What Headset Does Pewdiepie Use

What Headset Does Pewdiepie Use?

The question “Where can I find a pair of Pewdiepie headphones?” has circulated throughout the internet. To clarify, PewDiePie has been loyal to the Razer brand for quite some time. Previously, he used the Razer Kraken Neon Pros but then switched to the Razer Kraken Pro 2. Now, he uses his own limited edition Razer … Read more

AKG P220 Project Studio Condenser Review

AKG P220 Project Studio Condenser Review

Regardless if you’re a podcaster or streamer, you’re going to need a mic that works according to your sound preferences. That’s where the AKG P220 steps in! We did this review to help beginners get their first piece of equipment and give professionals an upgrade to their current setup. Throughout this review, we’ll review its … Read more

Logitech Z323 vs. Logitech Z313

Logitech Z323 vs. Logitech Z313 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System: A Comparative Review

Both the Logitech Z313 and Z323 are well known for their sound performance, connectivity, and versatility. But which one is better? Throughout this post, we’ll compare both speakers, going in-depth about their strengths and weaknesses. By the end, we’ll decide on a winner in this Logitech z313 vs z323 debate. So let’s get started!   … Read more

Outdoor Speaker Wire - How to Pick the Right One

Outdoor Speaker Wire – How to Pick the Right One

Having a good outdoor sound system is every music aficionado’s dream. However, it requires a lot of time and research to find one that works best for your specific needs. We’re here to help remove the guesswork in speaker wires so you can build a great outdoor sound system. What are outdoor speaker wires? Why … Read more

What Gaming Headset Does Ninja Use

What Gaming Headset Does Ninja Use?

Let’s admit it; Ninja is a big deal within the gaming community. Even better, you can have the same headset that he used during his live streams. This post will discuss three headphones that Ninja has used for games, such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Fortnite. That way, you can play your … Read more