31 Best Rap Songs With Good Bass of the Last Years

Rap songs have come a long way since the 80s, as they started as funky music based on popular disco music. But if you listen to rap songs in recent years, you notice that some of the best rap songs with good bass have been composed within the last four years.

The rise of rap artists incorporating bass in their songs has made them more popular globally. At this moment, I believe bass is the sonic foundation of rap music.

You will never find an artist making a rap song that lacks good bass in their music. The laying of the sound by rap artists always gets my head nodding and vibe to the lyrical flow and rhythm of the song.

Not all basses are created equal; to enjoy rap music with good bass, you must invest in your output sound equipment. This will enable you to experience rap music’s dynamic impact and extreme low-frequency extension.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Hot Shit Cardi B & Lil Durk & Kanye West Learn More
2 Dreamin of the Past Pusha T & Kanye West Learn More
3 God Did Dj Khaled & Jay Z & Various Artists Learn More
4 Doja Central Cee Learn More
5 Tony Montana Flow Chief Keef & Akachi Learn More
6 From the D 2 the LBC Eminem & Snoop Dogg Learn More
7 First Class Jack Harlow Learn More
8 Survivors Guilt Joey Badass Learn More
9 Diesel Kool G Rap & The Alchemist Learn More
10 Staying Alive Dj Khaled & Drake & Lil Baby Learn More
11 Crack a Bottle Eminem & 50 Cent & Dr. Dre Learn More
12 Popstar Dj Khaled & Drake Learn More
13 Montero Lil Nas X Learn More
14 Need to Know Doja Cat Learn More
15 Lemon Pepper Freestyle Drake & Rick Ross Learn More
16 Jail Kanye West & Jay Z Learn More
17 Late At Night Roddy Ricch Learn More
18 Hurricane Kanye West & The Weekend & Lil Baby Learn More
19 Escape Plan Travis Scott Learn More
20 Straightenin Migos Learn More
21 Bath Salts DMX & Jay Z & Nas Learn More
22 Rockstar DaBaby & Roddy Ricch Learn More
23 Laugh Now Cry Later Drake ft Lil Durk Learn More
24 The Woo Pop Smoke & 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch Learn More
25 Godzilla Eminem & Juice WRLD Learn More
26 Whats Poppin Jack Hallow & Lil Wayne & DaBaby & Tory Lanez Learn More
27 Lemonade Internet Money & Don Toliver &  Gunna & Nav Learn More
28 For The Night Pop Smoke & Lil Baby & DaBaby Learn More
29 Own It Stormzy & Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy Learn More
30 Ballin’ Mustard & Roddy Ricch Learn More
31 Robbery Juice WRLD Learn More


Best Rap Songs with Good Bass of 2022

The year has not ended, and so far, most artists have released some of the best rap songs with good bass. Below is a list of eleven of the best I recommend adding to your playlist.


1. Hot Shit – Cardi B & Lil Durk & Kanye West

YouTube video

Cardi B has been the most versatile artist in the music industry. The artist has songs in multiple genres that receive positive reviews. In this song titled “Hot Shit,” Cardi B returns to her rap roots to create one of the year’s biggest bangers so far.

If you are a fan of the artist, I bet you know she takes her rap bars to another level making her one of the best female rap artists. The featured artists on the song did not disappoint.

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2. Dreamin of the Past – Pusha T & Kanye West

YouTube video

Unsurprisingly, Kanye West is one of the best music producers, and rap artists ever lived. In this song, where Kanye was featured, he created the beat with an enticing bass.

The two artists have had several collaborations throughout the years, and in this recent song, you will appreciate Pusha T’s improved melodicism.


3. God Did – Dj Khaled & Jay Z & Various Artists

YouTube video

Released in late August, the piece is already one of the most viral rap songs with good bass of the year. This is possible as the legendary producer Dj Khaled featured some of the best rap artists of the generation.

The song narrates every featured story of success while appreciating it was a high power that made it possible.


4. Doja – Central Cee

YouTube video

Hearing the song’s opening by Central Cee, you would know that this will be a banger. The song is one of the United Kingdom’s best rap artists and has it accompanied by catchy tunes.

Interestingly, the rap industry has been changing as this song owes its successes to TikTok, a social media platform for sharing short clips.


5. Tony Montana Flow – Chief Keef & Akachi

YouTube video

“Tony Montana Flow” is a testimony to why Akachi is steadily climbing rap charts. In this rap song, Chief Keef’s Scarface impersonation will entertain you. Fans have received the song well from these upcoming artists, and it will be an unstoppable force in no time.


6. From the D 2 the LBC – Eminem & Snoop Dogg

YouTube video

Out of all the best rap songs with good bass in 2022, this was one of the unexpected releases of the year. Eminem, in my opinion, is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and his punch lines are unmatched.

This collaboration with another great hip-hop star was unexpected and individually matched the energy of their previous songs. If you want to be back in time and reminisce on the good times as these artists were starting, have a listen.


7. First Class – Jack Harlow

YouTube video

Jack Harlow is one of the best breakout stars of recent time. This is one of the smoothest rap songs you will ever listen to this year.

The artist’s flow impressed me as he took the rap genre to a different level by experimenting with different sounds. Since its release, the song has gained over 60 million views in 4 months on YouTube, and the numbers only keep rising.


8. Survivors Guilt – Joey Badass

YouTube video

Unlike traditional rap songs, this piece is different as it is an emotional tribute by Joey Badass. The song features the artist opening up on his close friend’s tragic loss of life.

He raps about how his friend is not alive to experience the success he has achieved. The song clears the air on the conspiracy theory by several fans on the events leading to his friend’s death.

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9. Diesel – Kool G Rap & The Alchemist

YouTube video

Nothing defines rap songs better than good lyrical compositions and a great supporting instrumental. The Alchemist is a rising hip-hop producer producing some great songs with underground artists.

The Los Angeles-based producer and Kool G unleashed this track with one of the best flows and deserved to be on this list.


10. Staying Alive – Dj Khaled & Drake & Lil Baby

YouTube video

Drake and Lil Baby have shown in this song that they are the type of artists with positive flows and deliveries, and I hope we will get more of them working together.

The success story of Lil baby, from being an underground artist to a global hip-hop sensation, is quite inspiring if you are starting a rap career. This type of rap is why these artists are at the top.


11. Crack a Bottle – Eminem & 50 Cent & Dr. Dre

YouTube video

You know it is a legendary song when these artists release it again after over a decade of creating it. This rap song was first released in 2009, but the team of artists redid their song and released it this year.

It still gives me the same goosebumps it gave me when I first heard it. Dr. Dre has composed some bangers since the 90s and nurtures the talents of some of the best rappers we know.


Best Rap Songs With Good Bass Of 2021

2021 was a great year in the rap genre as it graced us with some of the most popular rap songs that we still rock. They include:


12. Popstar – Dj Khaled & Drake

YouTube video

“Popstar” by Dj Khaled and Drake is one of the best bangers of 2021. This is one of those rap songs that outlived critics’ reviews as an average rap song that will easily fade. The music video is equally amazing, featuring many celebrities.


13. Montero – Lil Nas X

YouTube video

Also known as “Call Me By Your Name,” it is one song on Lil Nas X’s popular, controversial songs on his debut studio album. The rap song gives an electric mix of both hip-hop sounds and trap beats.

Despite the portrayal of spiritual darkness in the music video, the song is a love song. The message is about self-acceptance.


14. Need to Know – Doja Cat

YouTube video

Her 2021 single, “I Need to Know,” features one of the best hypnotizing hooks on a rap song. The song lyrics are provocative and witty, making it one of the best rap songs with a good bass of the year.

For those who were innocent, it will surprise you to learn some euphemisms used by the artist in most of her songs.


15. Lemon Pepper Freestyle – Drake & Rick Ross

YouTube video

The song was an early standout track of 2021. The artists went back to the roots of what hip-hop rap music was all about. In this freestyle, the artists rap about their lives in the music industry.

The instrumental and the background hymns will hook you from the start to the end. It’s a piece you can listen to regularly out of all the multiple songs collaborated by Rick Ross and Drake.

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16. Jail – Kanye West & Jay Z

YouTube video

After a long time of not collaborating and rumors floating of having personal issues, Kanye and Jays reunited to create Jail.

If you were a fan of the rap duo while growing up, this piece would impress you released on the Donda album. Kanye West did an amazing job compiling with this album as it received a lot of positive feedback.


17. Late At Night – Roddy Ricch

YouTube video

I’m convinced that Roddy Ricch is allergic to mediocre music as each rap song with a good bass he has ever released is undeniably a likable hit.

The lyrics from this piece are honest and intimate, making me sink into my emotions. This is something different that you won’t get from most hip-hop artists.


18. Hurricane – Kanye West & The Weekend & Lil Baby

YouTube video

Graced with dark instrumental and gospel elements, it’s one of Kanye’s finest songs. From the review of the artist’s progression of his music career, I noticed his brief stint as a gospel minister had influenced the music he produces lately.


19. Escape Plan – Travis Scott

YouTube video

Escape Plan is the rap song you would expect from Travis. The track features the world vibes and tempo that will call out to you to blast it on your sound system. This is an incredible song that can wow you even when performed live.


20. Straightenin – Migos

YouTube video

Straightenin is a great song from the rap trio Migos. It’s amazing how teamwork from a family can take you far.

These rappers have been going platinum since their debut and even have a potato chip named after them. The hook from Quavo is catchy enough to make you sing along to it.


21. Bath Salts – DMX & Jay Z & Nas

YouTube video

Before his death in 2021, DMX recorded one of the best songs with equally great artists Jay X and Naz. The song was part of his last studio album titled Exodus, reuniting some of New York’s best artists to collaborate with him.

Listening to Bath Salts shows DMX’s authoritative, aggressive rap skills that no other rap artist has ever tapped into.


Best Rap Songs With Good Bass Of 2020/2019

Despite everyone being locked in for most of 2020, some of the biggest rap names released great pieces to entertain and connect with their fans. Some songs include:


22. Rockstar – DaBaby & Roddy Ricch

YouTube video

After widespread protests against racial discrimination, incidents led to people of colour losing their lives at the hands of law enforcers. Many hip-hop artists came out in their ways to express their dissatisfaction with what was happening in America.

DaBaby and Roddy Ricch released this powerful song touching on the issue and adding their weight to the Black Lives Matter movement.


23. Laugh Now Cry Later – Drake ft Lil Durk

YouTube video

Drake’s superstardom in 2020 was on another level as only his songs replaced previous songs on the top charts.

The instrumental has a catchy melody from the trumpet sounds that can leave you whistling along to it as the music continues. The song is hard to resist, and I dance to it often.


24. The Woo – Pop Smoke & 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch

YouTube video

Sadly the Rap genre lost one of the best artists that could have been a legend. Pop smoke was a completed artist releasing rap songs with good bass back to back.

The tracks give off the perfect blend of old-school and new-school rap. The chorus from the song is still on fire, and if it is your first time listening to it, it will stick with you for days.


25. Godzilla – Eminem & Juice WRLD

YouTube video

I found the lyrics of Eminem’s rap hilarious and witty, a testament that only a few can do it like him.

Godzilla is part of the latest studio album of Eminem titled “Music to Be Murdered By” the release of the album was a surprise to us, the artist’s fans, as it was announced the same day and available on streaming platforms a few hours later.

The collaboration with Juice WRLD was also another pleasant surprise.


26. Whats Poppin – Jack Hallow & Lil Wayne & DaBaby & Tory Lanez

YouTube video

This is an enjoyable banger by some of your favorite A-list rap artists. The piece has a lot of quotable lines that will stick to you.

Every artist in the song did justice to this remix of Jack Hallow’s original song. The song will be a delight for you to listen to as it contains dense, high-quality rap verses from the artists.


27. Lemonade – Internet Money & Don Toliver &  Gunna & Nav

YouTube video

This song passed the vibe check with its outstanding delivery and outcome. It’s no secret that Don Toliver is the master of hooks, and even after hearing the song over a hundred times, Gunna’s rap verse still impresses me.

If you are truly into rap songs with good bass, blast this on your speakers to have a good time.


28. For The Night – Pop Smoke & Lil Baby & DaBaby

YouTube video

“I did some wrong, but I’m always right” hits differently every time I listen to the song. This is a memorable line in the piece that starts the music and is the chorus of the rap song.

With a lineup of some of the best new generation rap artists, it’s surprising how the song did not reach number one on the charts as it still rules the airwaves today.


29. Own It – Stormzy & Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy

YouTube video

Though Burna Boy was a featured artist on the song, he completely owned the track with a killer hook.

Stomzy, a popular rap artist, brings the best of Ed and Burna and challenges them to be versatile. In my opinion, this enables the artist to create Europe’s best rap song with a good bass.


30. Ballin’ – Mustard & Roddy Ricch

YouTube video

This is the song that pushes me to work hard and fight through all challenges that are ahead, and become rich and successful. Very few rap songs ever do that to their listeners by provoking emotions.

The song is nostalgic to this day, and it never gets old. I would recommend this piece to anyone having a bad day to change their moods.


31. Robbery – Juice WRLD

YouTube video

I believe the reason Juice WRLD was a great rap artist is the fact he was honest. He took inspiration from his life and the struggles he was facing to create music.

In this piece, he raps about heartbreak. He compares his ex-girlfriend stealing his heart to a robber robbing a bank.


Last Words

Whether you are looking for songs to add to your playlist or test your music system, the above pieces I compiled are among the best rap songs with good bass created in the last three years.

Rap music evolved from the beginning, and today it is a world word music genre that many appreciate. Most of the artists on the list have shown no signs of slowing down, even if they have been in the industry for the last three decades.

While every artist brings forth a different rap style and flow, one consistent thing is that all have heavy bass.


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