21 Best Metalcore Love Songs That’ll Tug On Your Heartstrings

Metal is often characterized by its high volume and high energy, with vocals that are sometimes sung but more often shouted or screamed. And if that’s how you like your music to sound, you’ll be happy to know that this unconventional kind of music has been shown to improve mood.

Most metalcore songs also feature heartfelt lyrics alongside their signature epic sound. When dealing with strong feelings, like rage, metal can serve as an effective release valve. It’s also a great way to relax. Metal fans can find catharsis in the genre’s high levels of energy.

According to a small study conducted in 2002, metal music can have positive effects on your body and mind, and may even enhance your immune system. However, this could be stated about any genre of music.

This article presents a list of the 21 best metalcore love songs that’ll tug on your heartstrings.

Nr Song Artist About
1 Strapping Young Lad Love? Learn More
2 Sweet Child O’ Mine Guns N’ Roses Learn More
3 A Little Piece Of Heaven Avenged Sevenfold Learn More
4 Let Me Put My Love Into You AC/DC Learn More
5 Round And Round Ratt Learn More
6 If You Really Really Love Me Steel Panther Learn More
7 The Death Of Love Cradle Of Filth Learn More
8 Love You To Death Type O Negative Learn More
9 Prisoner of Your Eyes Judas Priest Learn More
10 Snuff Slipknot Learn More
11 Love Me Forever Motörhead Learn More
12 This Love Pantera Learn More
13 Die, My Bride Murderdolls Learn More
14 With Her, I Die Poisonblack Learn More
15 Love Zone Judas Priest Learn More
16 You Could Be Mine Guns ‘N’ Roses Learn More
17 Same Ol’ Situation Mötley Crüe Learn More
18 Love Walks In Van Halen Learn More
19 Speedin’ Back To My Baby Ace Frehley Learn More
20 Heavy Metal Love Helix Learn More
21 When the Wild Wind Blows Iron Maiden Learn More

21 Best Metalcore Love Songs

Some could argue that metal is the last genre of music you would connect with love, but I beg to differ.

No one performs love songs with as much intensity, emotion, and sincerity as metal bands, and I’ve compiled a list of 21 best metalcore love songs that’ll tug on your heartstrings.


1. Strapping Young Lad – Love?

YouTube video

Devin Townsend, in this 2005 classic, dates cynics about love. His pessimism toward romantic attachment is shared by some of us who have been there.

After weeks of right-swiping on Tinder results in only one uncomfortable date in a crowded pub, it’s reasonable to feel like him: “So what’s all the hype about?!” Still, it isn’t all bad news: He has a thriving marriage with his wife Tracy Turner. Perhaps she fell for him despite his combative stance against love.

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2. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

YouTube video

Appetite for Destruction’s release in 1987 had a profound impact on the rock and metal genres. For several reasons, including the song’s memorable chorus and Axl’s powerful vocals, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is considered one of the best metal love ballads.

Remembering happy times with your sweetheart while listening to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” will help you get over a breakup faster. It’s also one of the songs that MTV-era youngsters will remember for the rest of their lives for one of the coolest music videos ever filmed.


3. A Little Piece Of Heaven – Avenged Sevenfold

YouTube video

Avoid trying this at home if you’re looking for a lasting solution to your relationship problems. When his girlfriend dumps him, he decides to do something very normal to win her back: eat her heart.

In comes an animated animation depicting a gruesome love story between zombies. Everyone knows the anguish of being rejected. It’s only human to want payback from someone who dumped you. But he takes the concept of the crazed ex-boyfriend to a new level of gore.


4. Let Me Put My Love Into You – AC/DC

YouTube video

When it comes to inappropriate sexual metaphors, “Let me cut your cake with my knife” ranks right up there with “I’m the drill, you’re the road.”

However, AC/DC did use it on this alluring and possibly sexual song. It’s not the best pick-up line on a first date unless you want a restraining order instead, but it works well after a few drinks with your significant other.


5. Round And Round – Ratt

YouTube video

This eighties Ratt classic employs spandex pants and driving riffs to represent the difficult first weeks of a relationship when neither party knows what the other is thinking. (nor it might just be about sex).

Vocalist Stephen Pearcy plays the part of a starry-eyed romantic who sneaks off to have trysts with his lady love. It would appear that Ratt shared the opinion that the best part of any relationship is the initial, alcohol-fueled dates before making it “Facebook Official.”


6. If You Really Really Love Me – Steel Panther

YouTube video

Even if Michael and Satchel have stated that the point of Steel Panther was to poke fun at Glam Metal, the reality remains that the duo is capable of producing a killer metalcore love song.

A good introduction to Steel Panther is “If You Really Really Love Me,” which captures the band’s spirit by having fun while singing about various forms of love. It’s a timeless metal love song, and the music video is so funny it should win an Oscar.


7. The Death Of Love – Cradle Of Filth

YouTube video

Metal has a way of transforming the lighthearted ideals of love into something far more sinister and disturbing. Godspeed The Devil’s Thunder, Cradle of Filth’s 2008 concept album, centers on Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc’s ex-boyfriend.

The song “The Death of Love” is a gothic tragedy recounting the end of his love with Joan, which culminates in her… you guessed it… being burned at the stake.

Recalling the atrocities of the Middle Ages’ witch hunts isn’t exactly the most romantic topic, but Dani Filth was never one to do things halfway.


8. Love You To Death – Type O Negative

YouTube video

The dark, emotional themes of love and loss are what gave birth to Gothic metal (though often unrequited). Both are intrinsic to Type O Negative’s existence, and their song “Love You To Death” is a great example of this.

Whenever “Love You To Death,” the third track off October Rust, comes on SiriusXM, I find myself singing along with the chorus, “Love me, love you too.”

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9. Prisoner of Your Eyes – Judas Priest

YouTube video

Judas Priest offer their own unique spin on the universally relatable theme of unrequited love in an unusually sentimental song.

We know, we know, there are hundreds of rock songs about this and Journey has the monopoly, but Judas Priest manages to make a really mushy subject sound… well, not so mushy, because it’s still a full-on, theatrical, riffy hard rock song.

A mixtape of love songs for a potential date? Proceed with caution.


10. Snuff – Slipknot

YouTube video

As a surprise to fans, Snuff is Slipknot’s attempt at the “it’s not you, it’s me” relationship cliche, which is ironic given the band’s reputation for a lack of sensitivity. If you’re feeling down and out after a fight or a breakup, this is the music to play.

If you’re in the mood for some sorrow sobs, Snuff is the ideal pick, however, some may prefer Celine Dion or Richard Marx (though they definitely wouldn’t admit it).


11. Love Me Forever – Motörhead

YouTube video

Unhappily, there comes a period in most partnerships when one person issues an ultimatum to the other. ‘Either it’s me or the kitchen addition’ or something along those lines. Quite reasonably, Lemmy’s ultimatum in this situation boils down to the fact that he doesn’t want to be messed with.

He yells, “Love me forever, or not at all,” before launching into a song about heartbreak and death. All we want to do is hug him. However, he makes an excellent point: playing games is never entertaining, and if the great rock god Lemmy with the mustache doesn’t put up with it, neither should we.


12. This Love – Pantera

YouTube video

Many metalheads instantly think of Phil’s shouts on “Cemetary Gates” or Dime’s shredding guitar when they hear the name Pantera.

The members of Pantera offer their two cents on abusive relationships in “This Love,” releasing pent-up rage while blessing our ears with gorgeous and sleek, powerful riffs.

The song may trigger memories of struggle, failed romantic endeavors, or abuse for certain listeners, but it’s just as good as everything else on Vulgar Display of Power.


13. Die, My Bride – Murderdolls

YouTube video

Marriage regret is one thing, but fantasizing about slicing up your spouse and using their blood as ketchup is another. Not sure we’ve ever felt that way about someone, but those Murderdolls could simply be figuratively blowing off steam.

How often have you threatened your poor spouse with death because they forgot to empty the dishwasher? You didn’t actually commit that crime, of course. Try singing this terrible tune to yourself the next time you’re feeling frustrated.


14. With Her, I Die – Poisonblack

YouTube video

Listening to metal in love can be cathartic and grounding, providing a sense of intimacy and connection that can’t be found any other way. Our next best metalcore love song comes from the Finnish gothic metal band, Poisonblack.

This very catching tune is from their album Escapexstacy, released in 2003. The song is addictive to listen to, passionate and hot. You should listen to this song and the rest of the album on repeat since it features riffs so sharp they could slice through atoms.

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15. Love Zone – Judas Priest

YouTube video

The Metal God, unsurprisingly, has a knack for bringing together rock and metal lovers. As the first track on the legendary Ram It Down, “Love Zone” is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Rob’s vocals are just as powerful in “Love Zone” as they are in “Hard As Iron” or “Blood Red Skies,” and “Love Zone” has a similar trajectory. It’s undeniably one of the best metalcore love songs out there.


16. You Could Be Mine – Guns ‘N’ Roses

YouTube video

When your partner consistently mocks you, it’s time to blow off some anger. You Could Be Mine is Axl Rose’s screaming lament to a collapsing five-year relationship, so he understands your sorrow.

However, he isn’t helping himself by making demands like “When I return home late at night don’t ask me where I’ve been.” We’re not experts, but we don’t think playing music is the greatest solution to solve your problem.

In fairness, his girlfriend’s “bitch slap rappin'” (or whatever it is) doesn’t help matters much either.


17. Same Ol’ Situation – Mötley Crüe

YouTube video

Some folks, admittedly the more odd ones, like to keep a tally of their sexual exploits. But Mötley Crüe takes it a step farther and composes an entire song around the topic.

Given the Crüe’s reputation, we believe they could have made it a lot longer if they had wanted to, and Same Ol’ Situation is a summary of the girls they’ve met, loved, and lost on their travels.

They seem to enjoy the single life because of their reluctance to commit, as evidenced by their repeated use of the phrase “same ol’ ball and chain” to characterize their brief romantic partnerships.

It’s okay to wear this and celebrate your independence on Valentine’s Day if you’re spending the holiday on your own.


18. Love Walks In – Van Halen

YouTube video

We’ll miss the legendary Ed Van Halen. His soulfulness, amazing musicianship, and dedication to music are all on display in the godsent 5150 and “Love Walks In.”

Most of us will always think of him as the greatest guitarist who ever lived, but in “Love Walks In,” he plays the piano and plays the beautiful, gentle melodies that make the song so brilliant. “Love Walks In” is one of the most heartfelt Van Halen songs and one of the greatest metalcore love ballads of all time.


19. Speedin’ Back To My Baby – Ace Frehley

YouTube video

Mastermind of the Kiss axe, this bluesy gem, in which Ace Frehley abandons his glam rock roots, can be found on his debut solo album. Nothing bloody or gory here, no lovers are slain or hearts ripped out; just Ace driving 95 mph to apologize to his lady for being an arse. Aww.

One of rock’s cheeriest and least offensive love songs; if you make your significant other weep, take a page from Ace’s book and apologize as soon as possible (while still obeying the law).


20. Heavy Metal Love – Helix

YouTube video

I’d say that Helix is definitely the band that gets the least amount of attention out of everyone on this list.

It is a straightforward love song with dirty distortion and gritty vocals that tells a wonderful little story about lovebirds dressed in leather and metal spikes. The song is called “Heavy Metal Love,” and it sounds just like it.


21. When the Wild Wind Blows – Iron Maiden

YouTube video

Iron Maiden didn’t release a love song until they’d been around for 30 years. A couple makes a suicide pact and readies their fallout shelter for the end of the world, which is the obvious setting for the song. The doomed couple drank the poison too quickly, not realizing that civilization would continue.

On the day they mistook an earthquake for the fallout, authorities discovered the couple “with their arms wrapped around each other, their tins of poison sitting nearby their clothes.” Just another when the wild wind blows.


Last Words

Any form of music may be therapeutic and a great way to let go of emotional release. Metal is not an exception.

Listening to metal, if that’s your thing, has been linked to several positive psychological effects. It’s possible that many listeners may feel revitalized by its robust sound and comforted by its lyrically dense lyrics.

In some cases, this style of music has been shown to alleviate signs of anxiety and despair. Some people may find a sense of belonging and acceptance in the metal community. Metal-lovers may also be more logical and scientifically minded than the average population.

Some people find that listening to metal provides them with a welcome release from their daily stresses and allows them to gain a new perspective on life’s more difficult moments.


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