The 21 Best Songs About Camping

Being in the outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You interact with nature in its rawest form, allowing you to see a part of yourself you cannot experience elsewhere. One of the things that make camping even better is the playlist you have with you. Like most things music-related, songs about camping can make or break your camping experience.

So, if you are looking for songs to add to your camping playlist or want to get in the camping mood, the songs I will cover today are the ones for you.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Going Camping John Denver & The Muppets Learn More
2 Old Pine Ben Howard Learn More
3 A Camping We Will Go The Kiboomers Learn More
4 Camping in My Room  Chell and the Vetos Learn More
5 There Ain’t No Bugs on Me Jerry Garcia & David Grisman Learn More
6 Camping Song Little Angel Kids Songs Learn More
7 Ring Of Fire Johnny Cash Learn More
8 The Camping Trip Ray Stevens Learn More
9 Take Me Home, Country Roads John Denver Learn More
10 Camping Song Andy Z Learn More
11 The Campfire Song Song SpongeBob SquarePants Learn More
12 Blowin’ in the Wind Bob Dylan Learn More
13 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song Fleet Foxe Learn More
14 Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac Learn More
15 Sit Down by the Fire The Veils Learn More
16 With Arms Outstretched Rilo Kiley Learn More
17 Down in the Valley The Head and the Heart Learn More
18 Home On The Range Roy Rogers Learn More
19 Yes Yes Bedtime Camping Song Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes Learn More
20 High Impact Camping Quincy Punx Learn More
21 Camping Song Blippi Learn More


21 Songs About Camping

Some of the best songs about camping that you can play while being one with nature include:


1. Going Camping – John Denver & The Muppets

YouTube video

There is no better song to get you in the camping spirit than “Going Camping.” Let John Denver, Kermit, and the other Muppets paint the picture of what you can expect when camping.

This piece is great for playing even with children to encourage them to look forward to your trip. Play this while getting ready and on the way to your camp, and sing along with the Muppets as you go to have the best time of your life.

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2. Old Pine – Ben Howard

YouTube video

This song by Ben Howard is a different take on camping than the Muppets’ piece. It is a more grown-up version of camping and paints a perfect picture of what camping is like.

Lyrics like “Hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags, I’ve come to know that memories / Were the best things you ever had” are enough to get me missing camping.

The simple guitar accompanying him is also something you can play around the campfire while singing together, the ultimate camping experience.


3. A Camping We Will Go – The Kiboomers

YouTube video

Looking for songs about camping that will help your children get excited about camping? Turn to the Kiboomers. Not only is A Camping We Will Go a fun song for children, but it is also a chance to teach your kids more about camping.

It is a simple tune that your kids can sing along to and gets them excited about what they can expect from the camping trip. It is also catchy, so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself singing along.


4. Camping in My Room – Chell and the Vetos

YouTube video

What if you want to go camping in the woods, but the circumstances won’t let you? Do what this song says and go camping in your room.

You can still enjoy yourself while camping in your room like I did while in quarantine. Playing this song is the perfect way to bring the camping feeling to your home.


5.  There Ain’t No Bugs on Me – Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

YouTube video

This is a funny and upbeat song about the things that ruin our camping experience. It talks about bugs, mosquitos, and spiders, and whether they’re on you or not, which makes for an entertaining song to play while gathered around the campfire.

Be careful though, as you may scare those who have a phobia for these sorts of things.


6. Camping Song  – Little Angel Kids Songs

YouTube video

The next song on our list is another kids’ song. The theme of the song is taking pleasure in spending time with loved ones and companions, particularly in nature.

Often when it’s the first time that children go camping, they get a little scared by the sounds and nature in general. This is another song aimed at children that can also be enjoyable for adults to listen to.



7. Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash

YouTube video

Johnny Cash has one of those voices that only come once in a while and sweeps us away. His strong voice has the ability to bring life to words, and Ring Of Fire is no different.

Although this is a love song, the lyrics and the idea of a ring of fire make it the perfect companion on those warm nights spent by the fire with the people you love.


8. The Camping Trip – Ray Stevens

YouTube video

You’ll definitely enjoy this song by country singer and songwriter, Ray stevens. It tells the hilarious and unlucky experience of a family that goes on a camping trip.

I’m sure the story will make you laugh hard and will thus warm the atmosphere.

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9. Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver

YouTube video

Another artist who can make you feel at home or get you longing for home, John Denver, created a masterpiece with this song.

Nostalgia will kick with a strong punch when you start listening or singing along to this song, but it is all worth it. I can guarantee everyone will sing along with you before the song is even one verse in; it is just that good.


10. Camping Song – Andy Z

YouTube video

This is another entertaining camping song, that you can listen to and sing along with your friends or family. It’s especially suitable for kids as it gives them firsthand knowledge about camping.


11. The Campfire Song Song – SpongeBob SquarePants

YouTube video

A great and fun song about camping and the campfire for both adults and children, “The Campfire Song Song” is a great mood booster. Its fast pacing and simple lyrics are something everyone will enjoy.

What’s better than singing a campfire song while sitting by the campfire?


12. Blowin’ in the Wind – Bob Dylan

YouTube video

A common occurrence with most songs about camping is the longing sound with a simple guitar or ukulele string accompanying it.

Bob Dylan gives us yet another sorrowful but still cozy song that is perfect for camping. It is a great tune with captivating lyrics that will make you think.


13. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – Fleet Foxes

YouTube video

Fleet Foxes have made a lot of music associated with nature and the woods. The folksy nature of their songs makes them great companions on camping trips.

We can come to grips with our existence and enjoy a simple life while out in the woods, and “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” lets us appreciate these moments even more.


14. Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac

YouTube video

Sometimes we go camping to take a break from reality and the troubles that plague us back in the real world. Fleetwood Mac perfectly portrayed this emotion with “Go Your Own Way.”

It is a breakup song with upbeat instrumentals, encouraging us to go our own way when things seem down. A great song with an incredible rhythm, you can sing this to let go of painful emotions.

It is also a chance to bond with other Fleetwood Mac lovers as you sing it around the campfire.


15. Sit Down by the Fire – The Veils

YouTube video

There are sounds I will forever associate with camping, and “Sit Down by the Fire” is one of the songs about camping that do that for me.

The visuals of the mountains and accompanying vocals capture the feeling you normally get when camping. I think it makes a great song for a camping trip.

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16. With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley

YouTube video

The simple guitar tune and sorrowful voice we talked about are exhibited again in this piece. Jenny Lewis’s captivating voice takes you away to a different world.

This song reminds me to let go and live in the moment, allowing myself to enjoy where I am. I’m sure it’ll make a great experience when you sing it together with your friends.


17. Down in the Valley – The Head and the Heart

YouTube video

The acoustic guitar sets the tone for “Down in the Valley”, allowing you to relax and unwind in your surroundings. Like most songs about camping, this piece will help you reflect on your life while still providing a catchy tune and thoughtful lyrics that create the perfect atmosphere for camping.

The piano and guitar set the tone for an evening by the campfire, letting you take in nature and the peace surrounding you.


18. Home On The Range – Roy Rogers

YouTube video

A perfect song to listen to as dusk enters, Home On The Range creates a mental picture of the wilderness and the animals around.

It is a great piece to play when camping in areas that allow you to see and observe how the animals interact in their natural environment, something you can’t see in cities.

It is a beautiful song that will sweep you away with its touching lyrics and beautiful oldies voices.


19. Yes Yes Bedtime Camping Song – Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

YouTube video

Getting your children to settle down at night, whether at home or out camping, is always a task. Play this catchy tune from Cocomelon in this scenario.

You can even encourage them to help set up the tent as they do in the song so you can get their cooperation. It is also a great way to tire the children out and ensure they sleep right after you finish setting the tent.


20. High Impact Camping – Quincy Punx

YouTube video

High Impact Camping is for a different breed of campers, those who like adventure and have high energy all the time.

The song is from a punk rock band that takes a different approach to camping, giving you an adrenaline rush. Play this when you need some energizing spirit.


21. Camping Song – Blippi

YouTube video

The last song in my list of songs about camping is a sweet educational one. Definitely play this tune if you’re going on a camping trip with your kids as it’ll teach them a lot about camping.


Last Words

Camping is a lot of fun; nothing compares to it. Playing the songs about camping covered above will definitely improve your experience.

I have included songs that fit everyone, from young children to older people, ensuring a great camping experience for everyone. I hope some of these songs will be a great addition to your playlist.


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