5 Reasons Why Your Siri Sounds Muffled

5 Reasons Why Your Siri Sounds Muffled?

“Siri, play ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.” “Okay, calling the fire department.” “Siri, what does the fox say?” “Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!” “Siri, what’s the meaning of life?” “42.” As you can see, conversations with Siri can get very… interesting. Let’s be honest–it’s a bit creepy that you have this creature constantly with you, listening to every word … Read more

Why Does My Audio Interface Crackle

Why Does My Audio Interface Crackle? [Solved]

When working with audio interfaces (or external sound cards), problems with crackling are some common concerns. Typically, we hear things like crackles, whether recording with a mic or listening. If you too are experiencing this kind of noise with your external sound card (for example, your Focusrite 2i2), don’t worry: it is not faulty, but … Read more

Earbuds That Look Like Earplugs

Top 3 Earbuds That Look Like Earplugs 2022 Review & Buying Guide

Listening to your favorite audio requires a set of earbuds that can be durable while relaying sound clearly and effectively. It can be daunting to find a good pair of earbuds that look like earplugs the first time. That’s why we have created this guide to help new buyers find the right ones for their … Read more

7 Best Ported Subwoofer Box Design

7 Best Ported Subwoofer Box Design For Optimal Sound & Deep Bass

Subwoofers are responsible for the heart-thumping and energy-pumping bass at concerts and parties. Still, the amount of bass the subwoofer delivers doesn’t just come from the woofer itself. The best ported subwoofer box design will also make a big difference. Your subwoofer should be contained inside a secured enclosure for the best performance. This will … Read more