15 Best Songs About Being 22

Growing old can be a fun and scary experience at the same time. While 22 years is quite a young age, it’s not challenge-free. There is always constant pressure to achieve a certain amount of success before a specific age. Thankfully, songs about being 22 can help you deal with your emotions.

There is something incredibly unique about music, and there are songs for any situation you’re going through. From pop, country, and rock songs, there’s always a playlist that can help you celebrate your youth.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Youth Troye Sivan Learn More
2 20 Something SZA Learn More
3 Powderfinger Neil Young Learn More
4 Forever Young Rod Stewart Learn More
5 22 Lily Allen Learn More
6 22 Taylor Swift Learn More
7 Wish You Were Sober Conan Gray Learn More
8 What’s My Age Again Blink-182 Learn More
9 Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield Learn More
10 At Least I Look Cool Sasha Alex Sloan Learn More
11 We Are Young Fun & Janelle Monáe Learn More
12 Stressed Out Twenty-One Pilots Learn More
13 When Yer Twenty-Two The Flaming Lips Learn More
14 Young, Wild & Free Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars Learn More
15 Springsteen Eric Church Learn More


15 Best Songs About Being 22

Remember that significant changes take place when you’re in your twenties. As such, navigating this period can be difficult as you try to figure out what you want in life.

But the good news is that many artists have written songs about being 22 years old. Let us look at the best 15 songs for a 22-year-old to listen to.


1. Youth – Troye Sivan

YouTube video

This is one of the songs that took the world by storm. Besides the catchy beats, the words make this a great track. This love song talks about trying to enjoy your youth despite the many unknown things.

It describes being careless, just like what many 22-year-olds do. It’s a great track to listen to when you’re worried about the what-ifs of life in your twenties.

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2. 20 Something – SZA

YouTube video

This song describes the period of a young person’s life. The singer describes her life in her 20s and admits that she doesn’t have her life in control at all.

She hopes that she’ll get to keep her friends while taking control of her love life. She speaks from a young person’s perspective and talks about the struggles they face. She even prays for them as she understands how hard it is for one to find their way in their 20s.


3. Powderfinger – Neil Young

YouTube video

Although this is an old song, it’ll never cease to excite listeners. The meaning of this song is somewhat obscure, which leaves users guessing what Neil meant.

However, it describes a young man trying to protect his family from a gunboat. After realizing that the older adults aren’t available, he takes action, which leads to his death.

The song is relatable when in your 20s since, at this age, you’re trying to take charge of your life amidst chaos.


4. Forever Young – Rod Stewart

YouTube video

If you love rock songs, you will love this song that warmed the hearts of many. It simply talks about the vocalist’s wishes for a loved one; they will make the right choice and have the right attitude towards life and spiritual guidance.

But above all, he wishes that their loved ones will always have a youthful heart no matter their age. Although Rod says these words to someone else, you can also tell them to yourself.


5. 22 – Lily Allen

YouTube video

The future looks promising at 22 when you haven’t reached there yet. But once you do, things start to shift, and the pressure of life starts mounting.

You’ve got student loans to pay and a career path to follow, which seems difficult considering the obstacles. This is what Lily describes in this song. The lyrics are carefully chosen to illustrate the hardships a young adult endures.


6. 22 – Taylor Swift

YouTube video

Taylor talks about the conflicted emotions she experienced at the age of 22. For many, 22 is the age they are still learning, yet they know so much. Although one is old to begin planning their life, they are young and have so many answered questions.

As a result, they allow a carefree feeling that comes from indecisiveness and fear of messing things up but still letting loose. And this is what Swift describes in this song.

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7. Wish You Were Sober – Conan Gray

YouTube video

Wish You Were Sober is one of the songs about being 22 that many people can relate to. It talks about young people who wish they grow up faster.

Conan says he wrote the song about someone they liked, but they couldn’t tell them they liked them unless they were drunk.

So they have to be drunk to really explain their true feelings. In other words, it explains the mixture of emotions and all the crazy things a young adult faces.


8. What’s My Age Again – Blink-182

YouTube video

When you are a child, you wish to grow up fast and do what the adults do. However, when you’ve grown, you find that life wasn’t as you imagined. Maturing is not easy, and neither is letting go of your childhood behavior and desires.

Blink-182 wrote this song about the challenges that we face in adulthood. Now that you are 22, many responsibilities are awaiting you, yet you don’t want to give up your childhood antics.


9. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

YouTube video

This classic pop song talks about exploring an unwritten story of your youth. The vocalist encourages listeners to write their stories. But first, they must search deep down in themselves, and discover who they want to be.

Do you want to be a caregiver, explorer, hero, rebel, or something else? You need to discover your roles and write your story.


10. At Least I Look Cool – Sasha Alex Sloan

YouTube video

At Least I Look Cool is a song for someone who wants to act like their life is together while they have not. It was released in 2019 in the album “Self Portrait.” Many people in their youth can relate to this song as they’re still trying to figure their lives out.

In this song, Sloan says she accepts her faults and confesses her wrongdoings to the world. It’s a personal story that Sasha shares with the world, making this track one of the best songs about being 22.


11. We Are Young – Fun & Janelle Monáe

YouTube video

The song is about the vocalist and his friends trying to live their best life out of town. But they still want to ensure that each of them reaches home safely.

It was written after a long night of heavy drinking and talks about what having fun in your 20s is about. It’s simply about having fun as a young adult with your friends.


12. Stressed Out – Twenty-One Pilots

YouTube video

The song was released in 2015 and describes the vocalist’s wishes to turn back time to return to his childhood days. He says that his mother would cuddle and put him to sleep, and he would spend his days stress-free playing childhood games with his brothers.

But instead of doing these, he’s dealing with the pressure of being an adult. He has to make money from his creativity that doesn’t even pay much.

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13. When Yer Twenty-Two – The Flaming Lips

YouTube video

This is another excellent addition to your playlist. It describes the chaos and instability of a 22-year-old. When you are 22, you have many unanswered questions and a lot of uncertainty.

Because of this, some people decide to distance themselves from other people. This is a challenging phase, and this song tries to put it in words.


14. Young, Wild & Free – Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars

YouTube video

Young Wild and Free is a good track for those who love rap music. It talks about getting drunk, smoking weed, and just having fun. The vocalists aren’t ashamed or afraid of doing these activities and don’t care who sees them. They equate this to living young and being free.

The song is about expressing your freedom freely. The vocalist encourages the young generation to live carefreely. But it’s worth noting that as the song promotes the use of weed, you may not love it if you are against marijuana. All the same, it is still a nice track to listen to when you’re relaxing.


15. Springsteen – Eric Church

YouTube video

Lastly, we have this country tune that was released in 2012. The writer recalls his life as a 17-year-old. He remembers a particular Saturday when he spent the night gazing at the stars.

It’s a good track to listen to when you feel overwhelmed and want something to take you back to good, worry-free days.


Last Words

We’ve reached the end of our list of the best songs about being 22. There are many more others you can listen to, including Youth by Kenny Chesney, Young by the Chainsmokers, and While You’re Still Young by Montgomery Gentry.

One thing worth noting about these songs is that while they may be of different genres, they take about the same thing; life as a young adult.

There are songs for just about all emotions you might feel in your 22 years of age, from love, uncertainty, rejection, partying, etc. So, you can easily find what you’re looking for and soothe your soul.


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