Audix A231 Microphone Review – What is it Best For?

You probably know Audix, an American brand whose reputation is second to none, and known in particular for its microphones that I recommend for drums or recording guitar amps.

But recently, the brand has started to develop products more specifically designed for the studio and the home studio.

This is the case of the A152 headphones, which I tested here and whose depth in the bass I appreciated – but also the case of microphones like the A231, which I had the opportunity to try. for a few weeks.

This microphone was a very good surprise for me, so I suggest you test it with me through this Audix A231 microphone review.



Audix A231 Microphone Review

Audix A231 Microphone Review


Appearance & Manufacturing

The A231 Microphone comes with a beautiful and classy body in black aluminum, with simply a gold band (gold plating) which still makes it stand out from the crowd. It’s pretty.

However, we regret the small size. Of course, that doesn’t take anything away from its qualities, which we’ll talk about later — but I find that for a microphone of this type, which could potentially become the central microphone for many home studios, we would like something more massive and which attracts more attention.

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The manufacturing, on the other hand, is of high quality: everything is very solid (even the plastic frame), well machined, and really inspires confidence.

Featuring a 33mm gold-coated capsule, the Audix A231 microphone doesn’t disappoint when it comes to specs either. We note in particular the following two figures:

  • 140 dB SPL max, which will allow you to record basically any sound source;
  • -12 dBA of background noise, a low figure which will give the possibility of recording light sounds, whispered words, etc.

In use, moreover, we immediately notice that the background noise is not a problem with this microphone.



Sound Quality

Sound Quality Audix a231

In terms of sound, the observation for me is clear: we are faced with a very pleasant cardioid microphone that easily adapts to multiple sources. Voice of course, but also acoustic or electric guitar, drums, percussion, string instruments…

In the bass, the response is deep and precise. The mids are well detailed and highlighted, but they never take over uncontrollably. The highs, finally, stand out openly but without ever being aggressive.

The microphone is, therefore, rather “neutral” in approach, in the sense that it is respectful of the whole frequency spectrum, but at the same time with a certain character resulting in warmth in the bass and treble.

On the voice, the rendering is thus absolutely excellent.

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There is a lot of detail, a real depth that gives body to the voice without the need for compression, while the sibilance remains under control, although in this case, the singer is perfectly in line with the microphone capsule.

We will also note its low sensitivity to vibrations, thanks to an anti-shock suspension directly integrated into the capsule.

Finally, during my Audix A231 review, I noticed that the positioning of the A231 was always very easy. That is to say, there was no need to look for an ideal position for a long time.



FAQs About Audix A231 Microphone


Are Audix Microphones good?

Audix is a well-known microphone brand, and their microphones are often recommended by professionals. Audix microphones are often used in recording studios and in live performances.

Some people love Audix mics because of the rich sound they produce. Others find them difficult to adjust to. Regardless of whether you love or hate Audix mics, they are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a good microphone.


Where is Audix made?

Audix is a manufacturer of high-quality microphones that are used in a variety of industries. Audix is based in Wilsonville, Oregon, and its products are distributed worldwide.


Are Audix drum mics good?

Overall, the Audix A231 Microphone is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality drum mic. It has a smooth, natural sound that is perfect for drums and other acoustic instruments, and it is versatile enough to be used in both live performance and recording situations.




In the end, after these few weeks of testing, my opinion of the Audix A231 is very positive.

Given the price range, it is positioned as a direct competitor to the famous TLM103, which is often too aggressive in the treble — a problem that we do not meet on the A231.

In short, it is a rather high-end microphone that will undoubtedly find its place in any home studio which wishes to invest in a very good microphone without however going on models at inaccessible prices.

Potentially a centerpiece in a home studio, then — and in any case, a condenser microphone with an elegant design and excellent value for money.

As for me, I am completely convinced. Well done, Audix!


Audix A231 Microphone Review – What is it Best For Pin


Audix A231 Microphone


Sound Quality


Features / Manufacturing


Value for Money





  • Trendy design
  • Quality construction
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Fast response time


  • Small size
  • Not rechargeable

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