21 Best Songs About Finding Yourself

Learning what one truly values and wants in life can be very complex if one mainly feels alone and lost. To remedy this, I dedicated myself to listening to songs about finding yourself to assist in knowing who I am and where I belong in this wide world.

My hope comes from knowing others are facing the same interpersonal struggle as I do and coming to the other side stronger than before. This hope keeps me going through my journey of self-discovery.

Music is my source of comfort and inspiration and inspiration and can be my anchor when going through tough times. Several songs on finding yourself can give the guidance one needs and strength to face life.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Lose Yourself Eminem Learn More
2 Whatever Oasis Learn More
3 Me, Myself & I G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha Learn More
4 Where I Belong Hometown Learn More
5 Disconnect  Clean Bandit & Marina Learn More
6 This Is Me Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman) Learn More
7 Let Me Live Rudimental & Major Lazer Learn More
8 Born This Way Lady Gaga Learn More
9 Shatter Me Lindsey Stirling & Lzzy Hale Learn More
10 A Place in This World Taylor Swift Learn More
11 Imperfections Céline Dion Learn More
12 Still Learning Halsey Learn More
13 Lose You To Love Me Selena Gomez Learn More
14 Through The Rain Mariah Carey Learn More
15 Back To Love Chris Brown Learn More
16 This Is Me Demi Lovato Learn More
17 Come As You Are Nirvana Learn More
18 Peace Of Mind Above and Beyond & Zoë Johnston Learn More
19 Who Says Selena Gomez & The Scene Learn More
20 Who You Are Jessie J Learn More
21 Who I Am Jessica Andrews Learn More


21 Best Songs About Finding Yourself

If you want to find yourself, check out these 21 songs I have compiled to guide your self-discovery journey.


1. Lose Yourself – Eminem

YouTube video

A memorable song to start this list is Lose Yourself by Eminem. The rap song is one of the best composed and even ended up winning an award at the Oscars.

The song was opposed as part of the movie titled 8 Mile, which showcased Eminem’s life as he struggled to make a name for himself. This adrenaline-pumping piece can encourage you to take a chance on whatever opportunity is in front of you.

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2. Whatever – Oasis

YouTube video

This is the perfect song to make your anthem if you feel situations are holding you back. It can be your guide when you seek freedom to forge a path.

You do not have to conform to society’s standards, and you should strive always to be free. The composers featured an orchestra making one of the best melodies accompanying a rock song.


3. Me, Myself & I – G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha

YouTube video

If you are listening to songs about finding yourself, having this as part of your playlist is essential. The song tells the story of a pop star overwhelmed by the pressure and attention from his success.

He sings that he needs to be alone but surrounded by people he doesn’t need. The artist talks about how he has always been a loner, and the music that made him successful is the only thing he needs.


4. Where I Belong – Hometown

YouTube video

If you are a fan of boy bands, then this song is for you if you are on your path of self-discovery. The song will remind you that finding yourself can be in someone’s arms.

Some influences can be positive and change us to be better people all around. I also found myself through the guidance and love of my partner.


5. Disconnect – Clean Bandit & Marina

YouTube video

Most of the time, the journey of finding yourself requires evaluating those surrounding you. Many of those we assume are our closest companions are toxic and negatively influence our lives.

“Disconnect” taught me it is okay to take a break and cut ties for me to find the person I am becoming. Besides philosophical lessons from the track, the electric beats are entertaining and soothing.


6. This Is Me – Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman)

YouTube video

Out of all songs about finding yourself, this is one that truly stands out as it is a piece from “The Greatest Showman” musical drama film.

“This Is Me” has gained hundreds of millions of streams and won a Golden Globe award. The song teaches us that it is essential to be unapologetic and have the courage to be who we are.


7. Let Me Live – Rudimental & Major Lazer

YouTube video

Committing to the process of finding yourself requires time and effort. It can be pretty challenging to discover who you are if you live under the influence of other people.

I learned the hard way when I challenged myself to walk the path of self-discovery. “Let Me Live” inspired me to embrace every flaw I have and stay true to myself.


8. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

YouTube video

You can never go wrong with Lady Gaga when selecting songs about finding yourself. The artist has the confidence that the majority of us envy.

This song is about self-acceptance, especially being comfortable in your skin and loving yourself. This is one of her iconic pieces from the album with the same title.

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9. Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling & Lzzy Hale

YouTube video

The song is powerful and cuts deep in each lyric from the artist. The song is full of wisdom as it gives off encouragement that it is okay to be lost and eventually will find ourselves. Part of finding yourself is accepting who you are, with all your imperfections.

This piece’s instrumental is equally impressive; every time I listen to it, I feel the music talking to my soul. If you need a boost of courage, hope, and strength, listen to “Shatter Me”.


10. A Place in This World – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Even celebrities who think they are living glamorous lives have struggled to discover their identity. Fame and the people surrounding you when you are successful can cloud someone’s judgment.

In the song, Taylor sings about how she’s alone in her path and needs to be strong in order to achieve the things she wants.


11. Imperfections – Céline Dion

YouTube video

It is a refreshing feeling to always listen to songs by Celine Dion. Her majestic voice is inspirational and full of emotions. Among numerous songs about finding yourself, the song reminds us that we should embrace our flaws as they make us who we are.

A powerful message of self-love and trust is a reminder that everyone has insecurities and is okay to be imperfect.


12. Still Learning – Halsey

YouTube video

One of the most important lessons that most of us forget is loving ourselves before giving love to others. This is what the artist is trying to do, as she’s still learning to love herself.

Even though she has imperfections that she is trying to fix before committing to a relationship, she decides to embrace them together with her partner.


13. Lose You To Love Me – Selena Gomez

YouTube video

Most of the time, those who hold us in our path to loving and finding ourselves are the love we have for other people who don’t reciprocate it.

That is a lesson that Selena learned after her breakup, making her get inspiration from herself. The song’s lyrics are raw and emotional and clearly depict that she put her effort into past relationships until she lost who she was.


14. Through The Rain – Mariah Carey

YouTube video

Mariah Carey has a couple of songs about finding yourself, but this piece stands out because of the emotions that come from the song’s lyrics.

The song is an encouragement that when we pass through a difficult time, if we truly believe in ourselves and have faith, we will come out of it stronger than we were.


15. Back To Love – Chris Brown

YouTube video

“Back To Love” is one of the best songs composed by Chris Brown as it is different from the regular party anthems we expect from him.

In the song, Chris brown apologizes to the girl that he mistreated and comes to the realization that she truly made him a better person and helped him truly find himself.

In the music video, we can see Chris imitating one of his biggest musical inspirations, Michael Jackson, by dancing like him and wearing a similar outfit.

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16. This Is Me – Demi Lovato

YouTube video

Before global musical fame and success, Demi was part of a popular Disney movie named Camp Rock. While many would not recognize her, as it has been over a decade since its release, the song’s lyrics and the film are still fresh in my head.

Listening to the piece is always nostalgic and encouraging to stay true to myself and be proud of who I am.


17. Come As You Are – Nirvana

YouTube video

This classic song from Nirvana is the one you need to share with your loved one who struggles with identity issues. The song is an encouragement to do away with pretenses and be yourself.

It was released on the band’s “Nevermind” album and instantly became a hit. The song teaches tolerance and appreciating yourself as you are and also others.


18. Peace Of Mind – Above&Beyond & Zoë Johnston

YouTube video

You cannot have the courage to find yourself if your journey does not start by accepting the person you are. “Peace of Mind” is about recognizing yourself and self-love.

It is the perfect song for people struggling to find their place in this world. The song has a refreshing feel that can be the enlightenment you need.


19. Who Says – Selena Gomez & The Scene

YouTube video

Selena Gomez has faced many challenges and composed songs to express herself, and the challenges she had helped in making her grow. In this song, she sings about self-acceptance and embracing our beauty without comparing it to that of others.


20. Who You Are – Jessie J

YouTube video

Here is another song that can help you find yourself. Sometimes along the way of life, bad influences make us get lost.

This is the reason Jessie J wrote this song, it was about a phase in her life when she didn’t know who she was anymore. Its message is to be true to ourselves and that it’s fine not to be fine.


21. Who I Am – Jessica Andrews

YouTube video

Knowing who you are can be the first step to finding who you are. And the next step to returning to your life path is to accept who you are.

This is exactly what Jessica Andrews does in the song, as she mentions her flaws, and embraces them as part of her. She is confident because she has a lot of people around her that love and support her.


Last Words

I hope you enjoy these songs about finding yourself as they are entertaining and might give you the motivation you never knew you needed. If you are going through a tough moment and struggling to find your place, I hope the songs help to make you realize you are not alone.

No matter the challenges and negative influences you face every day, be strong and curve your path. You are the only one that can determine your journey and who you truly are.


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