Emotional Triumph: ‘American Idol’ Champion Iam Tongi Pays Touching Tribute to His Late Father with a Soul-Stirring Rendition of Garth Brooks’ ‘The Dance'”

Iam Tongi paid a heartfelt tribute to his late father, Rodney, through a moving cover of Garth Brooks’ timeless classic, “The Dance.”

As the winner of Season 21 of American Idol, he infused his unique touch into the Brooks’ masterpiece, accompanied by a pianist, gracefully strumming his guitar while pouring his soul into the lyrics of this beloved country hit.

Iam Tongi’s Cover Of “The Dance”

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Unveiling the Mystery Behind Iam Tongi’s ‘The Dance’ Cover

So, what inspired Iam Tongi to choose “The Dance” for this heartfelt rendition? The answer lies in the profound personal connection he shares with this song. Tongi explained, “I chose to do a cover of ‘The Dance’ because my dad really wanted me to learn this song.

He was a genuine country music enthusiast, and I share that passion. This song occupies a special place in my heart, as it was one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar, with my father by my side. We would harmonize together, creating beautiful memories through music that I treasure now more than ever, especially since he has passed.

Reflecting on the sentimental value of the song, Tongi added, “I remember posting a video of this song with my dad, and it means a lot to me because of the connection I have with it. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the shared moments, the harmonies, and the bond we formed while playing it together.


A Heartfelt Ode: ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ – Iam Tongi’s Tribute to His Dad

This touching tribute to his father is not the first time Iam Tongi has honored his memory. Rodney, who sadly passed away due to kidney failure in December of 2021, was also remembered with the release of Iam’s debut single, “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

The song, exclusively penned by Season 18 Idol alum Francisco Martin, serves as a heartfelt homage to a loved one who has departed. For Iam Tongi, that beloved person is his father, who passed away just months before his American Idol audition.

The lyrics of “I’ll Be Seeing You” convey a profound sense of remembrance, as the Hawaii native confesses that he’ll forever cherish “all your wits” and “all of the laughs.”

Despite his feelings of loneliness, there’s a comforting belief that he’ll reunite with his father someday, as he sings on the chorus: ’Cause I’ll be seeing you / Seeing you / Wherever I go / And I’ll be / Be with you / Be with you / Wherever I’ll go,”

Released on a poignant Friday, this emotional melody was impeccably produced by Oak for the Orphanage, Feenom & Roland Kiss.

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American Idol’s Touching Tribute: Honoring Iam Tongi’s Father

Iam Tongi’s journey on American Idol also spotlighted his profound connection with his late father. His audition performance of James Blunt’s “Monsters” a song penned by Blunt as a tribute to his own father’s battle with Stage 4 Kidney Disease, moved the judges.

Bryan was moved to tears, while Richie exclaimed, “Young man, you take this into the world, and you’re going to fracture some souls. Your dad is very proud.” Perry also joined in, dedicating the moment to Rodney, Tongi’s late father.

In an emotional reflection, Tongi credits his late father for imparting his musical wisdom. He shared, “All my life, my dad told me that singing is the only thing that was meant for me. So, the main reason I pursued music was for my dad.

He continues: “That’s how my dad and I bonded, but ever since he passed away, it’s been tough. This one’s for Rodney… yeah, for my dad. You would think I would cry because I miss him, but it’s because I can hear his singing… Like I can hear his harmony and I can hear how he would harmonize with me on that song. [My dad] always wanted me to come on American Idol to sing, so I’m going to try to make him proud. I know he’s with me through my music; he’ll always be with me. I love you, Dad!


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