21 Best Songs About Denial

You are probably living in denial about one thing or another. Whether it’s the state of your relationships or a self-destructive habit you have, we are in denial for many things.

The most difficult thing is accepting that you are in denial and that you need to fix a part of your life. It might seem impossible at first but if you step back and look at things differently you’ll be able to see the solution.

The songs are about being in this state of denial. You’ll see their struggle with accepting their situations, and, in some instances, you’ll be able to see the consequences of choosing not to accept them.

The beautiful thing about these songs is that they remind us that even though these people are highly successful, they are humans and make mistakes. We should learn from their mistakes so that we don’t find ourselves in the same positions.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Missing You John Waite Learn More
2 It Wasn’t Me Shaggy Learn More
3 Drivers License Olivia Rodrigo Learn More
4 Billie Jean Michael Jackson Learn More
5 You Broke Me First Tate McRae Learn More
6 Pretty Hurts Beyoncé Learn More
7 I’m Not In Love 10cc Learn More
8 Rehab Amy Winehouse Learn More
9 Anymore Travis Tritt Learn More
10 House Of Cards Radiohead Learn More
11 Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial Pam Tillis Learn More
12 Behind These Hazel Eyes Kelly Clarkson Learn More
13 Reason to Believe Rod Stewart Learn More
14 Lips Are Movin Meghan Trainor Learn More
15 Still Into You Paramore Learn More
16 It Ain’t The Whiskey Gary Allan Learn More
17 Tell Me A Lie Janie Fricke Learn More
18 The Denial Twist The White Stripes Learn More
19 Fighter Christina Aguilera Learn More
20 Nobody To Blame Chris Stapleton Learn More
21 I’m Not The Only One Sam Smith Learn More


Songs About Denial

The following are the best songs about denial to help you come to terms with your situation:


1. Missing You – John Waite

YouTube video

The singer in this ballad from 1983-1984 misses his ex, but he doesn’t want to accept his feelings. He keeps hearing her name being brought up by his friends and it makes him long for her even more.

He tries his best not to think about her, but it doesn’t work. He only misses her more. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s best to accept your situation in order to get over it.

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2. It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

YouTube video

This song about denial is about a man who was caught cheating by his girlfriend. He asks for help from a friend, and he is told to deny every single accusation despite the evidence of his cheating.

He eventually apologizes to his girlfriend despite being advised to deny the accusations. This song is a classic and it’s catchy. It takes you back to the early 2000s.


3. Drivers License – Olivia Rodrigo

YouTube video

Olivia Rodrigo rose to fame in 2021 when this song became a massive hit. It follows a girl who just got her driver’s license, but it serves as a reminder of her boyfriend, who she was looking forward to visiting.

She doesn’t want to accept that their relationship is over and is still in love with her ex. You can sense her pain as she sings about how she wishes they were still together.


4. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

YouTube video

This is one of the most iconic songs in history performed by a young Michael Jackson. Michael is accused of being the father of Billie Jean’s child, and he flat-out denies it.

The lady accusing him of being the father is a gorgeous woman who is trying to trap him. He remembers his mother’s warnings about the consequences of his actions.


5. You Broke Me First – Tate McRae

YouTube video

This song feels like it came out of nowhere in 2020. It is about a girl who has been left by her boyfriend. She is healing through the heartbreak when her ex calls her drunk at a party.

She tells him she was in denial about their heartbreak and couldn’t accept that he had moved on so quickly. She has healed now and she doesn’t get excited when she sees his calls.


6. Pretty Hurts – Beyoncé

YouTube video

Many people struggle with self-image and loving themselves the way they are. In this song about denial, Beyoncé tackles the issue by telling people that maybe it’s their souls that need surgery and not their bodies.

She recounts the pain that women go through to be pretty. Starving themselves, make-up and hair treatments don’t make anyone prettier. All that matters is what’s inside. You just need to be a better person.


7. I’m Not In Love – 10cc

YouTube video

What the singer in this song calls a “silly phase” is actually him being head over heels in love with someone. He likes to see her but at the same time denies that he’s in love with her.

You can’t help but feel for him as he squanders an amazing opportunity to find love. His denial is painfully obvious, as you can see that he likes the girl.


8. Rehab – Amy Winehouse

YouTube video

Amy Winehouse starts off this song by denying that she has a drug abuse problem. She says she’ll eventually come back to her senses, but sadly that was just a lie, as Amy died due to alcohol intoxication at the age of 27.

Sometimes denial causes more damage than it’s worth, and this situation is a perfect example.

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9. Anymore – Travis Tritt

YouTube video

Hiding the way you feel about someone will only hurt you. It’s better to come out and say it, wear your heart on your sleeve. That is what the singer goes on to do in this beautiful country song.

He wants to live his life with the girl he loves. This is a song you can send to the one you love. It is a beautiful way to confess your feelings.


10. House Of Cards – Radiohead

YouTube video

There’s nothing like a scandal to make someone deny everything. This song is about a man who tries to convince a married woman to leave her relationship so they can be together.

The narrator tells the girl that they will just deny any accusations leveled against them. You don’t get to know what the woman decides to do, but you can tell that the whole thing is a bad idea.


11. Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial – Pam Tillis

YouTube video

The woman in this song is in denial, and she knows it. She refuses to accept that she has married someone that doesn’t love her. She makes excuses for him and denies the strong evidence that he might be cheating on her.

He doesn’t buy her a ring because he doesn’t have any money yet he buys a truck. You feel for this woman because she knows she deserves better, but she doesn’t want to end her current relationship.


12. Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson

YouTube video

Telling someone how you feel about them is always a gamble; you never truly know how they will respond. Kelly did just that and it ended poorly for her.

She doesn’t want the person she likes to see her crying even though she is in pain. Even though she didn’t get the outcome she expected, you have to commend her for taking her shot when she had it.


13. Reason to Believe – Rod Stewart

YouTube video

The poor fellow in this song would rather be in denial than accept that his lover is no good for him. She cheats on him, lies, and then laughs in his face as he cries.

He clings on to the relationship even though she clearly doesn’t love him anymore. This song about denial serves as a lesson for those who are clinging to failing, loveless relationships. It’s better to accept the truth and move on.


14. Lips Are Movin – Meghan Trainor

YouTube video

Trust is the key to any relationship, and that’s exactly what’s missing in this relationship. In this song, Meghan doesn’t trust her lover at all and wants to leave him.

He has deceived her so many times that his lies don’t work on her anymore. Despite the sad message, this song is enjoyable and has an upbeat tune. You should check it out.


15. Still Into You – Paramore

YouTube video

Finding someone you love through thick and thin is special. That’s what the narrator in this song has. She still gets butterflies around her lover even after being together for a long time.

She is amazed at how they have managed to love one another through it all. She can’t deny how much she loves him. It is something that we all wish to have when we find that special someone.

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16. It Ain’t The Whiskey – Gary Allan

YouTube video

This country song about denial follows a man who is in a church with a group of fellow broken people. He denies that his misery is due to the alcohol and drugs that he takes.

He tells us that his pain is due to the hole inside him that formed when his lover left him. This is a sad, beautiful, and introspective song that feels like he is finally accepting his flaws.


17. Tell Me A Lie – Janie Fricke

YouTube video

This song is about denial that the narrator is not dealing with properly. She meets a married man at a bar, and she asks him to play along with her fantasy.

She asks him to pretend that they are lovers. She sees him take off his wedding ring. You sympathize with her because she just wants to feel loved, and the only way for that is to play this game.


18. The Denial Twist – The White Stripes

YouTube video

One-sided love is a tale as old as time. The narrator of this story finds himself in such a situation. He finds out that he loves his partner a lot more than she loves him.

Puzzled by this, he asks his friends and they confirm his suspicions. You end up feeling sorry for him as he has to lie to himself about the nature of his relationship.


19. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

YouTube video

When you’re in a relationship it’s best to be yourself and not hide anything. Christina finds herself in a relationship where her partner lied to her and denied who he really is.

Rather than letting this bring her down, she takes this as an opportunity to learn and be better. She won’t be falling for the same lies again. You find yourself rooting for her because of the uplifting and motivating nature of the song.


20. Nobody To Blame – Chris Stapleton

YouTube video

In the song, the protagonist is a married man who was caught cheating on his wife and did not deny it. He accepts accusations of all his misdeeds and doesn’t live in denial.

The price is him finding all his stuff ruined. At least he was honest.


21. I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

YouTube video

Finding out that your partner is cheating on you is one of the most heartbreaking things ever. When the persona confronts her husband about this, he calls her crazy even though she knows he is cheating.

She’s had her doubts for months on end, denying what she suspects. It tears their marriage apart. Sam Smith once again delivers a masterpiece and it’s no surprise that this song about denial was a hit.


Last Words

Whether it’s due to a relationship, drugs, or mental health, living in denial is never a good idea. It takes courage to admit that something is wrong, and it takes a lot more to try and fix the problem.

Sometimes you just need a friend to help you out in your situation. Have them tell you how they see things in an unbiased way.

Nevertheless, you must confront the ugly truth and try to make things better. Use these songs about denial to help you through these challenging times.


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