Best Astro A50 Headphone Settings for Warzone

Astro A50 wireless headphones are one of the more popular headsets in the gaming community. They promise absolute immersions and impeccable sound. Pricey, but a lot of gamers will argue they are worth it.

What I think makes them special is that you don’t need an expensive sound card to get amazing audio with these guys. Hooking them up via USB can give you a better experience than you could get from an embarrassingly large number of expensive cards.

Now, Warzone is far more immersive when compared to similar games that came before it. It would be a shame to miss out on ambiance. And so a lot of Warzone players choose Astro headsets.

Today, I’ll show you what I think are the best Astro A50 headphone settings for Warzone, as well as what general Astro A50 headphone settings I prefer for other games.

Keep in mind that you may need to tweak everything a bit to suit your machine and your preferences. If you’re still struggling, you can always post on Astro Gaming. Someone from the company is always monitoring their subreddit and will answer you promptly.



Best Astro A50 Settings

I’ll have to confess, I don’t play Warzone that much. I prefer mindless violence in the style of Mortal Kombat, or to give myself nightmares or crush my soul to smithereens playing something like Pathologic.

The latter relies a lot on the ambient sounds and musical score to immerse you into the narrative. So, I believe that I have learned from them how to set up any headset and get the most from any gameplay.

Astros come with a very strong bass right out of the box. Great for certain types of music, but often not for gaming. I will show you how to balance it all out so you get a more realistic experience when gaming.

But first, let’s talk sound cards. If you’ve spent a lot of money on yours, chances are you did it in vain. Make sure that yours supports Dolby Digital Live and optical output. If it doesn’t, you can still connect the A50s with a USB, but you won’t get that sound quality you paid for.

We cool? Then, let’s play

1. First, make sure that you have Dolby access. Gaming consoles usually have it built-in, but you may need to download it for the PC. Go to the Microsoft store, search for Dolby Access and download it. This will cost you $15.

2. Open the Astro Command Center. If you don’t have it, download it for free from the ASTRO Gaming website.

3. Click on the Advanced Settings. In the boxes on the top, you will see the following frequencies from left to right: 90Hz, 406Hz, 750Hz, 4800Hz, and 8000Hz.

4. Set the corresponding bars under 90Hz and 406Hz to -5dB. Set the 750Hz frequency to -2 dB, and the final two should be at 7dB (max ).

5. Look for the bandwidth multiplier at the bottom of the window. Set the first two (from the left) to 1.8xCF and the final one to 2.4xCF.

6. To wrap it up here, go to the settings. You’ll see a slider that goes from game to voice. Make sure that it’s leaning toward the game setting, if not completely pushed to that side.

7. Let’s switch to Dolby Access. Go to the Settings and find the equalizer. Use the following settings for each bar.

8. Set the 32Hz to 0Db. Set the 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, and 500Hz to -5dB (or as close as possible, these numbers are not marked so you will have to guesstimate). Set the 1kH to -2 dB, 2kH to 2dB, and 4kH to 4dB. Set the 8kH to 10dB, and the 16kH to 11dB.

9. Finally, make sure that the surround virtualizer is on, and you’re done.

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Best Astro A50 Settings for Warzone 300

We’ll have to play with both in-game and Astro Command Center audio settings.

1. After loading the game, click on Options, then Audio.

2. In the Audio Mic drop-down menu, pick either Boost Low or Boost High. Different gamers have different preferences, but both are a lot more likely to allow you to hear footsteps, guns reloading, etc.

3. Set the Master Volume to at least 80 up to max. Experiment to see which one allows you to hear more without becoming jarring or painful.

4. Adjust the Music Volume as low as possible to get the most from the ambient sounds. It’s fine to turn it completely off.

5. Set the Dialogue Volume to the one that suits you best. Don’t go beyond 50–going above this number will push the dialogue to the forefront and distract you. I found that keeping it in the 25-30 range works the best.

6. Experiment with Hit Markers. I like them set on Classic, especially with other Astro A50 headphone settings.

7. Move to the Astro Command Center.

8. In the preset library, pick the Tournament Mode. The five bars will be set at 6dB, -5dB, 0dB, 7dB, and 7dB (from left to right). If you can’t find the Tournament EQ setting, just copy those settings manually.

9. Depending on your sound card, you may need to lower the first bar from the left to 5 or 4. Test the setting straight away by using a classic hit marker. If it doesn’t sound crisp, it’s not a suitable setting for you.

10. Now, go into your device’s audio settings. Look for the Output drop-down menu. If there are several headphone options available, find the one that says pro-game or gaming. Standard headphone output settings are pro-voice, and that’s not what we need here.

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All tips above work assuming that you have a sound card with optical output and Dolby Digital Live. High-end cards don’t always come with DDL, so it’s better to work with something cheaper.

Your motherboard should also support Dolby Digital Live. If it doesn’t, you will have to rely on the USB connection to give you the best experience.

Don’t stress too much if you can’t figure out the perfect Astro A50 headphone settings for Warzone. You will still have an amazing experience.

In the end, being that pedantic about the sound is only important when playing immersive sims where music plays a large role (i.e., Pathologic or Martha Is Dead). For Warzone, just concentrate on setting everything up so you can hear footsteps and guns reloading, which will give you an edge.


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