The Sonos Arc and Sub now have a solution to a long-standing problem

The Sonos Arc and Sub now have a solution to a long-standing problem

A software update was made available by Sonos a few months ago. After installing it, some users discovered that the upgrade substantially impacted the performance of their Sonos Arc and Sub devices. Customers have reported that after updating to version 14.12, the Sonos Arc not only became noticeably quieter across the board but also exhibited … Read more

Beyerdynamic’s lunches new wireless high-end 'audible jewelry' earbud

Beyerdynamic’s lunches new wireless high-end ‘audible jewelry’ earbuds – Cant wait to get them!

It hurts me to say this, but the sound quality is king when it comes to headphones. Many gorgeous audio items suffer from the subpar sound. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be great if earbuds could also be works of art? These are the second-generation Xelento from Beyerdynamic, and they seem like they belong in a jewelry … Read more

wireless headphones are completely waterproof

The new wireless headphones are “beyond IPX8,” are completely waterproof and i cant wait to get them!

Are you a fan of listening to music while swimming? If yes, you could simply be interested in a reliable pair of headphones for running or swimming. Ideally, they would be completely watertight. That’s right, you spotted a typo. These are it, as California-based expert H2O has just debuted its latest creation: multi-sport. These waterproof … Read more

Technics Wireless Earphones From Amazon For The Lowest Price Ever

You Can Get a Pair of Technics Wireless Earphones From Amazon For The Lowest Price Ever

There are perhaps few brands with a stronger reputation in the audio industry than Technics. Technics may be best known for its manufacturing turntables. Still, the company has also brought its sonic expertise to wireless earbuds with the premium noise-canceling Technics EAH-AZ60 headphones and their more affordable Technics EAH-AZ40 in-ears. Both of these headphones are … Read more

Focal Bathys high-end headphone with noise-cancelling

The Noise-Cancelling, Wireless Headphones Known as Focal Bathys Raise The Company’s Signature High-End Headphones To a New Level.

It was only a matter of time until Focal added a pair of premium wireless noise-cancelling headphones to its ranks alongside its established high-end wired models, which include the recently announced Utopia model (2022). The freshly released Focal Bathys come in at £699, $799, and AU$1199, making them the most recent pair of Bluetooth headphones … Read more

Nothing Revealed The Official Release Date For Their New Ear Stick

The Company “Nothing” Has Revealed The Official Release Date For Their New Ear (Stick) – AirPods alternatives

Ear (stick), a future audio product from the company “Nothing,” will have its complete debut on the day that was recently revealed. The following is, thus, an announcement about an announcement. The marketing department of Carl Pei never wastes an opportunity; kudos to them for being so efficient. What we’re trying to say is that … Read more

Anker wireless earbuds have a feature that Apple's AirPods Pro do not

Anker’s Recently Released Wireless Earbuds Have a Feature That Apple’s AirPods Pro Do Not – And They Cost Less.

Anker’s brand-new flagship set of earphones is loaded with so many functionalities that they might very well compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 – and they offer something that even Apple’s best earbuds don’t have the capability of doing. These earbuds belong to Anker’s Soundcore line of audio products and are known as Liberty 4. … Read more