AKG P220 Project Studio Condenser Review

Regardless if you’re a podcaster or streamer, you’re going to need a mic that works according to your sound preferences. That’s where the AKG P220 steps in! We did this review to help beginners get their first piece of equipment and give professionals an upgrade to their current setup.

Throughout this review, we’ll review its strengths and drawbacks. We’ll judge this microphone based on its sound performance, microphone control, and build quality.

By the end, you’ll have the information needed to make a conscious buying decision. Let’s start!



The Product

The AKG P220

The AKG P220 is a large studio condenser mic with a cardioid pattern. This microphone works well for acoustic instruments, live performances, vocals, and more. It also features a -20dB pad and a bass-cut filter, allowing you to record with loud sound sources with minimal distortion.

Plus, the microphone is built for extended usage. The AKG P220 has a tough exterior, which is great if you have more energetic recording artists in your studio. Get this microphone if you want the best sound results at a reasonable price.



  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 20 mV/Pa Sensitivity
  • 300 Hz – 12 dB bass-cut filter
  • 70 dB-A Signal-To-Noise Ratio
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern



Sound Performance

The AKG P220 is great with instruments, and it’s obvious why. For instance, it has a broad 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response that’s capable of capturing multiple sound sources. From the notes of a piano to the low powerful drum sound, this microphone can handle any instrument you place in front of it.

To explain, you could be looking for a frequency response between 80 Hz – 15 kHz. That creates an adequate sound response for studio vocals. The AKG P220 is capable of handling that sound range and more.

But if you’re using a bass drum, you’ll want a lower bottom end. To create a deep, resonant sound, you’ll need it to be at approximately 20-30 Hz. Through these stats, the AKG P220 has the sound quality to bring your instruments to life.

When in use, the AKG P220 accommodates a 155 dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level). It has a 70 dB-A Signal-to-Noise ratio, resulting in clearer sound and less background noise. Basically, you’ll have a condenser mic whose sound quality aids in creating master recordings.

Unlike most condenser mics, the AKG P220 doesn’t have a natural roll-off when recording lower frequencies. Instead, the mic has a dip at 150 Hz and a boost ranging from 150 Hz to 500 Hz. It has a max peak at +4 dB, which then rolls off at 50Hz and lower.

The mids sound flat at 100Hz – 4.5kHz, but then a boost begins and peaks at +4 dB at 11kHz. Then, the mids roll up to 20 kHz, making this microphone a good idea if you want to optimize your sound performance during recording.



Microphone Control

The AKG P220’s microphone control capabilities place it ahead of the competition. It feels light on the user’s hands and is easy to install. After unboxing the mic, it takes approximately 2 minutes for this device to be fully set up and ready for recording.

To set up the microphone for maximum sound production, place the akg p220 6 inches away from the main sound source. Attach the shock mount stand to the microphone. The front of the microphone should be directly facing the sound source.

The AKG P220 works with phantom power. This means you’ll have to connect the microphone to the XLR located underneath it. Then, attach it to the other audio end. Make sure the phantom power feature is turned on before recording. You can connect it to a PC interface with its USB connection.

Also, the AKG P220 has an attenuation pad and a high-pass filter. Both settings can be turned on depending on what genre of music you’re recording that day. You can find more information on your microphone in the AKG P220 manual.

The AKG P220 picks up plosives during recording sessions, meaning that it will need a pop filter if you don’t have the right microphone technique. This doesn’t make it ideal for streaming or podcasting. However, this mic shines when using onstage recording instruments.

Its cardioid polar filter blocks out unnecessary background noise, while its sturdy exterior ensures it will look as good as new no matter how much you throw at it. Consider getting this microphone if you want simple controls and sound optimization all at once.

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Build Quality

Despite its affordable price, the akg p220 has the sturdiest casings and builds around. This microphone has a rugged feel, which is usual for AKG branded mics. The condenser has a durable metal grille and is stored in an all-metal chassis.

The AKG P220 is a microphone that’s designed to deal with wear and tear. It has a spider mount that adds extra protection if an unexpected accident occurs. Further, the shock mount has a lock that holds the microphone in place.

In addition, the shock mount has a built-in adapter, making it compatible with smaller microphone stands. Because of its excellent build quality, the microphone can travel with you and be used for stage events.

The AKG P220 is a lightweight mic weighing in at 2lbs. The microphone can be easily stored within your home studio with its 9 in x 5.5 in x 9.8 in. If you want a microphone that’s compact and easy to use, the akg p220 is the best option.

For additional protection, the microphone has an aluminum carrying case. This helps the user transport the microphone without damaging it. Thus, it is a great choice for the audio enthusiast who wants a long-lasting and effective mic.


  • Storage Box & Shock Mount included
  • Increased sound sensitivity
  • Good for instrument recording
  • Can be used on stage
  • Wide frequency response
  • Not suitable for group vocals
  • No microphone cable
  • Limited to a Cardioid Pattern


The Verdict

To conclude, the AKG P220 is a cost-effective yet powerful condenser mic. It has the ability to record well in home studios, podcasting, and much more.

You’re adding more accuracy, clarity, and precision to your current audio system by purchasing this mic.

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