referring to itself as a lion. The song talks about how Britain used people for its gain without remorse.

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15. King Of Kings – Jimmy Cliff

YouTube video

James Chambers, popularly known as Jimmy Cliff, is a reggae musician behind the song “King Of Kings.” His single “King Of Kings” was produced in released in 1963. It’s the third song from the album “Anthology” and was produced by Leslie Kong.

The song describes a scenario where several animals, such as the giraffe and the elephant, claim to be the King. However, the lion retaliates that it is King by showing that it’s better than the rest of the animals.


16. Roar – Katy Perry

YouTube video

“Roar” is a single performed by Katy Perry off her fourth album, “Prism.” The song was co-written by Perry, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Bonnie McKee. The track successfully achieved triple diamond certification from the Recording Industry Association of America.

The song talks about the singer coming out of a dark period and could not stand up for themselves. The singer then states that she found her voice and took control. This is revealed when Perry tells her audience that they will hear her “roar louder than a lion.”


17. Waking Lions – Pop Evil

YouTube video

“Waking Lions” is a song recorded by an American hard rock band, Pop Evil. The song was released in October 2017 under Entertainment One. The track achieved commercial success, ranking first on the U.S Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs.

It is one of the best songs about lions and was originally written by the lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty while he was working on solo projects. Leigh also admitted that he was undergoing personal challenges when writing the song.

The song is meant to be an encouragement for those struggling with different issues and to stay strong.


18. Lions – Skillet

YouTube video

“Lions “by the Christian band Skillet is the seventh song from their album “Unleashed,” released in 2016. The band consists of husband John Cooper, wife Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, and Seth Morrison. The track received critical acclaim worldwide, peaking in the top 10 on Gospel Rock Charts.

The song encourages listeners not to fear challenges but to place their faith in Jesus Christ. It is the only way to be strong and courageous like lions.


19. Lions – Skip Marley

YouTube video

Skip Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson, is a famous reggae artist for his song “Lions.” The single was released in 2017 and was the first song under signing to Island Records. The track is also famous for its use in a banned Pepsi commercial.

The song is meant to remind its listeners that they can only be strong like lions when they are united. The song also has a political angle as it warns politicians that they will not be lied to or taken for granted.


20. Lions, Tigers, And Bears – Jazmine Sullivan

YouTube video

“Lions, Tigers and Bears” is an R&B song about lions from Jazmine Sullivan’s debut album “Fearless.” It was released in November 2008 and received two Grammy nominations.

The song references the film “The Wizard of Oz” as the lions, tigers, and bears represent the different challenges she goes through in her music career. Although she is used to the challenges, she is unprepared for love as she doesn’t know how to handle it.



21. King And Lionheart – Of Monsters and Men

YouTube video

The track “King and Lionheart” was recorded by an alternative folk band, Of Monsters and Men. It was written by Nanna Bryndis and released in 2011.

Nanna (Lionheart) draws the song’s inspiration from her experience with her little brother (King). She states that although they might not have spent time together, she loves him and is content that she taught him well.


Last Words

Songs about lions are meant to give hope, encouragement, or rise above certain injustices and remain united. Others depict the lion as a symbol of victory over personal challenges.

The above songs show how different artists incorporate the word lion into their songs for various reasons. I hope they will help you achieve what their writers intended.


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