23 Best Songs About Being 23

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next chapter of your life, and there are many songs about being 23 that can help you get there. It is my hope that the songs on this list may inspire you to reevaluate your own life’s purpose, motivation, and objectives.

There are a lot of age-related milestones, but 23 isn’t one of them. This list, on the other hand, examines the plethora of events that occur once you reach this milestone age. 23 is a special age.

It’s the age when you’re finally considered an adult, but you still have the energy and enthusiasm of a teenager. It’s a time of transition: when you’re figuring out who you are and what you want from life.

And it’s also a time when great things can happen. Just ask Taylor Swift, who released her smash album “Red” when she was 23. Or Adele, who won six Grammy Awards for her album “21” at the age of 23.

Clearly, 23 is a lucky number for some. But it’s also a special number for those of us who are 23 right now. We’re at a crossroads, with the world at our feet. And these 23 songs perfectly capture that feeling.

From coming-of-age anthems to odes to young love, they’re all about being 23 and loving it. So crank up the volume and enjoy being young, wild, and free. After all, it only happens once.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Real Plumb Learn More
2 All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself Free Cake for Every Creature Learn More
3 23 God Lives Underwater Learn More
4 Catching Up Allstar Weekend Learn More
5 Heart Attack At 23 Y Kant Tori Read Learn More
6 Father God IAMSU Learn More
7 23 Shakira Learn More
8 23 Mike WiLL Made-It & Miley Cyrus & Wiz Khalifa Learn More
9 Twenty Three Yellowcard Learn More
10 Twenty Three MC Lars & Amie Miriello Learn More
11 Fairy Tales MC Jin & Teesa Learn More
12 Come Hell or High Water Everything but the Girl Learn More
13 23 Jimmy Eat World Learn More
14 22 Going On 23 Butthole surfers Learn More
15 Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio &  Kylian Mash Learn More
16 Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran Learn More
17 Take My Number Melissa Etheridge Learn More
18 Wasted Cartel Learn More
19 What’s My Age Again? Blink-182 Learn More
20 Furr Blitzen Trapper Learn More
21 Pardon Me Incubus Learn More
22 Wishing I Was 23 R5 Learn More
23 Gone Tomorrow The Staves Learn More

23 Best Songs About Being 23

Being 23 can be both exhilarating and confusing. On the one hand, you’re finally out of your teenage years and embarking on adulthood.

But on the other hand, you may feel like you’re still figuring out who you are and what you want in life. Either way, there’s no better way to soundtrack your journey than with music. Here are 23 of the best songs about being 23:


1. Real – Plumb

YouTube video

The song “Real” by Plumb is a moving ballad about the search for authenticity in a world that often feels fake and superficial. These words speak to the deep longing that we all have to be seen and known for who we are.

The narrator of the song has clearly been hurt by relationships that have not been built on trust and honesty. As the song progresses, she comes to realize that she needs to find her own sense of self-worth and value.

This is among the best songs about being 23. This moment of self-awareness is liberating, and it allows the narrator to move forward with her life with a new sense of confidence and purpose.

“Real” is an inspiring song about staying true to yourself and finding your own voice in a world full of noise.

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2. All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself – Free Cake for Every Creature

YouTube video

At 23, you might feel like you’re not quite sure who you are or who you want to be. That’s totally normal! You’re still young and there’s a lot of time for figuring things out. In the meantime, just be yourself!

One of the best ways to do that is by listening to music that celebrates individuality and self-acceptance. Free Cake for Every Creature is an indie pop band from Philadelphia, and their music is all about being your weird, wonderful self.

This is an important message for anyone who is struggling to find their place in the world. It can be easy to get caught up in what other people think you should do with your life. But at the end of the day, the only person who knows what’s best for you is yourself.


3. 23 – God Lives Underwater

YouTube video

“23” is a song by God Lives Underwater, released in 1995. The song is named after the age of the band’s frontman, David Reilly, when he wrote it.

The theme of the song is the search for a purpose. The singer, who just turned 23, is attempting to determine how to proceed. The musician acknowledges that he has made a lot of poor decisions in the past and wants to improve.


4. Catching Up – Allstar Weekend

YouTube video

The song “Catching Up” by Allstar Weekend is about a 23-year-old boy who is trying to catch up with his life. The lyrics talk about how he feels like he’s always behind and he’s never going to catch up.

The song is a little bit sad, but it’s also very relatable. Many people feel like they’re always behind in life and like they can never catch up. This song captures that feeling perfectly.


5. Heart Attack At 23 – Y Kant Tori Read

YouTube video

“Heart Attack at 23” is a song by American singer-songwriter Tori Amos, lead singer of the band Y Kant Tori Read. The song was written in response to the death of her friend, comedian Bill Hicks, who died of a heart attack at the age of 32.

The song is a ballad with piano and strings accompaniment. Amos uses the metaphor of a broken heart to describe the pain of losing someone prematurely.

She also references Hicks’s comedy routines, which often dealt with dark subjects such as death, in the lyrics. The song has been praised for its emotionally powerful lyrics and Amos’s poignant vocal performance.


6. Father God – IAMSU

YouTube video

Father God is a song about being grateful for everything that God has given us. The lyrics express appreciation for the gift of life and for all of the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. The song talks about how we should never take our relationship with God for granted. Instead, we should always be thankful for His love and care.

Overall, Father God is a song about being thankful for everything in life, both the good and the bad. It is a reminder to always be grateful for what we have, even when times are tough.


7. 23 – Shakira

YouTube video

Shakira’s song “23” is a haunting and emotive ballad that reflects on the singer’s experience of love and loss. The lyrics are written in a non-linear fashion, jumping back and forth in time as Shakira recalls different moments from her past relationship.

The overall effect is one of nostalgia and longing, with Shakira grappling with the pain of her breakup. The song also contains elements of hope, as Shakira looks to the future and remains open to the possibility of finding love again.

“23” is a beautifully crafted song that captures the complicated emotions of a failed relationship. It is both sad and sweet, making it an instant classic from one of pop music’s most beloved artists.


8. 23 – Mike WiLL Made-It & Miley Cyrus & Wiz Khalifa

YouTube video

There are no references to being 23 in “23” by Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made-it, and Wiz Khalifa, although it does discuss Michael Jordan and his jersey number (23).

The song tells the story of an atypical lady who, in spite of the social stigma associated with her actions (partying, hanging out with guys, wearing miniskirts, etc.), does whatever she wants.

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9. Twenty Three – Yellowcard

YouTube video

“Twenty Three” is a song by the American rock band Yellowcard. The song was released in 2003 as the lead single from their fifth studio album, Ocean Avenue.

“Twenty Three” is an uptempo pop punk song with elements of emo and power pop. The song’s lyrics are written from the perspective of a person who is looking back on their life at the age of 23.

The lyrics reflect on the choices made in one’s youth, and how they can shape the course of one’s life. The song is an anthem for those who are facing challenges in their lives and serves as a reminder that it is never too late to make a change.

“Twenty Three” is a powerful song that speaks to the human experience, and its message is one that will resonate with all who hear it.


10. Twenty Three – MC Lars & Amie Miriello

YouTube video

Read on only if you’re okay with the lyrics of “Twenty Three,” a really depressing song by MC Lars featuring Amie Miriello.

This song tells the tale of a young boy who committed suicide as a result of severe anxiety and depression. The song is told from his friend’s point of view, who is mourning the fact that their best friend will always be 23 years old.


11. Fairy Tales – MC Jin & Teesa

“Fairy Tales” is a song by MC Jin featuring Teesa. The song was released on October 21, 2014, and is included on Jin’s album XIV:LIX.

The track is an uptempo hip-hop song with elements of R&B. The song’s lyrics tell the story of a young man who is in love with a girl who is not interested in him at first.

Despite this, he continues to pursue her, believing that she is his “fairy tale” come true. His attempts are successful as they start dating, get married and have children.

“Fairy Tales” is a moving track that will inspire listeners to not give up on love and keep trying.


12. Come Hell or High Water – Everything but the Girl

YouTube video

“Come Hell Or High Water” is a song by the musical duo Everything But The Girl, released on 1986 from their album “Baby, the Stars Shine Bright”. The song is about a person who believes they are too good for their lover while having the worst qualities.

The singer bemoans the way their partner acts all haughty and regal while not having much to offer. The concerned partner is a heavy drinker and is only 23 years old.

The singer laments the way their partner acts all high and mighty while not having much to offer. Their partner is a heavy drinker and is only 23 years old.


13. 23 – Jimmy Eat World

YouTube video

“23” is a song by American rock band Jimmy Eat World from their studio album “Futures”. The song was released on 2004.

“23” is a hauntingly beautiful track. It’s one of those songs where the singer wishes they could have the energy of a 23-year-old despite not actually being 23.

He seems to have been dumped by his sweetheart for a similar reason, and he reflects on the situation and how rapidly time passes. 23 is a wonderful age since it’s when you’re full of ambition and adventure.

For his beloved, the singer is ready to become a completely different person.


14. 22 Going On 23 – Butthole surfers

YouTube video

“22 Going On 23” is a song by the American rock band “Butthole surfers”. The song was released on 1987, and included in their album “Locust Abortion Technician”.

The song is about a lady who has experienced sexual trauma. The lyrics imply that the woman in question is worried because she has a new lover. She is 22 and soon to turn 23 years old.

The song expresses hope that the new person will treat her better and heal her sexual trauma as her ex used to be a soldier who didn’t have as much time for her.


15. Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio &  Kylian Mash

YouTube video

The song “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio is intended to depict the thought processes of a regular street gangster. So it makes sense that a lot of the terms used there discuss the violent and illegal activity that such a lifestyle is based on.

Coolio aims to depict the sense of pessimism that comes with growing up in such a setting. Because of this, the 23-year-old man in the second verse questions whether he will still be alive in a year. Such a mindset is widespread among, let’s say, young minority boys from inner-city American areas.


16. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

YouTube video

“Thinking Out Loud” is a song by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was released as a single in 2014 and has since become one of Sheeran’s most popular songs.

The song does not really include someone that is 23 years old. Instead, it serves as a metaphor to indicate someone who is easy to fall in love with. The singer is so in love with this particular girl that he would always do his best for her, no matter their ages.

The song has been praised for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. It has been covered by various artists, and has been used in numerous television and film soundtracks. “Thinking Out Loud” has won several awards, including Grammy Awards for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.


17. Take My Number – Melissa Etheridge

YouTube video

Melissa Etheridge’s “Take My Number” is a mid-tempo rock ballad with a catchy melody and an empowering message. The song is about meeting up with an ex-classmate who was once highly passionate and driven but is now struggling as a result of their bad choices.

The singer understands and concurs that the 23-year-old versions of them frequently make bad choices, but it shouldn’t stop individuals from living their best life.

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18. Wasted – Cartel

YouTube video

“Wasted” is a song by American rock band Cartel. It was released in 2007 from their album “Cartel”. The song tells the story of a young child whose parents engage in criminal activity.

The child decides to abandon his own parents because he desires a better life. He wants to begin a fresh life at the age of 23, but he feels that the future is dim because of his past.


19. What’s My Age Again? – Blink-182

YouTube video

When “What’s My Age Again?” was released as a single in 1999, it helped to propel Blink-182 into the mainstream. The song’s catchy hook and simple, relatable lyrics struck a chord with many listeners, and the accompanying music video only added to its appeal.

It is a hilarious song about a man who, despite being 23, still acts like a child. He engages in several childish antics that irritate everyone who interact with him. Many people advise him to act his age, but he doesn’t seem to give a damn what they think.

In the video, the band members run naked through the streets of Los Angeles, causing havoc and generating plenty of laughs along the way. Though it may be lighthearted and silly, “What’s My Age Again?” is also a reminder that growing up doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

As Blink-182Showcase in this classic tune, sometimes it’s okay to act like a kid again – no matter how old you are.


20. Furr – Blitzen Trapper

YouTube video

Blitzen Trapper’s “Furr” is a song about a young man’s journey into adulthood. The song begins with the protagonist’s memories of his childhood.

As he looks back on those times, he realizes how carefree and innocent he was. The central theme of the song is when the singer is 23 years old, which is the same time that he met the girl.


21. Pardon Me – Incubus

YouTube video

“Pardon Me” is a song by the band Incubus, and it was released as part of their album, “Make Yourself”. The song was a big hit for the band, reaching number three on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and number 2 on Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

The song is actually about a person who has severe anxiety as a result of others’ expectations. The vocalist is 23 years old and in that vulnerable stage just before transitioning into adulthood (which poses some difficult challenges).


22. Wishing I Was 23 – R5

YouTube video

In the song “Wishing I Was 23” by American pop rock band R5, released on 2013 as part of their album “Louder”.

The song is about a young boy who is obsessed with a 23-year-old female and longs to become that girl’s age and be with her right away. The song’s majority is devoted to him expressing his love for the girl.


23. Gone Tomorrow – The Staves

YouTube video

“Gone Tomorrow” is a song by the British trio band, The Staves, released on 2012, included in their album “Dead and Born and Grown”.

The song is motivational in nature and conveys the idea that life is too short to waste time waiting for possibilities to present themselves. The narrative of the song is presented from the viewpoint of a 23-year-old who still has the ability (and time) to improve their life.


Last Words

Being 23 is both a perilous and exhilarating time in one’s life. Even if you aren’t of this generation, you can gain valuable insights and pointers from it.

As adults, we may appreciate the perspective of a child and get insight into the issues they face in life. Being 23 is a time of change and growth.

It’s a time to find out who you are and what you want in life. These 23 songs perfectly capture the essence of being 23.

Whether you’re just starting out or about to graduate college, these songs will remind you that being 23 is something special. So put on your headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.


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